Xtreme World Wrestling “Straight Outta Ultraviolence” Review

In May, Marvin Mercado, also known as Mr. California, was promoting a show advertising American deathmatch wrestling legend John Zandig that was supposed to take place in July. Eventually, things went bad and the show never happened. Not only that, but other performers on the show such as Thunder Rosa and Datura ended up canceling their appearances on the event promoted by Mercado. There were even allegations coming from talent that Marvin had been sending threatening and harassing text messages to talent. People would begin publicly criticizing Marvin Mercado, speaking out against his involvement in the independent wrestling scene after 12 years of being considered one of the most unprofessional promoters in the independent wrestling scene here in Southern California.

Instead of taking a hint and closing up shop, Marvin Mercado decided to run another show. On August 27th, 2016 in Sun Valley, CA, Marvin Mercado’s Xtreme World Wrestling group held an event called “Straight Outta Ultraviolence,” a shitty ass play on words of the movie title “Straight Outta Compton” about the hip-hop group N.W.A. (no, not the lame ass wrestling shit) that came out last year and is now on HBO. A stupid, outdated title for a stupid fucking show by a stupid promotion ran by an unoriginal, masochistic retard named Marvin. How fitting.

To help hype this event, Marvin Mercado would cut this riveting, thought provoking promo that should be considered one of the great promos of all time. And by riveting, thought proving promo, I mean a bunch of stupid rambling by a guy who should’ve been the load him mom swallowed on the night of his conception.

During the matches on this show, I noticed that the crowd was small enough for me to count the exact number of fans there were in attendance. There were exactly 21 people in attendance. Marvin is bringing in those big numbers.

Super Gavacho vs. V-Pacalypse

Our first match of the night featured Super Gavacho as Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba” played during his entrance. That gave me a really good feeling about this show. Marvin was also the ring announcer for this match. If you think Marvin’s promos are hilarious, wait till you hear him ring announce. This shit was pretty slow and boring. Gavacho hit a front flip off the ring apron that got an “XWW” chant from one guy. Gavacho also had to duck his head low when climbing the middle rope, as he would’ve broken the ceiling with it if he had any form of posture. Then later in the match, he hit the ceiling when he tried to do a frog splash off the top rope. That same guy who chanted “XWW” tried to chant “THAT WAS AWESOME” but nobody joined him. V-Pacalypse got the win after hitting a German Suplex on Gavacho. This wasn’t unwatchable, but it wasn’t good. The only redeeming quality of this match was Super Gavacho bumping his head on the ceiling. Aside from that, nobody really gave a shit about this match, and rightfully so. This is worth skipping.

Ricky “The Activist” vs. Ruben Iglesias

This match was an embarrassment to SoCal wrestling. First off, what the fuck is Ricky “The Activist” supposed to be an activist for? All he did was say a bunch of lame shit and tried to use Pro-Trump comments as a way to get heat from the 21 fans in attendance. He was awful. Ruben Iglesias was no better in his bootleg-ass wannabe Bret Hart gear and shitty plastic pink shutter shades. This shit had all the ingredients of a wrestling abortion on so many levels. If you ever wonder why people give indy wrestling so much shit and a bad reputation, it’s because of shows, matches, and wrestlers like this.

These guys put on a really terrible, sloppy, disjointed match. Nothing really worked, and both guys botched several spots. Ruben Iglesias did a basic leap frog attempt, barely got off the ground, and caused Ricky “The Activist” to gracefully stumble to the canvas. They also tried to do an overly choreographed spot, but botched everything they seemed to have had planned. It was awful. It might as well have been called the “Murphy’s Law” or “Roe v. Wade” spot. The finish saw Ricky “The Activist” missing the most poorly performed moonsault ever, followed by the lamest looking lungblower ever by Ruben Iglesias. What a fucking garbage match. Only watch this if you find bad wrestling matches to be funny.

Post match shenanigans: Marvin cut a retarded promo saying Ruben was supposed to be in a title match in a ladder match against Biagio Crescenzo that night for a non-existent championship, and made a Triple Threat Ladder match between the Ruben, Biagio, and Ricky for the undisclosed title. Not only is Marvin an illiterate, mush-mouthed moron, but he’s also a shitty booker and promoter. Ricky the Activist than cut a shitty promo about losing that match so Donald Trump can win the election. Holy fucking shit, this show is awful!

