Altercation at Underground Empire Wrestling

This past Saturday January 23rd at the UEW Auditorium, during a match featuring The Human Tornado UEW Logo 3verses Ray Rosas, there was an altercation as Rico Dynamite, Tito Escondido & Che Cabrera got envolved in the match. Below is response from UEW President Michael Rummans from the UEW Facebook page as well as a link to the video:

In this business events happen that we are prepared for but hope never happen. This passed Saturday as Underground Empire Wrestling presented Fuck The World : 2 one of those events took place. We had three gentlemen in our audience who are well known Southern California professional wrestlers and these gentlemen decided to provoke one of our employees while he was participating in a UEW sanctioned championship match.
The slapping of hands by fans, the pats on the back are always acceptable examples of physical contact that can occur at a professional wrestling event. That is a point that needs to be made as these gentlemen were in the audience and not in the locker room, therefore they would be considered fans for the evening. Now, physical contact between a fan and a professional wrestler is never to be the kind of contact with malice and intent to harm in mind.
That’s exactly what we witnessed, these men physically provoked an Underground Empire Wrestling employee and he reacted. When this was seen on monitors backstage the company reacted as well. The reaction was to restrain remove the threat.
Our passionate fans also got involved in this melee, a part of this situation I do not condone or encourage, but we happen to have paying fans that are just as passionate about the product as I am and I can fully understand why they did what they did.
The odd man out in this situation happens to be the close friend of these three gentlemen, Ray Rosas, these men were clearly in attendance to watch their friend perform. The decision made by myself to have the three men removed from the property was taken very personal by Mr. Rosas who decided he’d be leaving with his friends, the match he was competing in was ended due to Rosas’ forfeiture and we escorted Mr. Rosas outside as well. Allowing some of the emotions to die down, I allowed an escorted Mr. Rosas back into the Underground Auditorium to retrieve his personal belongings as well as him to leave quietly with his wife.
This is a situation that has “blown up and out of proportion” via social media networks and I wanted to take the time to shed light on the situation as I seen it and as I chose to deal with it in the moment, a decision I stand firmly behind. The three gentlemen that I witnessed disrupting my show with their deplorable and unprofessional actions were removed as any other group would be. The fact that these gentlemen happen to be well known professional wrestlers had nothing to do with the action the company took.
I apologize to our fans who had to witness this situation, I apologize sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I wish I was bringing you a video that is a highlight reel of our first show of 2016…instead it is the footage of this interruption…eruption…and eviction that took place. As much as I’d rather have this footage disappear into the cool night air, my legal staff has advised me that we do need to release it publicly to allow the truth to be seen and not just told.

Thank you for your time.
Michael Rummans
President and Chief Executive Officer of Underground Empire Wrestling, LLC.

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  1. The first non-match altercation I saw was Tornado punching Rico. Just sayin.

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