Real Talk 6: Mediocrity Gets You Pears (The Shaker)

A very special edition of Real Talk! No more Championship Wrestling From Hollywood reviews from me. Doesn’t mean I still won’t be saying shit about it though, but it still sets a dangerous precedent in SoCal that already killed the scene before. Ray Rosas does a bunch of podcasts. UEW videos. Gegard Mousasi wants to fight Anderson Silva. Other stuff too.


Foul play! There’s a target on the audience
Vampires! We’re only in it for the money.
Diluted! We took the movement to the market.
So fuck us! We totally sold out the scene.
-Against Me!


The End Of An Era: No more CWFH Reviews: Why shit like this hurts SoCal Wrestling

Look, I can’t change the way I think
And I can’t change the way I am
But if I offended you? Good
Cause I still don’t give a fuck

The reason why I’m writing this special edition of Real Talk is because yesterday I was told I was no longer going to be allowed to write Championship Wrestling From Hollywood reviews. Now this wasn’t my call, and I’m not going to get into details about it because it would just end up causing drama and problems for others who don’t deserve to get shit on or stressed out over shit they have nothing to do with and resort to cbd cream with quality ingredients to alleviate it. Again, not getting into details about it. I will say that Dave Marquez isn’t behind this. In fact, I was told that Dave was willing to invite me to a CWFH taping and offered to do an interview with me. While I find it suspicious that Dave extended the offer, I am willing to correspond with him via email to discuss certain things and to set up something for the fans of SoCal wrestling.

Now what I will say is that there are certain workers (without naming names) in the scene who are punk ass bitches who complain too much when they’re not getting praised and cry on social media when they can’t take what they dish out. They like to go around talking shit on people who they think won’t see or hear about the things they write. They like to go on the message boards to boast about trolling people. But when someone says anything critical about their lack of talent and ability, they turn into pissy ass little bitches. The same bitches will go around crying to anyone who will listen so they can try to do whatever they can to silence their critics instead of taking a hint and realizing they don’t fucking belong on TV or even a wrestling ring for that matter.

Earlier I said that this sets a dangerous precedent for SoCal. Now say whatever you want about any of my reviews. People can claim all sorts of shit and make up any reason to hate what I wrote, but everything I say is honest. Not once did I hold back and lied to any of my readers about what I saw and how I felt about. Whether it was IWL, CWFH, UEW, or even PWG. I never held back and always spit truth. Again, sadly, there are some workers who just can’t handle it when they’re not getting praised. Plain and simple. There are workers who have tried to shut people up on SCU for years, and this is another example of it, and an example of what type of shit killed this scene. They don’t want anyone around if they have opinions that don’t fall in line with their stupid ideology that just because they’re indy wrestlers that they’re somehow immune to criticism. They try hard to push the idea that those of with opinions calling them out on their lazy bullshit have no credibility. They want everyone brainwashed into thinking the below-mediocre garbage they call wrestling is acceptable and worthy of praise. If workers like that keep getting their way and keep trying to shut people up, this scene (that in all honesty is on fucking life support right now) is going to end up becoming another obscure territory instead of being the wrestling hotbed it should’ve been 10 years ago.

Like I said earlier, I won’t go into details about how things turned out this way as there are some things I wont discuss in public. What I will say is that no matter what you thought of my reviews, you can’t say I wasn’t honest on things. If you want to claim certain things about my reviews, well, fuck you. I don’t care if people didn’t like the way I choose to express myself because that’s not what matters. What matters here is spreading the word of Southern California wrestling, good or bad, and getting the truth out to the fans and letting them know what they should support and what isn’t worth their support. Just because this is an indy wrestling site doesn’t mean everyone deserves praise. It doesn’t mean everyone has to shove the idea of supporting shows no matter how bad they down the throats of readers. That’s the kind of shit that drove fans away from our scene, and the kind of shit that is going to end up hurting the workers in the scene who do deserve praise and respect.

As hard as it might be to believe, I’ve gotten tons of praise and compliments for my reviews. I know it’s going to be hard to believe, but there are workers in this scene that plenty of people look up to and respect that love my reviews. They’ve praised my work either directly or had notes passed to me from others. There have even been some people who have been on the receiving end of harsh criticisms who took what I said in stride. For those workers, I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. They either brush off the bullshit without crying or trying to stop others from voicing what they want to say. To any reader, be it worker or fan who enjoyed my CWFH reviews, I’d like to thank you for taking time to read my shit.

