Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 288 Review

I make my return from my Himalayan adventure where I did tons of psychedelic drugs rediscovered myself and who I was. With the guide of my spirit animal, the almighty Pollywog, I review the latest edition of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood featuring Tyler Bateman vs. Suede Thompson, Dicky Maier and Astro Viajero having an enjoyable match, Damian Smith and Brody King in a battle of two guys with tons of potential, and a bunch of other shit. Enjoy the music. Text me Id love to listen to you vent.

This week’s episode starts off with Asian reporter Joshua Shibata interviewing Devin Sparks and his Young Boys. I’m sure some middle aged Trump-loving creep in Buffalo, NY will get excited reading that. *shudders* Devin has a match with Sugar Dunkerton. This was pretty basic and boring. The appeal of Sparks’ character has worn off. He was funny and amusing at first, now he’s just, eh.

Jarek 1:20 vs. Rixon Ruas

Fist off, Dave Marquez really needs to stop using fake crowd noise. It’s just terrible. This was basic, Nothing awful as nothing really noteworthy happened most of the match. Jarek 1:20 went looking for a weapon, but Yuma had it. He distracted Jarek, but it failed. Jarek 1:20 won with a decent looking Rear Naked Choke. Boring shit, but nothing bad.

Post match shenanigans: Yuma and Jarek had a boring standoff. We go to a commercial advertising cheap ass lights for that huge two-story house you and I don’t live in. After this commercial, we get something more cringe-inducing than a Seville Alvarez music video, and that’s an interview segment hosted by Toasterdork Grant. He interviews Sugar Dunkerton. It was alright, but it went too long. Toasterdork Grant is also annoying as fuck.

Damian Smith vs. Brody King

This was a very solid match. Smith is usually pretty solid in the ring despite looking like David Healy from the 1990’s sitcom “Roseanne.” Aside from some sloppy looking moments, both guys put on a very solid match. Brody had a good performance and is showing so much potential. Dude could be a star in a few years if he can evolve. Brody gets the win with a Black Thunder Bomb. Good stuff here. Brody showed why he is a real frontrunner for the 2016 SoCal Wrestling Rookie of the Year Award.

Dicky Maier (w/ the Pac 3) vs. Astro Viajero

I really enjoy the work of Adrian Quest, so when I heard he was Astro Viajero in CWFH, I was honestly intrigued and looking forward to seeing CWFH bringing in good talent. He really is like a young TJ Perkins, who also went under a mask early in his career when he was Puma. This was another solid match with both guys having good performances. The only downside of the match (aside from the commentary, which is usually pretty awful) was the Pac 3. They’re the worst act in wrestling right now. Holy fuck, they are annoying wastes of space. Aside from them, this match was good. Viajero hit a standing Shooting Star Press. Maier won when he made Viajero tap out to a Mexican Surfboard Face Stretch. Good match.

Post match shenanigans: Ryan Taylor attacked Astro Viajero and took his mask. Espiritu made the save and had a standoff with Taylor and the Pac 3 before going to commercial.

Devin Sparks (w/ Young Boys) vs. Sugar Dunkerton

There was comedy based around Sugar Dunkerton’s afro. There were also antics involving Sugar Dunkerton and the Young Boys. Sugar Dunkerton reminds me of a bootleg Human Tornado. This match wasn’t very interesting. I found myself waiting for it to be over with very early on in the match. Sparks won after hitting a Stunner. This was lame and I was glad when it was over. The last two matches were entertaining, and this match ruined what could’ve been a streak of good matches.

Backstage, Joshua Shibata is backstage with Espiritu who challenges Ryan Taylor to a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match. This was a good promo, but the challenge should’ve been for a more enticing gimmick match. Fucking Ryan Taylor took his mask, and his friend’s, and the best he could do is a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match? Fucking weak shit. The booking really killed Espiritu’s good promo.

United Wrestling Network Television Championship Match: Tyler Bateman (w/ Jarek 1:20) (c) vs. Suede Thompson

Doing guest commentary for this match was Scorpio Sky, who was scouting Bateman. Suede Thompson needs to stop doing the “Dabbing” shit. Not only is it dumb and overused, but TJ Perkins is doing it on Monday Night Raw. The opening portions of the match was pretty solid and competitive. Thompson did a good job at selling Bateman’s offense. Bateman got the win after hitting his “Death From Above” move to retain the UWN TV Title. This was an alright match. Nothing awful, but this pretty solid.

Post match shenanigans: Sky would stare down Bateman and help Suede back to his feet to end the show.

Final Thoughts

This was a very solid show. The match with Brody King and Damian Smith was very solid, and Astro Viajero vs. Dicky Maier was enjoyable. The main event with Bateman vs. Thompson was solid and was an okay build up for an eventual Sky vs. Bateman match. There was nothing really awful on this show aside from the lame booking and Toasterdork Grant’s annoying interview skills. I have to say, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood has sorta improved in the last few months. There are still tons of things that need to be worked on, but there’s been some progress made on this show.

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