Mav Pro – 22 April 2017 – Quick Results

Kevin Kross defeated Sammy Guevara at Maverick Pro’s “Stopping Running The Same Day As Us” in Los Angeles, CA on April 22nd, 2017. Also on the show, Human Tornado defeated Kikutaro, and Dicky Mayer defeated Tito Escondido. Click for results.

Maverick Pro
Stop Running The Same Day As Us
April 22nd, 2017
American Legion Hall Post #206
Los Angeles, CA

Koto Hiro defeated Dylan Levi

Amazing Jr. defeated Suede Thompson and Jakoc Austin Young in a Triple Threat Match

Zaida defeated Laura James

Biagio Crescenzo and Ruben Iglesias defeated the FeeLyons

The Human Tornado defeated Kikutaro

Kevin Kross defeated Sammy Guevara

Katarina Leigh defeated Brittany Blake

Dicky Mayer defeated Tito Escondido

Ricky Mandel defeated Jason Cade to retain the Mav Pro Championship

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  1. Roy Lucier | 04/24/2017 at 10:10 AM |

    I wish more people would have attended this show and especially supported the boys who were selling merchandise. Hearing it was amazing in-ring action from opening bell to the end but fans weren’t supporting the boys at all, plus attendance was bad. Maverick Pro honestly tries extremely hard to please the local fanbase, I hope everyone can attend their next show in May

    • The problem with Mav Pro is that 1. they’re still new, so they’re not established enough as a brand to get a strong crowd, and 2. they’re using talent that the area is either not interested in, or just aren’t familiar with. Sammy Guevara and Jason Cade aren’t big names, so Mav Pro shouldn’t be expecting to draw with them as the main attractions, and with Ricky Mandel in the main event.

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