Los Chivos (Enigma De Oro & Kayam) vs. V-Pacalypse & the Graffiti Kid

The Graffiti Kid looked like a 40 year old guy with no real ring gear. Los Chivos looked as if they could barely move at various points in this match. There was a lot of miscommunication and awkward moments in this match. Graffiti Kid also applied the worst looking sleeper hold in this. Like I don’t even think this guy ever learned how to work a sleeper hold in wrestling school, assuming he ever went to wrestling school. The finishing sequence was really awful and full of blown spots. It was as if nobody knew what was going on. Awful fucking match, and sadly, the Match of the Night. Yeah, it was bad, but it had more redeeming qualities than anything else on the show.

A Bunch Of Stupid Shit Deathmatch: “El Texicano” Chuey Martinez vs. Mr. California

Let me just say this, Chuey Martinez was somewhat entertaining with his goofy comments and antics. He also cut an amusing promo before his match with Marvin. I also would like to say I usually don’t have high standards for deathmatches. I just want to see cool, brutal shit. Even with my low standards for deathmatch wrestling, this was fucking awful. These guys smashed each other with shit, stuck stuck shit in each other, threw each other in shit, and Marvin did the retarded and disgusting spot where he had syringes shoved in his mouth. I’ve seriously seen backyard wrestling matches that were better than this fucking bullshit ass match. No, scratch that, I’ve seen better backyard wrestling matches that were better than this piece of fucking shit show. Anyways, Marvin put himself over by hitting a Death Valley Driver onto a bunch of lighttubes on Chuey Martinez, putting an end to this awful fucking match.

Post match shenanigans: Marvin cuts an awful promo as the toxic, poisonous lighttube gas filled the air of that tiny VFW Hall in a ghetto part of the San Fernando Valley. Then he asked Chuey to be part of his deathmatch tournament in November, that probably won’t happen or will have a bunch of no shows on it. Marvin says more mumbled bullshit as the show comes to a merciful end.

Final Thoughts

God fucking dammit this was such a fucking goddamn awful fucking show. From top-to-bottom this was a flat out fucking embarrassment not just to the Southern California wrestling scene, but to the entire wrestling industry. This type of horseshit is the exact reason why California needs the State Athletic Commission to get somewhat involved in sanctioning professional wrestling again so that shitheads like Marvin won’t poison the fucking territory. I honestly had low fucking standards for this show, and it still fucking sucked. There weren’t even that many unintentionally funny moments. It was just a bunch of awful fucking bullshit. Fuck Marvin and fuck XWW. Don’t watch this bullshit.

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SoCal's favorite son. Won 1st Place in my division at the 2013 Gracie Worlds. 2019 East San Fernando Valley Water Champion. Keyboard Warrior.

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  1. Benjamin Tomas | 09/04/2016 at 6:44 AM |

    Wow. 21 fans? Thats about double what I would expect.

  2. RadRadford'sNorthernLights | 09/04/2016 at 2:57 PM |

    Andrew, I like your reviews but honestly I don’t think XWW even deserves your attention. I hope this is the only review you ever do about them. I think its an embarrassment to Socaluncensored that they are even allowed to post shit on the message boards. I think Marvin threatened to kill my friend Ben or his wife something like that and they are really nice down to earth people and Marvin is an asshole. I think Socaluncensored should Block any mentions of XWW. Block Marvin from promoting his shows. I think its a liability factor when someone discovers Socaluncensored, goes to a show and this asshole cant even put on his flyers “Card Subject to change” They expect to see Zandig and they get nothing it fucks with the legitimacy and reputation of Socaluncensored. I hope at least you and Steve talk about this and think about it because it really fucks with the scene.

  3. RadRadford'sNorthernLights | 09/04/2016 at 3:06 PM |

    I mean if I was going on a vacation and I went to New York, and there was a NewYorkUncensored.com and I took time out of my schedule to an indy show and I stumbled upon something like XWW, Id be pretty disappointed and that kind of stuff can happen to. That’s why I think if someone advertised consistently,. and consistently the promoter fucks his own card up and doesn’t even address the issue then he has no respect for The Socal Scene OR Socaluncensored. Jeff Montgomery was a backyarder and so is Marvin. Its an embarrassment that he is even mentioned on this website or any, Unless they open a website called BackyardFaggotWrestlers.com. He is a Liability to this website and he should be banned from promoting shows.

    • We’ve stopped covering Xtreme World Wrestling on the events and in regards to news that promotes their events. I don’t know what Steve’s policy on banning promotions is, so you’d have to contact him about that.

  4. Benjamin Tomas | 09/04/2016 at 10:39 PM |

    I think for anyone new to the scene, this review is very informative and full of important information. Banning a fed would be against the idea of uncensored. SCU handles XWW with the exact amount of respect they deserve

  5. RadRadford'sNorthernLights | 09/05/2016 at 6:35 PM |

    Your right Ben and Andrew are right. I loved the review keep it on for a month and then that douchebag is going to make things right.

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