WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – October 19, 2019

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In this week’s episode of WOW – Women of Wrestling, the action picks up where it left off as we witness the locker room brawl between The Beast and Jungle Grrrl.

Lana Star & The Lioness vs. Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal

Upon returning to the ring in the Belasco Theater, The Fabulous One Lana Star is touting her hospitality in taking Amber O’Neal under her wing as the former Beverly Hills Babe. Since The Babe couldn’t cut it in securing victories at WOW, Star moved on to newer talent in The Lioness. Star begins to voice her outrage over the armbar Jesse Jones used in the tag team match last week as Jones and O’Neal make their way to the ring. The former Beverly Hills Babe backs up her partner Jesse Jones, who verbally tears into Star. Jones sets up a tag team rematch that begins with The Lioness and O’Neal squaring up in the ring. The veteran team of Jones and O’Neal rides roughshod over Lioness as a cohesive unit, but up-and-comer Lioness has a fiery spirit that keeps her alive in the matchup. Star evades tags from her partner on multiple occasions, jumping off of the apron to avoid Lioness’ outstretched hand. Jones wears down the shoulder and arm of Lioness, looking for an armbar submission finish. Lioness takes a barrage of strikes but refuses to submit to another maneuver from O’Neal. Hammering home the point that Star is a coward, O’Neal forces Lioness’ hand outside the ring to reach for Star, but The Fabulous One again dodges the tag. Lioness is the left in her corner to prove that Star won’t step up to help her partner. Recovering her strength, Lioness nails Jones with a roundhouse and then tags Star so that she can claim the pinfall victory. Jones kicks out and tags in O’Neal. With her rage at a rolling boil, O’Neal pummels Star, releasing fury on her former mentor. O’Neal hits the Kickstand and pins Star for the win.

The next scene highlights Princess Aussie and her belief that “strength is born of love and togetherness.” Aussie enjoyed a significant winning streak at WOW, even picking up victories over Siren the Voodoo Doll and Holidead. The uncanny duo took an interest in the spirited Aussie. After Princess Aussie’s loss to Nikko Krampus, Siren and Holidead abducted her from ringside and set aflame the bundle of sticks that honor Aussie’s family and culture. Has Aussie aligned with the mystical duo? Is she under some kind of enchantment?

Fury vs. Princess Aussie

We return to the ring as Fury (accompanied by Psycho Sisters Razor and Mezmeriah) prepare to take on Princess Aussie. Early on, Aussie uses her speed and agility to battle the strength of Fury. Fury muscles out of quick grounding attempts from Aussie and her Psycho Sisters attack Aussie while the referee’s back is turned. Fury asserts her dominance with strikes that take Aussie off her feet. Aussie is smashed from pillar to post but manages a fast evasion to land a dropkick on Fury. Aussie scales to the top rope for a splash, but her leg is caught by Razor. After fending off the Psycho Sister, Aussie executes a crossbody splash that is caught by Fury. Fury gets Aussie in a submission hold but Aussie refuses to tap. Even with the vicious beating from her opponent, Aussie fires up and delivers relentless strikes to Fury. Charged up by the energy of the crowd, Aussie again makes her way to the top turnbuckle for a tornado DDT on Fury. Aussie pin attempt is unsuccessful as Fury gets a shoulder up. Fury rebounds and hits the Downward Spiral, but Aussie kicks out. Tension builds as neither competitor will allow themselves to be pinned. Aussie lays out Fury with a reverse DDT and, though she kicks out of the pin, Fury calls for the referee to check on her. With the official’s attention diverted, Razor and Mezmeriah attack Aussie. Aussie fights them off but the damage has been done. Princess Aussie falls victim to the Flight of Fury and is pinned. The victorious Fury and her Psycho Sisters beat down Aussie. Suddenly, Siren and Holidead appear at ringside and crawl into the ring to circle Princess Aussie. Aussie cautiously makes her way from the ring as the daunting duo cackle menacingly. The audience is left wondering if this possibly an invitation for Princess Aussie to join them.

The Temptress & The Dagger vs. Adrenaline & Fire

The action continues with another round of the WOW Tag Team Series. The Vengeful Vixens (The Temptress and The Dagger) take on Adrenaline and Fire. The latter two officially teamed up and entered the series when Adrenaline came to the aid of Fire after a match weeks ago. This tag team match begins with Fire and The Temptress. Fire starts early with a promising showing of two early pin attempts. Adrenaline was tagged in to continue the assault, using her momentum and striking prowess to take down The Temptress. Temptress gains the upper hand after swiping Adrenaline off the top turnbuckle. Dagger becomes the legal competitor and The Vengeful Vixens stomp Adrenaline behind the back of the distracted referee. Dagger executes power moves on her more diminutive opponent and, with her tag team partner, Continued to weaken Adrenaline. The Vixens work together, each imparting tortuous submission maneuvers, but Adrenaline refuses to back down. A casadora Stunner from Adrenaline finally allows her space to escape her opponent and tag in her partner. Fire explodes into the match with incendiary energy, striking at both the legal Dagger and her teammate at ringside. Fire pummels The Temptress and takes her out of the ring. Adrenaline attempts a sunset flip that The Dagger evades. Fire assists Adrenaline into an innovative Asai DDT for the win and the two advance in the WOW Tag Team Tournament.

After the match, the new team is interviewed by Shaul Guerrero on their victory. Fire expresses her excitement and Adrenaline says that they intend to take the Tag Team Titles

We are prepared for the main event by a vignette that covers the alliance between The Greatest Attorney in the World Sophia Lopez and the WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard. With Lopez’s assistance, Blanchard has managed to avoid matches with both of the #1 contenders to her title. This has only fueled the tension between contenders Jungle Grrrl and The Beast. Recently, Beast presented Blanchard with a contract for a WOW World title match. The audience is waiting to find out if the Born Legend has agreed to compete.

The Beast vs. Krampus

The Main Event sees Krampus, accompanied by Sophia Lopez, who will be taking on The Beast. Once again, Blanchard has dodged a title match with the contender. The Norwegian Nightmare Krampus and The Beast both have size and strength on their sides. It is a relatively short match, where both competitors showcase their powerhouse style and resilience. Beast is an immovable force of nature in the ring and maintains her dominance over Krampus. Beast lays out her opponent with a spear to gain the pinfall victory.

The Beast cuts a promo after the match, challenging Blanchard to face her. Blanchard makes her presence known at ringside. While Beast is focused on the WOW World Champion, Jungle Grrrl clobbers Beast with a steel chair. The episode ends as referees rush to the fallen Beast.

Tune in next week to see how the title picture will unfold. New episodes of WOW – Women of Wrestling air Saturdays at 8/7c on AXS TV.

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