Real Talk 5: Sticks & Stones

Awards talk. Roderick Strong said something at PWG not worth getting upset about, but a bunch of people are upset about it. There’s a new PWG World Champion. UFC is returning to the LA area. Talking about the Ray Rosas interview and the stuff he said about the scene. Also Marvin is an idiot, but you already knew that. Eli Everfly still has a death wish. Read this article, NOW.

SCU Awards Talk

The 2015 Southern California Wrestling Year End Awards results have been posted.  B-Boy won the award for SoCal Wrestler Of The Year 20115, and Lucha Underground won SoCal promotion of the year by defeating the promotion that has been winning the award since 2003, PWG.

While part of me is kinda glad someone stepped up and took the award from PWG, I’m actually disappointed that it took a promotion with big names and a TV show to beat PWG. Southern California’s wrestling scene should actually take a long hard look at that, and start asking itself how it can get better so that the next few years don’t see Lucha Underground and PWG fighting it out for Promotion Of The Year.

The Ray Rosas Interview

Thursday night I conducted an interview with Ray Rosas, which you can listen to by clicking here and we covered a lot of topics. From Marvin California’s only purpose to SoCal, PWG and their use of outside talent, his knee injury, how the current health care system affects workers who don’t have good insurance, an article he wrote that was posted on last November, and the recovery process, the concept of HATE, and his frustrations with the Southern California scene. I really enjoyed doing this interview, and thought Ray did amazing. He was open and honest about his frustrations with the scene, and the problems that plague it.

A lot of what he said pretty much a lot of people say, think, and believe. He talks about wishing the Southern California scene was what it was back in 2001-2002, and how the Southern California scene as a whole needs to work on getting itself better while standing together without being complacent. He brought up the lack of consistency in the Southern California scene with promoters popping up and watering down the area in SoCal. There’s a lot of important issues brought up that a lot of wrestlers should listen to, and how a lot of guys who need to drop their sense of entitlement. One point that I really found interesting was that when I asked what he would do if he were in charge of wrestling in the area, and he said he’d set up a commission to make sure there are no shady promoters.

Because of the length of the interview, I split it up in two parts since listening to the whole thing would’ve been a chore. Again, to listen to the interview click this link. I will say, we do come to a decent reason as to why Marvin California is sorta needed in SoCal. He is the 5-Hour Energy Shot for the self-esteem.

B-Boy interview update

The interview that was set to be filmed with the 2015 SoCal Wrestler Of The Year, B-Boy this past weekend will now be filmed this coming Sunday. Stay tuned to SCU for more details. Since the interview has been pushed back, I’ll now be able to get comments from B-Boy on his victory.

Zack Sabre Jr. wins the PWG World Championship

The biggest story of the weekend took place at PWG’s All Star Weekend 12 Night 2 on Saturday night when Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Roderick Strong to become the PWG World Champion.

Roderick Strong said a word and made people upset

Also this weekend at PWG, the made up pro wrestling character known as Roderick Strong dropped the “f-bomb” on the mic on Friday at Night 1 of All Star Weekend 12 to Zack Sabre Jr. Not fuck, but the one that rhymes with “maggot” that somehow has become so “horrible” and “disgusting” that I’m not allowed to use the word. Saying the word has somehow become as equal of a taboo as saying the “n-word” in the eyes of some people now. To me, the “f-word” isn’t, and will never be on that level. Is it offensive to gays? Yes in someways, because I believe that it and any other word can only be malicious and hurtful if it is meant in that context. A fictional character using the word during a pro wrestling event just doesn’t fall into the category of “hate speech” or “bigotry.” I know some Social Justice Warriors would be OUTRAGED if they saw this, but I know my audience doesn’t reach that demographic so fuck it. If anyone was offended by what Roderick the pro wrestling character said I’d be willing to be big money they’ve never faced real discrimination first hand.

When word went around of the character Roderick Strong’s comment hit Twitter, a bunch of people started decry the character named Roderick Strong, some saying that this is the “worst” thing about wrestling and how “they can’t even…” Now, I’ve complained before about how Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and Dave Marquez use of racism against Latinos to generate heat and how nobody ever speaks out against that. To me, the way Latino culture and issues are exploited for heat is a billion times worse than what Roderick Strong said because we’re the only demographic that gets shit on constantly for the sake of generating heat while everyone else is considered a “protected class” by outraged Social Justice Warriors. Since Latino issues aren’t part of the current Progressive Liberal agenda that Social Justice Warriors are pushing unless it involves terminology about immigration, racism against us isn’t as important than a guy who pretends his name is Roderick Strong at pro wrestling shows saying a word is.

