XWW announces John Zandig vs. Mr. California for their July 30th event in Sun Valley

Xtreme World Wrestling, the longtime Southern California deathmatch promotion run by local wrestler Mr. California, has announced the “Ultraviolent Icon” John Zandig will be appearing at XWW’s July 30th event in Sun Valley, CA at the VFW Post 10040.

XWW’s July 30th event, entitled “Legacy of Ultraviolence” is currently advertising John Zandig vs. Mr. California in a “House Of Horrors” Deathmatch, Los Chivos vs. Grafity Kid & V-Pacalypse, a ladder match between Ruben Iglesias and Crescenzo, and more.

In the past, Xtreme World Wrestling has had a history of advertising big name deathmatch stars who end up no-showing XWW events. For their previous event that took place on May 21st, 2016, XWW had advertised John Wayne Murdoch to appear on the event in a match against Mr. California and Mosco X-Fly. The match ended up being a singles match between Mr. California against Mosco X-Fly, and Murdoch did not appear on the event.

Zandig was the founder of the east coast based company Combat Zone Wrestling, which is currently owned by DJ Hyde, who has recently made appearances on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Zandig recently returned to CZW after being away from the company for several years after selling it to DJ Hyde, and is currently promoting a deathmatch tournament set to take place on June 5th in New Jersey. Throughout his career, John Zandig developed a cult-like following among fans of CZW and deathmatch wrestling around the world. Zandig is also known for his infamous “JESUS” promo, which has become a regular feature on the popular Botchamania series.

Despite having spent many years in the wrestling business, Zandig has never appeared on an event open to the public in California. He did work in Northern California at a private event in 2004 to promote Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood.

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