Jay Cal’s View #153 Happy Hanukkah

This week; #UFCPunkVsSky explained.  Lucha Underground news and notes, PWG presents All Star Weekend, and we are now accepting your nominations for the 2015 Year End Awards. Remember the only way for your favorite wrestler, promotion, or match to win an award is if you nominate them.  And the new United Tag Team Champions.  Can’t make it to PWG or Lucha Underground, we have all the events happening this weekend.

Lucha Underground News and Notes
Deep in the industrial area of Boyle Heights, fans who are 12 and older, who are not wearing any licensed product, and have signed a full non-disclosure form, as well as have made reservations two weeks ago will bare witness to the latest offering of Lucha Underground. The television show confirmed this week that it will return to the airwaves of El Rey starting Wednesday January 27th 2016. This will be the last television taping of 2015, however it’s expected to be grand. Rumors are swirling about that this weekend will see the premiere of one of the biggest names of Lucha Libre, Rey Mysterio . Mysterio was last seen on American Televisions losing to Wade Barret in the WWE just over a year ago. Mysterio has been working a few independents in the US but mostly has worked South of the Border predominately with AAA and various independents. It should be noted that Mysterio was last working with Prince Puma, Blue Demon Jr., and Dr. Wagner Jr. against Low Ki, Brian Cage, Brodus Clay and MVP. El Rey has announced that they are doing a Lucha Underground 40-Hour Marathon of season 1 starts on Saturday January 23rd.

All Star Weekend
This weekend PWG and Lucha Underground are both running Saturday. Of course, with PWG starting late and Lucha Undergound usually wrapping up at around 8PM, folks who have tickets could seemingly do both without missing much from either. However I find it odd that just a few months ago at BOLA that Lucha Underground was so heavily featured at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Nevertheless, there is a reason PWG is voted the SoCal Year End Awards Promotion of the Year pretty much every year in its existence. With a wealth of talent this years All Star Weekend really is bringing out some of the best and brightest names in wrestling today and features the PWG returns of Kikutaro, Kenny Omega, Michael Elgin and the American Wolves. If you’ve never seen Kikutaro before, you will be amazed.

Scorpio Sky vs. CM Punk??? 
Earlier in the week it was reported that Dana White is looking for an opponent to fight former WWE demigod CM Punk for his debut fight inside a UFC Octagon. After is rather contankerous departure from the WWE, everyone wondered what Punk would do next. He’s been involved with; writing comics, doing bits with nerdist.com, but the biggest news was Punk’s contract signing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. After training for over a year and issues with injuries, Dana White is actively looking for an opponent for CM Punk. White is currently scouting fighters across the country as part of a YouTube Series: “Dana White: Looking for a Fight.” When I asked Scorpio Sky about the prospects of fighting against CM Punk he responded with “A fight between CM Punk and myself would be incredible and I am open to making it happen. I believe in my skills and that I would be victorious if it did.” Ultimately a fight like that would mean huge things for Scorpio Sky. There is also the narrative of two wrestlers transitioning from the squared circle and entering the octagon. If you’d like to see Sky vs. Punk use the #UFCPunkVsSky and tweet it at Dana, tweet it at CM Punk, if it trends, maybe it’ll happen.

Year End Award Nominations
The SoCalUNCENSORED Year End Awards date all the way back to 1999. The awards actually predate the website by two years, because the first two-year awards were produced by So-Cal Wrestling.com We’ve had some issues with releasing our monthly ranking awards. If we’re able to recover the awards all matches and wrestlers will automatically be nominated for our year-end awards. In the seventeen years of these awards, we always hear the same thing, “Why wasn’t X nominated? Why aren’t their more women nominated? Why aren’t there more Luchadors nominated.” If you weren’t happy with the nominations last year, then make sure you make nominations for this year. There is absolutely no excuse for you not to take part this year. Again nominations are open to everyone. Tag us on twitter, send messages to the Facebook page, or you can even email them to me

United Wrestling Network
Sunday afternoon the Executive Director of the United Wrestling Network officially retired the Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Titles at the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Television Taping.  The Heritage Tag Titles, which previously shared a lineage with the Mach-1 Wrestling Tag Titles, were held by seven different tag teams (Natural Selection, RockNES Monsters, The Tribe, Los Bandidtos, PPRay, Vermin, and lastly Gulak and Thatcher) and were defended in Arizona, Baja California, and all over Southern California over the course of the five-year existence.

Joining the United Television, Gulak and Thatcher became the first United Tag Team Champions, however their reign was short lived as their rivals Cold Cold War upset the dominate tag team and became new champions.  The show also saw the return of Tito to the show, to rejoin Vermin as well as the much anticipated debut of Falco.  Falco recently competed in Las Vegas as part of the Masked Republic Corporate Event.

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood recently released the CWFH Hollywood Heritage matchup between “Pretty” Peter Avalon defending against Todd Chandler. Episode 236 (airing November 28, 2015) featured; Bateman w/ Jarek 1:20 vs. Jared Vargas, Joey Ryan vs. Mike Camden, the Rebel Renegades vs. the Classic Connection, a Battle Royal for Hollywood Heritage Championship Match, and in the Main Event the Battle Royal winner vs. Hollywood Heritage Champion Peter Avalon.  Episode 237 (airing on December 5, 2015) featured; Dan Joseph vs. Douglas James, Hollywood Heritage Champion “Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Todd Chandler, Hobo vs. Jarek 1:20 w/ Bateman, and in the Main Event a Triple Threat Match for the United Television Champion “Main Event” James Morgan vs. Ryan Taylor vs. Big Duke.  All of these matches and more are available on demand via the United Wrestling Network streaming service powered by Patreon.com.

Upcoming SoCal Events
Lucha Libre in Pico Rivera, December 11 @ 6:00 PM
PWG “All Star Weekend 11? Night 1 in Reseda, December 11 @ 8:00 PM
Love Thy Neighbor Charity event featuring FCW Wrestling in San Ysidro, December 12 @ 1:00 PM
Lucha Underground in Boyle Heights, December 12 @ 4:00 PM
IWL Presents “Wreck the Halls 4: The World Strikes Back!” in Baldwin park, December 12 @ 4:30 PM
Knokx Pro “Jingle Bell Knokx 2015? in Sun Valley, December 12 @ 6:00 PM
Freakshow Wrestling presents “Black Santa vs Zombie Jesus” in East Los Angeles, December 12 @ 8:00 PM
PWG “All Star Weekend 11? Night 2 in Reseda, December 12 @ 8:00 PM
Love Thy Neighbor Charity event featuring FCW Wrestling in San Ysidro, December 13 @ 1:00 PM
Lucha Underground in Boyle Heights, December 13 @ 4:00 PM

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