Review of Prime Time LIVE Episode 7

Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Rosas vs. Martenson

This match has a lot of significance for long time viewers of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. It was 2011 when Peter Avalon started teaming with Ray Rosas  in Hollywood. The pairing had their first tag team match together in a handicap match against the 400-pound Terex, in early 2012.  At this point the RockNES Monsters were already an established tag team winning the Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Championships. And although PPRay might have been formed outside of the confines of CWFH the feud with Yuma and Goodtime (BHK) really kick off in 2013.  Rosas and Avalon would defeat the RockNES Monsters in a steel cage match on June 9th 2013.  The teams would battle in and out of Hollywood, with a big tag team match taking place on October 24th 2014 for Baja Stars Wrestling in Tijuana Mexico, when the RockNES Monsters won the Hollywood Heritage Tag Titles (the belts have since been retired).  The feud would continue to spill back and forth between Mexico and California.  To say that these two wrestlers know each other would be an understatement. This match is the debut of Rosas who is simultaneously the Hollywood Heritage Champion and the Arizona State Championship. Rosas has recently made his debut at AEW and Martenson might just be the best unsigned free-agent talents in SoCal. One of the things about BHK is that he doesn’t waste a mention. These two are evenly matched. The narrative of this match up changed significantly when Rosas yanked Martenson off the top rope, causing him to hit his head on the turnbuckle and cause a bit of whiplash for the challenger. After that, you can see that BHK’s back was causing him trouble. A lot of Martenson’s offense comes from his sheer power, with and injured back, he loses quite a few offensive options. To make maters worse, BHK dives over the ropes looking for a summersault senton on Rosas who clears out. Kevin hits the stage hard. That had car crash like impact. BHK barely makes the ten-count, to which Ray responds by targeting the lower back of his opponent. The champion continues the assault on BHK’s back. Rosas continues to work over the back, including a massive, missile drop kick, targeting BHK’s weakness. Every move by Martenson reveals agony on his face. Not even able to capitalize on a missed elbow drop from the top by Rosas. BHK was even able to connect with a german-suplex into the ring corner, but still couldn’t finish off the Heritage Champion.

Winner – Ray Rosas. This match genuinely could have gone either way. I thought Martenson would walk away with the title, but that didn’t happen. Rosas showed why he is a dual champion. This is a great way to open up the show. Before the show, this was my pick of the match of the night. I’ll be surprised if something is better.


Aron Stevens joins the commentators booth, with a bit of resistance from Todd Keneley, Blake Troop, and James Kincaid. Stevens feels he was robbed of the National Heavyweight Championship. He calls out the NWA and says that he wants to bring in his tag team partner The Question Mark to Prime Time LIVE to challenge Drake and Storm for the World Tag Titles. This is a call back to POWERRR when Stevens and The Question Mark were eerily similar to The Miz and Damian Sandow. The Question Mark is a native of “Mongrovia” and hasn’t been allowed back into the country since the Covid-19 Travel restrictions. The real interesting part of this, is that Drake and Storm were not recognized as Tag Team Champion on their individual debuts. Furthermore, Storm recently appeared at Impact’s Bound For Glory and his contract with the NWA was said to expire.


The RMB (Clutch and Sugar Brown) are looking to get back into the win column on Primetime LIVE.  This marks their third appearance on the Pay-Per-View so it feels like this is a make-or-break style match-up for them.  They  were gifted a shot at SoCal Distancing and we’re unable to cash in after getting an easy victory over the Friendship Farm.  2020 has been the year of Danny Limelight without a shadow of a doubt even in losses to BHK and Clark Connors the young man has continued to get better week in week out. Limelight made his debut for New Japan programming by appearing on New Japan Strong he made his pay-per-view debut with Prime Time Live, appeared on Game Changer Wrestling just a few weeks ago and tonight will be pulling double-duty by appearing on AEW Dark as well as showcasing on tonight’s PPV.  Teaming with Papo Esco also has its advantages.  The hungry Puerto Ricans look to be making a case for a shot at the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team titles. Papo Esco is bigger than either Suge or Clutch. And Limelight is quicker and faster than either of the Real Money Brothers, but RMB does have experience as a tag team. Which is interesting how well Danny and Papo are working together. Another example of why I think Danny Limelight, just might be the MVP of Prime Time LIVE, is because he’s versatile. He’s had some solid matches on this show, but even as a tag team wrestler– he and Papo are able to put on some dynamic matches. RMB is able to get control of the match and Limelight is in the babyface in peril role. The split the ring in half and Clutch and Suge brutalize Limelight. The Bodega is in trouble, until Limelight is able to hit a nearly impossible flying knee stomp and fights for the tag.

The Winners – The Bodega pulls up the big victory. Limelight seems to just do the unbelievable in the ring. The way he navigates the top rope is an art. Papo Esco is big and mean and hits moves that are big and mean. Together the Bodega are serving up beat downs and this match just goes to show why they are so good.  


