Jay Cal’s View #156 Happy New Year

To all my friends, present past and beyond
Especially those who weren’t with us too long
Life is the most precious thing you can lose
While you were here the fun was never ending
Laugh a minute was only beginning
Red, Schmo, Drunken Irish, and Rising Son this one’s for you…

Thank You
I might not say it enough on the articles or on social media. But I’m genuinely grateful for everyone who contributes to this site for those who visit the site. SoCalUNCENSORED approaches it’s 15th anniversary in March and where Steve & Lonnie, Scrub, and Andrew left off, Adair and I have stepped in. We hope that you’ve all enjoyed what we’ve done for the past five years. This is a thankless job. Mike, MarkO, Chad, and myself don’t write and contribute to this site in hopes of getting rich or “making it,” we do it because we love Southern California Wrestling and we’re trying to be a source for fans, new and old about all things SoCal Wrestling. I’m grateful to my brothers who help keep this site going daily and hope you guys will join us in the new year. I’m pretty excited and I hope you are too.

2015 Year In Review
2015 more so than any year that I can remember was filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. Losing friends, brothers, mentors, heroes, family members in Cincinnati Red, Joe Schmo, Drunken Irishman, and Rising Son hurt. All four men are missed dearly in SoCal and the impact that they had in the area is still felt in the area and will be felt for years to come.  Empire Wrestling Federation left the Azusa VFW, because of Hall Mismanagement at the VFW and lets be honest, VFW Staff having sticky fingers.  I know I’m not the only one who was bummed when AWS canceled all upcoming dates and possibly shutting its doors down for good just before fall.  There was a lot of positives in Southern California in 2015, the bright side if you will.  This is the year that some of SoCal’s Finest went viral… specifically; the Young Bucks Superkick Party on a Father and Son at IWL and Joey Ryan’s YouPorn Plex.  Both the Young Bucks and Joey Ryan got a lot of attention to themselves, which is great business. Featured on ESPN, Rolling Stone, this was a good year to go viral.  Allie Parker gained some notoriety for doing something positive by jeopardizing her wrestling career by donating a kidney to her brother. That was very noble and in my opinion,not celebrated enough.  We had the debut of Stardom in SoCal as well as Lucha Underground launch in our own backyard. Rumor has it Stardom will return in 2016 and for those who’ve been to Lucha Underground TV Tapings, it’s been a wild ride. All the while Championship Wrestling from Hollywood hit their 5th Anniversary on Television in Los Angeles for KDOC.

What was your favorite moment of 2015?  Leave a comment telling us yours.

Ray Rosas Report
“Make yourself better and make the business better or make the business better by getting yourself out of the business” A rededicated Ray Rosas made some waves back in November when he talked about what it was going to take to make Southern California great. From talking to Ray he’s invested in seeing SoCal talent rise up. And he’s even started a podcast to help spread the word of what’s going on in SoCal. All though it isn’t an official SoCalUncensord Podcast, it feels like it could be. Ray talks about some upcoming shows and some talents he’d like to face. Its only his first podcast, but I see great things ahead for this one. I can’t recommend it enough.

Upcoming SoCal Events
Meet Former WWE Women’s Champion Amy “Lita” Dumas in City of Industry, Saturday January 2nd @ 12:00 PM
PWG in Reseda, Saturday January 2nd @ 8:00 PM
MWF Lucha Mex in Los Angeles, Saturday January 2nd @ 8:00 PM

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