Zandig no longer appearing at XWW’s July 30th event (Updated)

After having been announced for Xtreme World Wrestling’s July 30th event in Sun Valley, CA, John Zandig announced on Facebook that he will no longer be taking part in the event where he’s been advertised in two different matches.

The news broke earlier today via John Zandig’s Facebook page, as well as a statement regarding XWW promoter Marvin Mercado had been sending him text messages claiming Zandig is “scared of him.” Zandig also says that he is working on a few deals that could see him appear on the west coast.

Zandig was originally being advertised as being in a singles deathmatch against XWW promoter Marvin Mercado, who works under the ring name “Mr. California” at the July 30th event. Later, Xtreme World Wrestling began advertising a Triple Threat Match between Zandig, Mercado, and Mosco X-Fly.

John Zandig issued the following statement on his Facebook page.

Well it’s official I will not be working In Cali for Marvin on the 30th or any date for that matter! No explanation No Fuck You nothing ain’t worth my time! Apologies to the fans! To all of you that warned me thank you! You were all right! I will say this to the fans, I’m working on a few westcoast deals when I am 100% sure it’s a done deal then it will be put out to the public! See all you crazy east coast fans on Aug.13 CZW RUCKUS AND ROBBY BY MY SIDE AND I guarantee you will like the rest of my warriors! Prepare for another Great 2016 Show! ZANDIG2016 HEY Marvin good luck on the 30th. CZfnWWWWWWWWW

Later, Zandig would make a statement where he talks about how Mercado had allegedly been sending him harassing text messages.

It’s getting funny the kid from cali sends me a text saying I’m scared of him and he want to take me out in Jersey. Joey your right he is special! Done with this idiot! Had to put that out to you guys! Smfh! has reached out for a statement from Xtreme World Wrestling, but as of this writing we have no received a response from Marvin Mercado or anyone associated with Xtreme World Wrestling. Also of this writing, XWW is still advertising Zandig as being part of the show.

*Update: Marvin Mercado issued a statement to stating that he had purchased round trip airfare for John Zandig and that after they had agreed upon an amount for his appearance, Zandig demanded $1500 which was far more than the agreed upon amount. John Zandig denies these allegations.*

Throughout its near 12 year history, Xtreme World Wrestling has had a negative reputation among fans and wrestlers because of the unprofessional antics of XWW promoter Marvin Mercado, including multiple accusations and stories about the promotion not paying wrestlers for working on XWW events.

Xtreme World Wrestling has also had a history of advertising big name deathmatch stars who end up no-showing XWW events. At their previous event on May 21st, 2016, XWW had been advertising John Wayne Murdoch would be taking part in a match at the event in a triple threat match involving Mr. California and Mosco X-Fly. The match ended up being a singles match between Mr. California against Mosco X-Fly, and Murdoch did not appear on the event

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  1. Benjamin Tomas | 07/19/2016 at 7:13 PM |

    If anyone is the least bit surprised by this announcement they are even stupider than Marvin is. He has a record of pomoting events that never happen, announcing guys who will never appear, and not paying talent after they perform. If there is a bigger piece of shit in SoCal, I’m not sure I have heard of them.

  2. Awww Snap!

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