“When you step through the door, you take off your shoes and pay some respect or I’ll kick your ass out back that door.” Dickinson doesn’t care who the United Wrestling Network puts in front of him, he is ready for the competition


A product of Ohio Valley Wrestling (when it was a part of the  WWE farm system) Serena Deeb is certainly expected to bring it tonight against Thunder Rosa.  Some have suggested that this match is a rematch from their bout AEW however,  things are a bit different this time around. For starters the NWA Women’s World Championship will be on the line. When the two battled on AEW Dynamite, it was just for bragging rights but tonight one of the grandest prizes in women’s wrestling is on the line. Originally Deeb was supposed to face Allysin Kay, her debut was paused because of an off chance encounter with someone who was exposed to Covid-19 which forced Serena to self quarantine, and miss her debut. For the Champion, this marks her sixth defense in so many months. Her second appearance on the pay-per-view and what more can be said about the NWA World Woman’s Champion. Miranda Gordy, Priscilla Kelly, Lindsay Snow, Ivelisse, Melina, and Allysin Kay, have all failed to capture the Burke.  She has two more defenses scheduled for next month, Ray Lyn on November 6th and Kenzie Paige Henry on November 21st. She’s by far and away the most active of any NWA Competitor and the literal standard bearer for the NWA. This match up shows the tenacity of both females. I am not sure there is a better televised women’s division right now better than PTL. This match is showing pretty clearly that Thunder Rosa is more dominant in ring wrestler, but that Serena Deeb has a never say die attitude. Towards the end of the match, after a driver by Rosa, Deeb looks to be injured. But it was just a means of buying some time. She goes right after Rosa’s leg and it looks like she found a weakness. Not just found it, but full on exposing it, grinding her forearm into the shins and knee area, she’s looking to take that leg out of the match.

Winner – And New Woman’s Champion, Serena Deeb. I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting this at all. An AEW wrestler just beat a NWA wrestler for a NWA Title on a United Wrestling Network Pay Per View, unbelievable. Over the past 48 hours there has been speculation that Rosa is on her way to the WWE or AEW. Billy Corgan took to Instagram to remind everyone that Rosa is still under contract through 2021, so unless there is some sort of buyout, I don’t know that she’s going anywhere. And we know for a fact that this outcome was planned for sometime, because the match that aired last night with AEW and Deeb was taped about a week ago. Congrats to the new champion and a big tip of the hat to Thunder Rosa for being so great all year. Despite a global pandemic she was the best thing about NWA POWERRR and can’t wait to see what’s next for La Mera Mera.


Now known as the Librarian, Peter Avalon was the face of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for nearly a decade. Avalon literally was in the first episode of CWFH. Avalon in that ten years has been apart of some of the biggest groups in Hollywood History, The Standard, The Office, and held the tag team titles with Ray Rosas as PPRay. Avalon genuinely was the face of Hollywood, but now represents All Elite Wrestling. And even thought “Pretty” Peter Avalon, the self-professed biggest man in professional wrestling, who simultaneously held the United TV Title and the Hollywood Heritage Title in his past, now plays the role of under-dog to the Dirty Daddy. With no doubt in my mind, Dickinson is either going to win the UWN World Title or be in the finals. It was just a few weeks ago weeks Dickinson has made his return to  Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport ,where he faced AEW World Champion Jon Moxley in what many considered to be a fantastic match. Even though it’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen Dickinson inside Thunder Studios, Dickinson did make his debut for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, a return to Game Changer wrestling and even a debut in Mexico for AAA. All in all Dickinson is poised to become the Superstar that the United Wrestling Network so desperately needs. And in this match when he takes on Peter Avalon it will be much like the old versus the new. Avalon was the face of championship wrestling from Hollywood, but make no mistake Dickinson is the face of Prime Time Live.  The man has a veritable rocket strapped to his back just waiting to take off and this tournament will be the vehicle to take him to the next level. This match has been pretty much all brutality out of Dickinson. Avalon has caught a bit of offense like a leg lariat and a huricanrana, but almost immediately, Dickinson finds away to get back on top, tilt-a-whirl suplex, snap suplexes. Dickinson’s bearhug seems a bit off, considering he doesn’t typically go for such moves. Dickinson efforts a Death Valley Driver, but Avalon hangs on to the ropes, stalling and preventing the move. Head referee Nick Bananno is knocked down. Avalon is able to wrap Dickinson’s knee up in the turnbuckle post. And while the referee is down, Avalon slaps that knee with a chair. Looks like Avalon is going to try to get the count out victory. Dickinson gets back into the ring, but now Avalon is targeting the knee, neutralizing the the DVD. Dickinson has been selling this knee injury like death! Just shows how good he is in the ring. Dickinson get a Northern Light’s Suplex, but bridges on one knee. Dickinson runs for the lariat, but his knee gives out on him. Dickinson in giving a hell of a performance, Avalon is every bit the heel he was before he left to AEW.

Winner – Dickinson. Gutsy performance. Dickinson looked solid. He advances to the semi-finals and will face the winner of Watts vs. Redbeard.


This was the least of matches of all the PPVs so far with 4. They added some storyline with Stevens calling out NWA World Tag Team Champions Drake and Storm. The upset in the Woman’s World Championship Match was huge. The Bodega looked great. Martenson vs. Rosas was a great match too. This could have been one of the best episodes of the show to date. Next week Heather Monroe returns, Fred Rosser vs. Karl Fredericks, Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Mike Bennett, and Eric Redbeard vs. Eric Watts (all quarter-final matches for the United World Title). Plus the debut of Lio Rush.