To the workers who don’t like or respect my reviews, they can all just go fuck themselves. Especially the worker who was the reason behind this drama. That worker can go fuck himself for stirring up shit and dragging other people into his battle just to try and silence someone they don’t like. Their attempts are sad and pathetic, be it stupid posts on social media trying to convince others that people who tell the truth about you are wrong, or pulling off petty shit to get your way. The way I see it, it just shows how fragile some egos in SoCal are and what lengths some shitty ass workers will go to just to just to prevent fans from realizing how shitty they are. This person is only doing this for their own benefit instead of the benefit of the scene as a whole. This worker is pretty much dragging down the entire scene at the expense of the Southern California wrestling scene. Anyone who supports this guy or encourages him to continue crying about internet writers are just doing themselves a huge disservice.

I’m not going to put up a fight to keep reviewing these shows. In fact, I’m still going to comment on the shows, except I’m just going to write about them in these columns. So this isn’t the end of me voicing my opinions on that shitty product, but more of a new beginning. I’m not going to let bullshit stand in my way of voicing my opinion, because this is still mother fucking and I still have a voice. I might have to change the way I write certain things, but I wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for you readers who dig my shit and help make my articles some of the most read content on the site.

Giving some props where props is due

Now with all that said, I want to thank Jay Cal for sticking with me in this and keeping me on board. While he’s not the one writing this shit, some heat (unfairly) fell on him for all this. I truly believe that nobody should be dragged into other people’s battles, and sadly, he was dragged into a battle what he didn’t belong in. He didn’t deserve that shit and whoever had beef with me should’ve came to me directly or on the message board. Jay and I talked about things, and I’m still going to stay on the site until my life gets busy again.

Without Jay Cal, SCU probably would’ve died by now. The scene would’ve taken a massive blow, so we owe it to him for his work. He’s a family man with a life and job outside of this website and what he does for SoCal wrestling is invaluable. Thanks Jay.

The overexposure of Ray Rosas: Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts!

If you’re not sick of him now, you’re going to be eventually. Ray Rosas put out another episode of his podcast, The Rosas Report. He was also on a recent edition of the Wrestling Guy Podcast and did an interview with myself for To check out Ray’s appearances on all these shows, check the links below.

Click here to stream or download episode IX of the Rosas Report.

To check out the interview Ray conducted with, check out the links below.

Click here to download or stream Part 1 or click below to listen.

Click here to download or stream Part 2 or click below to listen.

Gegard Mousasi wants to fight Anderson Silva at UFC 199 or UFC 200

There’s a story on about Gegard Mousasi would gladly want to fight Anderson Silva, with Mousasi’s manager saying he would want to fight either at UFC 199 in Inglewood, CA on June 4th, or at UFC 200 in Las Vegas on July 9th.

UEW on Saturday. They posted videos of stuff too.

UEW posted some videos on their Vimeo page highlighting various angles from their previous event, Passage 2 Pain 2016 to hype their upcoming event, Malicious Intent on Saturday.

In this video, we see the events that led to the creation of HATE with Ray Rosas, Tito Escondido, Rico Dynamite, and Che Cabrera. The video also featured Human Tornado, D’Marco Wilson, and Max X.

In this video, we see highlights of Andre Verdun vs. Carnage, along with a post match angle featuring Corporal Robinson.

UEW’s Malicious Intent will take place March 12th at the UEW Arena located at 926 Clela Ave., East Los Angeles, CA at 7:00PM.

Shit Not Worth Writing Paragraphs About

  • You know, the people who get upset over my reviews and columns seriously would’ve had nervous breakdowns if they read this site between 2001-2004. There are so many sensitive people here now that wouldn’t have lasted back in the day. This scene has gotten soft and is full of workers who act like little boys who can’t handle things like men.
  • If a worker is going to try and be the public voice of “DA BOYZ” in the back, they should probably have a voice that can be respected and has also done stuff in the business. Not bitter nobodies who never went anywhere in their career and never will amount to anything besides working shitty indy shows in front of 30 people for the rest of their career.
  • I won.
  • I’m also laughing about all this 🙂

Random Match Of The Week (Part 2)

Since this is a “Real Talk” column, I have to have a random match here. From AWS in 2015, Scorpio Sky takes on Che Cabrera.

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  1. IlikeThisShow | 03/12/2016 at 2:58 PM |

    The CWFH reviews were unnecessarily mean spirited. You had some interesting insights on booking and building up anticipation for matches. However, that stuff was overshadowed by the potshots and the using of the wrestlers’ real names.

    Right now, you’re quoting eminem, but seriously — learn from this. Treat people with respect.

    I don’t know how old you are, but you will learn this lesson eventually.

    • First off, hiding behind a fake name is for cowards. Your opinion would be worth something if you weren’t hiding your identity like a coward.

      Second, when it comes to “respect” and this show, it doesn’t deserve any.

      Also, I’m 12 years old. Suck it.

  2. IlikeThisShow | 03/13/2016 at 6:10 PM |

    Wait. You just go by “Andrew” and have no photo by your face. Posuer.

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