Sammy Guevara

LWP – 4 June 2017 – Quick Results

Adrian Quest, Jack Evans & Sammy Guevara defeated Leon Blanco, Dicky Mayer, & Jake Atlas, Shamu Jr., Durango Kid, & Dr. Maldad, and The Souless Assassins (Steve Pain, Laberinto, & Blood Eagle) in a Four Way Tag Team Trios match…

Lucha Wrestling Puroresu in Los Angeles, CA

Lucha Wrestling Puroresu will be running at the Broadway Arena in Los Angeles, CA on June 4th, 2017 at 5:00PM. Four Corners Trios Match Sammy Guevera, Jack Evans, and Adrian Quest vs. The Soulless Assaaains vs. Durango Jr., Dr. Maldad,…

Mav Pro – 22 April 2017 – Quick Results

Kevin Kross defeated Sammy Guevara at Maverick Pro’s “Stopping Running The Same Day As Us” in Los Angeles, CA on April 22nd, 2017. Also on the show, Human Tornado defeated Kikutaro, and Dicky Mayer defeated Tito Escondido. Click for results.