[Results] UEW “Pledge Your Allegiance” Night 2 on July 23rd 2016

Underground Empire Wrestling
Pledge Your Allegiance Night 2
July 23rd 2016
East Los Angeles, CA

H.A.T.E’s Ray Rosas (w/ Damien Arsenic) def “Rocketboy” Dmarco Wilson. After the match, We saw a different side of H.A.T.E showing respect to Dmarco Wilson and allowing him to leave the ring with out being jumped.

H.A.T.E’s Che Cabrera (w/ Ray Rosas) def Tony Raze

David Rage was given an opportunity to speak to the Underground Fiends in attendance and came to the ring on crutches. Kyle Wylde conducted an interview with Rage and asked him what was on his mind. Rage quickly spiraled down and showed his true colors blaming the fiends and the rest of UEW for not caring about him or his injury. Suddenly David Rage dropped a crutch and used the other to smash Wylde to the ground and began to choke him with the object breaking his Kyle’s foot in the process. The other half of the commentary team Derrick Zane had seen enough along with UEW security and hit the ring to pull Rage off and defend Kyle.

H.A.T.E’s Peter Avalon def Daniel Sanchise

H.A.T.E’s Tyler Bateman & Pinky def The Dead Robins (Daniel Torch & Airon Skye)

“Jungle Boy” Nate Coy def Biagio Crescenzo

UEW I-TV Championship:
Human Tornado def Buddy Royal to retain the UEW Underground Internet Television Championship

UEW Deathmatch:
The 2015 West Coast Cruiser Cup Champion, “The Hardcore Kamikaze” Max X def Bobby Hollywood

UEW Tag-Team Championship:
Andre “The Vandal” Verdun & Carnage def H.A.T.E’s “Bad Dudes” (Tito Escondido & Rico Dinamita) to become the NEW Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Tag-Team Champions

During this match H.A.T.E would get a taste of its own medicine as Team UEW brought up the numbers game to keep it even and we saw the return of the “Human Horror Film” Supreme to take on H.A.T.E and stand with UEW

UEW Heavyweight Championship:
“Blackhart” Fern Owens def “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black to become the NEW Underground Empire Wrestling Heavyweight Champion allowing both himself and Mr.Clark to stay in UEW for good! After the match Owens and Clark made it clear that they would now make it their mission to dispose of H.A.T.E once and for all!!!

Underground Empire Wrestling returns August 13th in Los Angeles for “Onslaught”!!!

Results courtesy of UEW