UEW to invade Cen Cal Promotion

So Cal promotion Underground Empire Wrestling “UEW” has received a response from current UEW UEW vs Cen Cal LogoHeavyweight Champion & Promoter of Cen Cal Promotions “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge a few weeks ago stating that he’s defeated every challenger he’s stepped into the ring with & successfully defended the championship. He stated that since their was no real competition anymore for him in UEW, he will no longer make the monthly trip to the Underground Empire & he’s issued that if anyone dares to come to Cen Cal to take his UEW Championship, that he’ll be waiting.

Cen Cal has issued this statement via Facebook:
On July 12th Cen-Cal Pro Wrestling presents Headlock on Hunger, live at The Graduate. This will be a benefit show for the Food Bank Coalition of SLO County… But it may also be the start of a war between wrestling companies! Cen-Cal Pro founder, Sledge, has been the heavyweight champion of Los Angeles based Underground Empire Wrestling since February of this year, and after defeating every challenger that has crossed his path has decided that it’s no longer worth his time to drive down to Los Angeles once a month, stating that “If UEW wants their title back, they can come to San Luis Obispo and take it.”

Representatives of Underground Empire Wrestling have responded, including “The Vandal” Andre Verdun, who has vowed to come to Cen-Cal Pro’s next show and take the belt away from Sledge!

Always open to an opportunity to entertain fans, the Cen-Cal Pro Board of Directors has just announced an open-call for a Cen-Cal Pro vs UEW Battle Royal. Any wrestler who has worked for either promotion and wishes to represent either Cen-Cal Pro or UEW in the melee is welcome to come and participate in this battle for dominance!

With that many wrestlers in a locker room and so much hostility brewing between the two companies, who knows what else might happen on the day of the show?

Will “The Vandal” Andre Verdun & UEW be successful in returning their championship back from Sledge in Cen Cal territory? Or will this promotional feud escalate its way throughout Central & Southern California causing so much Mayhem but giving fans something exciting to see unfold..only time will tell.

You can watch “The Vandal” Andre Verdun  response to Sledge at: https://vimeo.com/130775991