[Recap] Chaos Column of the EWF show on August 5, 2016

8/5/16 EWF at the Knights of Columbus, Covina

Detailed recap of Last Friday’s EWF event, which drew another large crowd to the “EWF Arena”

* Deputy Commissioner/Ring Announcer Jake Alexander reported that Scorpio Sky, Ryan Kidd, & Brandon Gatson were unable to make it to tonight’s show.  After the opening match, the EWF showed a video that featured Scorpio Sky cutting a promo about his time in Switzerland, and blamed “Uptown” Andy Brown for it.

1 – Fidel Bravo/Ju Dizz
Good opener where Fidel took advantage of Ju Dizz stopping himself from running into Referee Justin Borden, nailing a Discus Elbow to the back of Ju’s head, then did a Low Dropkick to the side of the head, for the pin.

2 – Friar Juan Roman/Super Beetle
No surprise that Friar Juan wanted no part of Super Beetle’s party-like personality.  He even wanted a rapid 3-count from Referee Micky Moreno.  That request backfired on the friar, as Super Beetle rolled him up, and got the referee’s quick 3-count for the pin.

3 – Archimedes/Douglas James
Great, evenly matched mid-card contest.  Archimedes floored Douglas w/ a Knee Stomp to a spot just below the neck, then nailed the Flying Headbutt for the pin.

4 – So Cal Inferno (SoCal Crazy & Espiritu) / H.A.T.E. members Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera (w/ Damien Arsenik)
Pretty even match, despite the occasional distraction from Damien.  Rico & Che nailed the Tandem Discus Elbow strike on Espiritu, then Che capped it with the Frog Splash for the pin.  The guys then called out Andy Brown & Adrian Quest, wanting their shot at the tag team titles.

SM 1 – Adrian Quest/Rocky Romero
Surprisingly, this was a very even match, and that may’ve ticked off the veteran talent, especially after Adrian got the pin off a reversal rollup.  Rocky did a post-match beatdown of Adrian, and that drew the H.A.T.E. guys out to continue the beatdown.  That’s when Andy Brown came out, and gave them that tag team title shot.

SM 2 – Tag Team Championship:  Andy & Adrian / H.A.T.E.
This was about as even as it can be, but Rico & Che took advantage of the softened up Adrian, hitting their Tandem Discus Elbow strike, with Che capping the title clincher with the Frog Splash.  H.A.T.E. wasn’t done with Andy, as they softened him up more, for The Mega King.

M – Heavyweight Championship:  Andy Brown / “The Mega King” King Thomas I (w/ Queen Ashley Hollywood)
This was pretty even, although “The Mega King” couldn’t put Andy away with 3 Mega Kicks, a couple of his signature Neckbreakers, and a Mega Bomb.  H.A.T.E. came out and attacked Andy, causing a DQ.

Overall, a strong Covina card for the EWF.  Maybe Uptown Andy learned a hard lesson, when it comes to being a fighting holder of multiple titles, and coming to the aid of his tag team partner.  There are times, when a wrestler should come to the aid of his tag team partner, and when to back off, and focus on defending the big title.  On the flip side, maybe if H.A.T.E. hadn’t intervened sooner, or had distracted Referee Justin Borden instead of hitting the ring to attack Andy Brown, all that The Mega King would’ve need, was 1 more Mega Kick or Mega Bomb, and he would’ve regained the big title outright.  Those are things to keep in mind, moving forward in the EWF, as things will only get rough for Andy Brown, with The Mega King, and Scorpio Sky, having their eyes on him and the heavyweight title.

1 – Adrian Quest/Rocky Romero
2 – Archimedes/Douglas James
3 – H.A.T.E./So Cal Inferno

Photos from the show: https://www.facebook.com/SimplicioPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=532268516965308