[Recap] EWF’s Jingle Slam 6 12/04

EWF - Bo Cooper squashes Baby Bull

COVINA, “EWF ARENA” (KoC HALL)–EWF’s annual December Covina event, featuring their toy drive, drew a large crowd to their final Covina show of the year. As mentioned in the results post–compiled from all of the EWF tweets,, a 10-bell salute was held for the 14 victims of the recent mass shootings in San Bernardino. Also, “Handsome” Johnny Starr–dressed as Santa Claus–billed most of the wrestlers on the roster, as hailing from…San Bernardino, CA.

1: Eddie Mattson used a DDT to pin Benny Rayos.

2: Richie Slade & Tarasso got their win when Richie got the rollup for the pin. After the bell, Nath & Staf had an argument, then a brawl, with their manager.

3: Maravilla 3 rolled up Drew Hawk in a reversal for the pin.

4: #TY4Laffin (Ty Ray & Jimmy Laffin) & SoCal Inferno (SoCal Crazy & Espiritu Infernal) got the gauntlet match started. Fairly even match ended with SoCal Crazy pinning Jimmy Laffin with the team signature move. The Wildsiders (Andre Machievski & Dark Usagi) made for quite the ensuring SCP-like showdown. Dark Usagi rolled up & pinned Espiritu, then he & Andre found themselves in quite a battle with The Von Dooms (Vintage Dragon & Cyanide). But Dark Usagi managed to score the pin on Vintage Dragon. The Wildsiders then brawled briefly with the tag team champions–Andy Brown & Adrian Quest–before the rest of the “EWF Heroes” drove them off.

SM: Only a few chairs were used in the No-DQ match between Gary Yap’s MIB, and “The Mega-King” Tommy Wilson. Aside from the chairs, the MIB nearly smacked Queen Ashley with her own shoe, but did use Gary Yap’s scarf to choke out Tommy, and got the pass-out submission win.

M: Elimination Order in the Heroes v. Villains “Survivor Series” style match:
Heroes — Andy Brown, Adrian Quest, “The Baby Bull” Vance Garayt, Mike Camden, & Kayam
Villains — Anthony Idol, Archimedes, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper, Viking Warrior, & Sergio Santana

Elimination #1: Bo p. The Baby Bull w/ the “Brawlin’ Buster” (Bronco Buster)
E2: Kayam rolled up & p. Bo
E3: Archimedes p. Kayam
E4: Adrian p. Viking Warrior w/ a reversal cover
E5: Andy p. Sergio
E6: Idol p. Camden w/ a Spinning Brainbuster, similar to Ricochet/Prince Puma’s “Bloody Sunday Driver”
E7: Andy p. Archimedes
Final Elim.: Adrian & Andy p. Idol w/ Andy’s Running Knee Strike, rolled into Adrian’s 450 Splash

EWF - Bo Cooper squashes Baby Bull

EWF – Bo Cooper squashes Baby Bull


Overall, a strong EWF Covina card, especially when they got to the upper half. It’ll be interesting to see how far a potential Wildsiders/Uptown & Quest feud goes. As for who can wrestle the Heavyweight title away from Gary Yap’s MIB, or the American title from the big Anthony idol, that is yet to be seen.

MOTN: Heroes v. Villains “Survivor Series” match, followed by MIB/Tommy

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