EWF says Goodbye to VFW in Azusa, Ca

This past Friday Night, the Empire Wrestling Federation held new_ewf_logoit’s usual monthly event at the VFW #8070 in Azusa, Ca. As fans were enjoying the action in the ring, EWF Ring Announcer Ben Tomas would deliver a message after he introduced the competitors in the main event that stunned everyone in attendance at the VFW.

A video would pop up a Facebook as Ben Tomas made the announcement that “Due to lack of Professionalism from the VFW, this would be the final EWF event at the VFW #8070”.

Later today, EWF Owner & Wrestling Legend Jesse Hernandez would address on Facebook about the situation with the VFW Post 8070 in Azusa, Ca:

“What truly makes me proud of Friday’s ordeal at the VFW Post 8070 in Azusa was that my talent performed like true professionals, which they truly are. Our fans were treated to the most amazing event ever. With 130 adults and 33 kids in attendance which included a few under the age of 5 that were unjustly charged admission from the building by the unprofessionals in charge of that venue either greedy to make that fast buck, or to just piss people off and get them mad at EWF for that abuse.

I just want everyone to know that our policy has always been children under the age of 5 are not charged for admission. At $12.00 for adults that total was $1,560.00 with 33 kids at $6.00 each amounts to $198.00 making it a GRAND TOTAL of $1,758 DOLLARS. EWF’s deal with the POST 8070 is first $700.00 dollars goes to EWF Next $500.00 DOLLARS goes to VFW remaining money is split 50% to EWF and 50% to go to the VFW that being $558.00 DOLLARS REMAINING of that $279.00 should have gone to the EWF and $279.00 should have gone to the VFW.

We should have left that building with $979.00 and the VFW POST 8070 would have legally made $779.00 OUT OF ALL THAT MONEY only $700.00 were put in the envelope which was given to the OLDER FELLOW that was running the food consession to hand over to me as the fellow in charge had very conveniently left the building. (QUICK REMINDER THOUGH) at the last event we had done there the previous month I was given an envelope that was marked with $700.00 when I opened the envelope it only had $600.00 in it. I told them that they made a mistake and they owed me $100.00.

The guy in charge said I would have to wait for that money since he had to bring it up to the commeetee, such B/S they had the money there why not just pay me what they owed me then? I pray that this figures make it back to the committee of the VFW POST 8070 so they will know what kind of people run that place. You may ask why not fight it in court. My reason there are no records on their part since there is no accountability due to the fact they charge admission without giving the fans a ticket, meaning they can lie to their committee. I am truly happy that I will never have to deal with such low lifes ever again. Believe me there is so much I can say about these ungrateful individuals. #stickyfingers”

So due to this unfortunate situation, EWF will no longer run a show from this VFW but maybe one day they’ll return to Azusa, Ca. But for now, you can always catch Empire Wrestling Federation in Covina & San Bernardino as well as Bladwin Park, Beaumont among other places. You can visit the Socaluncensored event calendar for future EWF events in So Cal.

But to every other promotions in So Cal, this situation has given you some insight that this particular VFW may not be the place to host your next future events.