Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 294 Review

Steve and Andrew return with a review of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 294, featuring the much talked about match between Tyler Bateman and B-Boy.

Andrew: There was a commercial for Jack Van Impe Presents on KDOC, a program that seem to be all about spreading religious right-wing propaganda shit, like how the Pope is Christian and helping the Muslims. Seriously, dude is a trip when you read about him. No bullshit promos. No lame intros from the hosts. Just the old ass intro that still has guys like Drew Gulak and Timothy Thatcher in it, and then we go straight to the match. Fuck yeah.

United Wrestling Network Television Championship Match: Tyler Bateman (c) vs. B-Boy

Andrew: This started out very tense and were pretty back and forth during the first portion of the match. They ended up on the outside where B-Boy did a running Tumbleweed Senton off the ring apron onto Bateman before the show went to a commercial break. When they came back, B-Boy was in control of Bateman. Bateman would eventually comeback, got a near fall, and then traded elbows, strikes, and headbutts with B-Boy. After the headbutts, they met in the center of the ring and had another striking exchange that saw Bateman nail B-Boy with a nice lariat for another near fall. Bateman would eventually control the match and worked over B-Boy’s neck. B-Boy hit Bateman with a headbutt, but sold it as if it did more damage to him, which was a really nice touch. After this, B-Boy hit Bateman with a really interesting looking modified DDT on the ring apron with Bateman hung in the ropes. B-Boy went for a Shining Wizard, but it was countered by Bateman with an elbow to B-Boy’s knee. Bateman would hit a bunch of moves on B-Boy before finishing him off for the victory. This was a really good match. Part of me felt that it wasn’t as good as the hype made it seem to be, but it was still a really fun TV match, and one of the best matches produced by this show.

Post Match Shenanigans: Sky came out to continue to build a match with them. After that, there was a backstage promo with the Pac 3. Steve will cover that.

Steve: The day this match happened a bunch of people contacted me to tell me how good it was, so I have been really looking forward to checking this out. Despite the pretty small crowd they were hot for this from the start. I thought the announcers did a good job of putting over how big a star B-Boy is as well. I thought this was really good, especially being a TV match. I’d like to see an unedited version without commercial breaks. Hopefully we get more B-Boy in CWFH. I’m really looking forward to Scorpio Sky versus Bateman. I think CWFH has done an excellent job building to that match.

PP3 Cup Qualifier Match: Pac 3 (Dicky Maier & Dan Joseph) vs. Ruben Iglesias & Pinky

Steve: Pac 3 is with Grant. Dan Joseph does all the talking and doesn’t let Dicky get a word in. Even though he didn’t really say anything, Dylan Bostic really stole this segment with his mannerisms.

The announcers put over that the two members of Pace 3 were randomly chosen to be teamed together in this match. Early on Pinky and Ruben would do a move, then tag out, their partner would come in, then tag out, and it really hurt the flow of the match. Then Pac 3 started doing it. I don’t think anyone was in for more than 30 seconds. Dicky Maier accidentally hit Dan Joseph with a knee, to further tease them breaking up. Pinky clears the ring. Iglesias tags in, Joseph hits him with a low blow while the ref wasn’t looking, and Maier gets the pin. While this wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t good either. All of the tags in such a short match never allowed for any sort of flow to develop.

Andrew: I laughed when I saw Ruben Iglesias make his entrance because I knew his team would be taking the L. It was very predictable. I thought Maier was solid as usual, but like Steve said, the short match never developed any flow. Really all this match did was waste time. It didn’t really build up the PP3 Cup, but it did give the PAC 3 a little more depth in their storyline.

Post match shenanigans: Joshua Shibata is backstage and introduces the representative the Marquez family picked from CZW to face Tito Escondido. It’s some guy named Maxwell Jacob Feinstein. Never heard of him, so i did some research on him. According to, he’s only worked their Dojo Wars shows. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood bringing in the big name! After commercial, Josh Shibata interviews Sky.

Steve: I thought Maxwell Jacob Feinstein cut a pretty decent promo to set up his match with Tito Escondido.

PP3 Cup Qualifier Match: Jarek 1:20 vs. Damien Smith

Andrew: Damien Smith got new gear and a slightly different haircut. Good job kid! This started out fast with Smith going after Jarek as he made his entrance. Jarek took control and the match slowed down a bit. Smith made a short comeback and got some offense before Jarek regained control and made Smith tap to a Rear Naked Choke. This was alright, and both guys had solid performances.

Steve: Damian Smith came out with a lot of fire. I really liked this. I’m sure if it had more time to develop it could have been really good.

Tito Escondido vs. Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

Steve: This had a lot of nice back and forth action to start the match. Feinstein looked really solid. Tito Escondido took control and we went to a commercial. The commercials on this show are the same commercials you see if you are watching TV at 3:00 am. But this is on at 4:00 pm. We come back from commercial and Feinstein has recovered. Tito quickly retakes control and locks in a Camel Clutch on Feinstein. Feinstein has a really nice counter out of it when he stands up and falls backwards slamming Tito. Tito hits a powerbomb on Feinstein the Feinstein returns the favor with a running powerbomb on Tito. Tito hits the Fade to Black for the win. I thought this was a good match. This was my first time seeing Feinstein and wouldn’t mind seeing more of him for sure. Both guys had a good performance here.

Andrew: Remember when the name “Feinstein” was taboo in indy wrestling 13 years ago after that incident? Good times. I miss 2004. There was an audio fuck up after a commercial break on the Fite TV version of this. David Marquez needs to get his production crew’s act together. This match was okay. To be honest, I don’t think the booking helped Tito much in his story. Both guys had a decent showcase, but there wasn’t much else tow rite about that Steve already has written about. One thing I will say was that I found it lame when the announcers were hyping Feintein up as some CZW star, when he’s just some dude who works the student shows.

Final Thoughts

Steve: I thought this was a pretty good episode, book ended by two good matches. The only part that I didn’t think was very good was the Pac 3 versus Pinky and Iglesias match. The opening match was really good and worth going out of your way to see.

Andrew: This show was okay to me. The opener felt like it should’ve been the main event, but whatever. It was still pretty good. The action in the ring was good for the most part actually, but the small crowd and booking sorta brought it down like always. Still, this was a good episode for the wrestling. I gotta say, even though I shit on this shit a lot (and justifiably so), it has gotten better in terms of match quality in the past year.

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