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Jay Cal’s View #159

Let’s talk about Year End Awards, well you should actually go to the message board for that…  We’re looking for more contributors, we need results.  We want your opinions, reviews, etc.  Contact me for more info.  Grind House returns, updates with the United Wrestling Network, Check out the Rosas Report, plus this week’s wrestling events. […]

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Jay Cal’s View #151: Happy Thanksgiving

Any contribution to the James Itow aka Rising Son funeral fund. will be appreciated #RememberingRisingSon. Saturday is Small Business Saturday and since technically all Indie Wrestling is small business, make sure you support your favorite promotions and wrestlers by attending live events, buying; dvds, t-shirts, etc. Congrats to the winner of the West Coast […]

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Jay Cal’s View #146

Make sure you get out to the Wrestling Guy Store this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Besides getting autographs and photo ops make sure you visit the store.  Talk to the guys.  Most importantly, buy something.  Anything.  There aren’t many institutions in Southern California that actually feed the wrestling fan base.  Show them that they’re needed […]