Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix Open Republic of Lucha

Photo Credit: Republic of Lucha

Republic of Lucha, which is a lucha libre themed retail store and gallery in Los Angeles run by the Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix and Penta Zero Miedo), will have its grand opening on Friday March 5, 2021.

The store, which is located in a two-story, 3,800 sq. ft. space in South Pasadena, will sell authentic lucha libre masks and merchandise as well as match worn masks and outfits. The store will also include a gallery featuring photographs, art, and lucha libre memorabilia. 

Photo Credit: Republic of Lucha

Here is Republic of Lucha’s complete press release:

Los Angeles, CA: Superstar Mexican Wrestlers the “Lucha Brothers”, Penta Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix will open the world’s first and only Lucha Libre-themed retail store, gallery and event space in Los Angeles on Friday March 5th. “Republic of Lucha” will open its doors to the public and showcase the worldwide cultural phenomenon of “Lucha Libre”, including the world’s largest collection of authentic Lucha Libre masks available for sale. The current AEW superstars joined forces to create a brand and space that showcases one of the most distinctive and beloved symbols of Mexican culture.

“We realized that in Los Angeles you couldn’t walk three blocks without running into something, anywhere, that references Mexican Lucha Libre. Food, clothes, murals, everything, it’s something that truly brings people together. It’s who we are so we wanted to properly share this with as many people as possible” said Penta 0M about how the project came about.

His real life brother and co-owner “Rey Fenix” agrees: “It’s about joining forces with all our friends and colleagues and do something special that’s never been done before. We don’t want this to be a store for Lucha fans only, but for everyone that sees Lucha Libre as something beautiful, fun and unique.”

The two-story, 3,800 sq ft space located in South Pasadena already carries one the world’s most impressive collection of authentic and official Lucha Libre masks and merchandise, including plenty of rare and match-worn masks and complete outfits from Penta and Fenix, as well as a gallery that will showcase art, photography and memorabilia from the world of Lucha Libre. 

With over 1 million combined followers on Social Media, Penta and Fenix hope their vision of what a Lucha Libre museum and retail space can be will spread like fire. They will be at the inauguration observing all COVID protocols and safely interacting with a limited number of fans for the first two days before returning to their scheduled AEW matches.

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