OCCW Heartbreak City Review

OCCW: SoCal's most Bush League promotion.

Taking a look at OCCW Heartbreak City from March 30th, 2019 in Los Alamitos, CA. Featuring lots of terrible wrestling, terrible interview segments, and an even more terrible worked-shoot angle. OC fans, you deserve better.

Before the show, two ring announcers (Joey The Bull and Lex Icon) tried to hype the crowd. This show is already off to an awful start. One of the guys from the Legion got on the mic and talked about Vietnam Veteran Day and they played “I’m Proud To Be An American” for the vets. The video quality was pretty terrible. Every time a sound was made, the picture started to get distorted because of the bass. Don’t watch this show is you get motion sickness.

Frankie Frank vs. Chuck Mercer

Before the match, Frankie Frank got on the mic and insulted Lex Icon’s ring announcing skills. I have to admit, he was pretty much right about that guy. Frankie Frank introduced himself and tried to sing. Lex Icon grabbed the mic and said: “I don’t give a Frank.” Oh boy, this really is getting off to a rough start. The match itself was about as exciting as a day of jury duty. Frankie Frank was especially awful in this. Most of the crowd really didn’t care about this until Mercer started to chug a beer. Frankie Frank got the win via disqualification after doing the Eddie Guerrero weapon-fake spot. Good lord, this was awful.

Hellmuth vs. Johnny Sunset

This match was about as fun as finding an ingrown hair on one of your junk. The match started with Hellmuth being overpowered. Later in the match, he kept asking Johnny Sunset to keep hitting him while in the corner and no-sold a few of those. That was some top-notch psychology right there. The crowd was not into this at all. A handful of people reacted to things, but you could tell most of the audience didn’t care about this match. Hellmuth got the win after hitting a T.K.O. on Johnny Sunset. I can’t put into words how bad this match was.

OCCW Tag Team Championship Match: Exodus (Tony Raze & Bulletproof) (c) vs. Marcus Fray and Azrael

At OCCW’s previous event, Azrael challenged for the tag team titles with Mikey O’Shea. They lost the match. For some reason, Azrael is getting another shot at the titles. This time with a guy who lost a match for the OCCW title at that same show. Not only is OCCW the home of awful wrestling, but it also the home of awful booking. Much like the first two matches on the show, this was bad. It had some decent moments, but it was still awful. Azrael and Marcus Fray won the titles. After the match, Freddie Flores and Alexander Vega got into the ring and had a face off.

Up next, Lex Icon brought out OCCW Champion Gustin Uberstud. Gustin got on the mic and cut an awful, unfunny promo. Have you ever see a stand-up comedian try to be funny, but bomb on stage? Well, this was like that. Only this was worse. Most of the crowd gave zero fucks about his promo. Gustin issued an open challenge for a non-title match. Damon Divine answered Gustin’s challenge. Most of the crowd didn’t care. The last time I saw Damon Divine, he was playing a germaphobe who had awful matches in the IWL. Boy, if you think my reviews of OCCW shows are harsh…

Damon Divine got on the mic and cut a heel promo. He was able to do the impossible by having a promo that was worse than Gustin’s. At least the mic kept cutting out. Then they proceeded to do some bad comedy.

Gustin Uberstud vs. Damon Divine

Unlike the other performers on the show up to this point, Damon Divine was able to get a reaction from the crowd for a few moments. Sadly, he and Gustin weren’t able to put on a decent match. This ended after a disqualification when Damon Divine choked Gustin in the corner. The referee also used the “X” sign, only for nobody to come out to help. After the match, Gustin stood tall with the belt as if nothing happened as the show went to intermission. I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculously stupid all of this was.

Bully Zone segment

After intermission, it was time for a Bully Zone segment. For those who don’t know who or what the “Bully Zone” is, they’re some overzealous fans trying to become personalities in the business despite having no talent. I’ve heard from several promoters that they’ve tried to get on shows to host segments and be heels. They’ve described their schtick as being dudes who cheer for heels and insult audiences. Thankfully, most promotions in SoCal are ran by people who have enough sense not to use these knuckleheads on their shows.

Unfortunately, OCCW isn’t one of those promotions.

After a cringe-inducing introduction, they brought out their guests, the OCCW Tag Team Champions Azrael and Marcus Fray. They cut promos talking about Gustin Uberstud and some angle he has going with Marcus Fray that has been playing out on a podcast nobody watches.

OCCW Rumble: Vintage Dragon vs. Some Guy In A Green Fencing Outfit vs. Freddie Flores vs. Alexander Vega vs. Luis Tapia vs. Frankie Frank vs. Camacho vs. Damon Divine vs. Tony Raze vs. Freddy Havoc vs. Johnny Sunset vs. Frankie Estrella vs. Drew Masters vs. Bulletproof vs. Hellmuth vs. Chuck Mercer vs. Marcus Fray vs. Eddie Vice vs. Hydie vs. Malkor vs. Azrael

This was pretty much a Royal Rumble-style match. Everyone few minutes, a wrestler entered the ring. The winner would get a shot at Gustin Ubertud’s title. He was seen wandering around during the match. The crowd was so dead for this at first that you could hear the ceiling fans running. You could also hear people whispering in the background. It didn’t help that this match was a mess. From start-to-finish, this sucked.

The final two participants were Azrael and Vintage Dragon. Vintage won, and the two had a scuffle or something. Earlier that week, the two engaged in a worked-shoot angle where they pretended to have a fight on a podcast OCCW does. Vintage Dragon said something about Azrael trying to “shoot on him” during the match. Then they went on Facebook to continue this stupid angle to try to get attention. As you could tell by the empty seats and the small, heatless crowd, the angle did nothing for anyone.

After the match, Gustin entered the ring and had a face-off with Vintage Dragon before Uberstud raised his hand. Lex Icon entered the ring and asked him a question. Vintage Dragon proceeded to trash Azrael, talking about the “shoot” thing. If this was really a shoot, Vintage Dragon would’ve said Azrael’s real name instead of his worker name. I really can’t get over how pathetic and stupid this entire thing is.

Final Thoughts

Everything about this show sucked. Seriously. Everything sucked. The angles were awful, the matches were bad, and the second ring announcer (Lex Icon) was atrocious. Joey The Bull is way better and probably the 4th or 5th best ring announcer in SoCal. What saddens me the most about this is that all of you fans in Orange County don’t have many choices for live wrestling. OCCW is pretty much all you guys have, and it is awful. I sincerely hope you get better shows in your area because you deserve better than this pile of flaming garbage.

What really sucked the most about this show was the entire Azrael and Vintage Dragon stuff. The closing angle to the show was absolutely stupid and idiotic. When I was told about some Facebook drama going on between them, the first thing I thought was “this is probably a stupid work like always.” Sure enough, that was exactly what that was. Not only was it a work, but it was a terrible work. I mean, stuff like that is what you get when you have a promotion full of untalented performers.

Overall, avoid OCCW. Seriously. D6W is bad, but OCCW is honestly way worse. Orange County fans, you deserve so much better.

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