The worst thing about the outrage is that the people who are getting outraged over this have entitled attitudes. As mentioned above, when a friend was showing me some comments on Twitter about it, some comments made me feel as if these people were reacting as if they felt they or anyone upset by that promo deserved a direct apology from the character of a guy pretending to be named Roderick Strong. Some act as if he did something that could be considered comparable to real acts of bigotry, when it was just a word in a promo by a wrestler playing a character named Roderick Strong. It blew my mind, as most of these people just came off as hipsters trying to spew phony outrage over an isolated comment and act as if a wrestling character pretending his name is Roderick Strong saying a word is some type of crime against humanity. When he apologized to Zack Sabre Jr. on Twitter, some even felt as if Roderick Strong’s character’s Twitter apology wasn’t good enough for them. They’re outraged that people aren’t angered by the words of the character of Roderick Strong. This is all just a series of never ending outrage over a trivial matter!

Political Correctness has caused people like them to have a massive sense of entitlement to the point where they impose their morals onto others if they don’t agree or fall in line with them. I admit, it is one thing to be against discrimination and intolerance towards anyone, but the pro wrestling Social Justice Warriors are wrong on this one for getting their pitchforks out and trying to label the person who plays Roderick Strong and those who supported him ‘bigots” over this shit. I’m not saying everyone should accept racism, intolerance, or homophobia in any sense, nor should they accept it when promoters try to use those things as ways to generate heat for their angles, but go get outraged over something significant and meaningful. I really hate to wonder what kind of fake-outrage these fucks would’ve been spewing 10 years ago before Political Correctness took over society and fucked everything up. Before saying a word somehow turned you into something you’re not.

I came across this post by @RobViper and it pretty much summarizes a lot of what happened, and also echoes some things I wanted to say, but instead I’ll give post a link to his post and let it speak for itself.

If you’re going to be outraged over Roderick Strong’s promo, go send complaints to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood for his continued use of race baiting for heat. If you don’t care about race baiting and only care about “homophobic” comments, there’s a lot of that shit on that show, like Stu Stone making a shitty “West Hollywood Bears” joke. Plenty of tasteless humor there that’s more worthy of being offended at than a wrestling character named Roderick Strong.

You know what’s more disgusting? Marvin name dropping a dead wrestler in his promo

Marvin is an idiot. Pretty much everyone knows that. He’s not very articulate. I honestly think that sometimes I’ve starting to sound punch drunk when I talk because of so many hits to the head, but listening to him talk is rough. Listening to him talk in this promo was harder though. Plus he contradicts himself when he says he doesn’t know who one of his opponents is, but in the promo before this, he says he knows exactly who he is. Obviously we’re not dealing with the sharpest knife in the drawer, but there’s one thing that is really fucked up.

This guy brought up the name of J.C. Bailey, who passed away several years ago, in a promo where he talks about how the tombstones while walking in a cemetery and how they represent workers he “beat.” Usually he either paid to put over or paid extra to put him over, but that’s not the point. The point is Marvin said something really shitty in an awful promo. If anyone wants to hate somebody, go hate Marvin. He’s stupid and sorta deserves it.

UFC 199 is coming to Inglewood

On Friday, the UFC announced that they will be holding UFC 199 at the Forum in Inglewood on June 4th. Luke Rockhold will defend the UFC Middleweight Championship against Chris Weidman in a rematch of their UFC 194 bout back in December that saw Rockhold defeat Weidman for the title. Also announced was a UFC Bantamweight Championship fight featuring Dominick Cruz defending the title against Urijah Faber to complete their trilogy. More fights and ticket information will be announced as weeks go by, so stay tuned to SCU for more information on that.

UFC 199 will air live on Pay-Per-View> Prelims will also air on UFC Fight Pass and Fox Sports 1.

Eli Everfly still has a deathwish

This kid is fucking crazy man. Someone needs to get him off these small ass rinky dink shows and put him in front of some real crowds.

Shit Not Worth Writing Paragraphs About

  • PWG was featured on TMZ’s website. Actually, PWG wasn’t really featured. It was a non-story about Ronda Rousey being at a PWG show. It seemed more of shill disguised as “news” for a shitty site that one of their former staff members opened. It’s like a shitty version of TMZ, but with pro wrestling bullshit instead of C-Level celebrity bullshit.
  • Also at the show, but not mentioned by TMZ or the wannabe wrestling “news” site ran by the former TMZ staffer, was UFC heavyweight fighter Travis Browne.
  • UEW has a show on Saturday, featuring the new faction known as HATE featuring Ray Rosas, Tito Escondido, Rico Dynamite, and Che Cabrera making their debut as a faction on this event.
  • There’s a bunch of shows this weekend, but I don’t see many matches listed for them. Yeah. Do better, SoCal.
  • Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania might be happening? Holy shit!

Random Match Of The Week

This week’s random match features the 2002 and 2015 SoCal Wrestler of the Year B-Boy taking on the 2005, 2011, and 2012 SoCal Wrestler of the Year Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens).

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