Creature Feature Web Show presents “One Wylde Night” Fundraiser Event on June 6th 2015

Join Creature Feature on Saturday June 6th, for a truly UEW 6-6-15 8special evening as we attempt to raise money to help support the guest of honor, Ali Ungor, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer that can not be removed or cured. It has now spread and she needs our help continuing to fight!

Creature Feature Web Show brings you several spectacular professional wrestling matches featuring:

*The 1st ever 20 man “WYLDE RUMBLE” Over the top Battle Royal!!! The winner will move on to face a living legend, Supreme in ANY style match the “Human Horror Film” wants!!!!

*The Warlord of Weird Sinn Bodhi teams with “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman to do battle against the original Creepshow (The “Metalhead Maniac” Sledge & JD Horror)!!!

*The “New Age Punisher” B-Boy, Jacob “The Riot” Diez and “Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black face off in a triple threat elimination match!!!

*The Pumpkin Queen Sage Sin Supreme & Raze vs PPRAY!!!

*Ladder Match for the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship: Mike Rayne (c) vs Wiseguy

*Plus MORE matches featuring the likes of: Mariachi Loco, “Vandal” Andre Verdun, OG Playboy, Urban Discipline, Max X, Pinky, BC Killer, Homeless Jimmy and many more!!!

Plus Monster Rock N Roll band The Rhythm Coffin will be performing their ghoulishly groovy graveyard tunes!!! And you’re host for the evening will be “Dangerous D” Darin Malfi who will also be performing shocking acts through out the night!!!

Tickets available NOW thanks to our sponsor UEW via!!!

Donations are also being accepted through

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