Jay Cal’s View #160

Year End Awards on-line polls are coming to a close.  Make sure you make your votes count now.  AWS coming back?  Support Jon Ian’s Fund Me.  SHout out to Ben, get better soon friend.  We also have Kudos, updates with United Wrestling Network, the Rosas Report, and links to this weeks events.
SoCal Year End Awards
The 2015 Year End Awards are mostly out, with the final category Match of the Year will be released Monday. Wrestler of the Year, Promotion of the Year, Paul T. Memorial Award for Most Outstanding Wrestler, Tag Team of the Year, can be voted on now. Tag Team of the Year Poll closes tomorrow.

Alternative Wrestling Show
September 26th 2015, would mark the end of the year for the Alternative Wrestling Show as they would hold their 2015 Finale at Americian Legion Post 335 in South Gate. Everything you’d expect from Bart’s shows, solid wrestling, high flying death-defying moves, Luchadores flying around, and Women having a rare opportunity to shine. Nearly four months ago one of the best places to watch shows went on an indefinite hiatus. However AWS has returned, with private parties and paid events. The Alternative Wrestling Show has been around since early 2002. And owner/promoter Bart Kapitzke has been in the pro wrestling business since 1997. Bart and the AWS have held close to 200 live events and worked on tons more. You can now bring AWS to your child’s birthday party, family parties, company parties, or bring a fully booked AWS Show to an arena or hall. If you’re interested in bringing an AWS Show to your event, contact Bart via email

Jon Ian GoFundMe
Jon Ian has been on the road to recovery, but he still needs help. A donation will help me take care of the hospital, rehab and medication expenses that Jon and his family have taken on. Any contribution for Jon is greatly appreciated.

Ben Thomas
I will always affectionately refer to Ben as the “World’s Biggest Mark” Ben has been a member of the SCU Message Board for as far back as I can remember having been a contributor to the site on and off for the ten years I have been a part of it. Ben has also worked as a ring announcer for several wrestling promotions in the area including New Wave Pro Wrestling and more recently EWF. Although Ben is on the road to recovery, he had some serious medical issues. So Get Well Ben, my thoughts are with you sir.

Maybe an AWS Return will happen sooner than later.

Eli Everly who is currently nominated for the Paul T Most Outstanding Professional Wrestler of 2015 became the second King of the Grind Champion last week at the Grindhouse Entertament show in Riverside.  The group plans to return to Riverside in March 19th.

United Wrestling Network
Big news out of the United Wrestling Network is David Marquez attended a CZW Event this week. It’s not normally news when one wrestling promoter goes to another wrestling show, but it is when it’s clear across the country… what does it mean? If you’re going to try to read the tea leaves it may mean that CZW might be joining the United Wrestling Network. Or maybe Dave is consulting on television. Either way if you’re fan of CZW who is coming up on their 17 Year Anniversary, something interesting is happening.

It has also been announced that to coincide with their debut on KOFY in San Fransico, CWFH will be appearing at the SOMA Street Food Park, Saturday February 13th, the same day as the debut of the TV Show. Expected to be at this show will be United Tag Team Champions, Cold Cold War with Caesar B Black, and maybe even defending the tag titles.

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 244, which aired January 23rd, featured PP3 Cup Quarter-Final Matches between; James Morgan vs. Rocky Romero, Kevin Martenson vs. Sasha Darevko, and non tournament match with Bad Dude Tito vs. Manny Castillo and the big Triple Threat Tag Team match Main Event with Los Primos Rivera vs. The Classic Connection vs. Tag Game Strong

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returns to the Oceanview Pavilion this February 14th.

Ray Rosas Report
Ray address the elephant in the room of what happened at the UEW Last Weekend Rey answers twitter messages. One of them included the use of outside talent on shows.  As well as going over what’s happening in the Southern California scene.  The Rosas Report is posted on Wednesday Afternoons and certainly a great listen.  If you’re a fan of the podcast tweet @RayRRRRosas and tell him.  Use the hashtag #RosasReport

Upcoming SoCal Events
Meet Lucha Underground’s Sexy Star in Huntington Park, January 29th @ 7:00 PM
IWL’s Duel Cobras Tag Team Tournament in City of Industry, January 30th @ 2:00 PM
Lucha Underground in Boyle Heights, January 30 @ 4:00 PM
Knokx Pro in Sun Valley, January 30 @ 6:00 PM
EWF “Super Bowl Wrestling Extravaganza” in Baldwin Park, January 30 @ 6:00 PM
UIPW in Montebello, January 30 @ 8:00 PM
Lucha Underground in Boyle Heights, January 31 @ 4:00 PM
AOW presents Unleashed V in Victorville, January 31 @ 6:00 PM

If you are visiting any of the shows this weekend, please shoot us the results and we’ll credit you on the website.

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