Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 3: Rest in Pieces Review

Rest in PiecesRest in Pieces

This week, it’s a Three Way To The Grave match with Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane, and Fenix. Plus Jack Evans.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 3: Rest in Pieces

We start with a recap of what happened on last week’s episode. After the recap, we go into the locker room at the Ice Temple. PJ Black and Jack Evans are listening to Ricky Mundo talk about how he found his doll “Rosa” at Isla de las Munecas (Island of Dead Dolls) after getting photos from Dario. It’s a bloody baby doll that looks weird. Johnny Mundo and Taya walk in for an emergency meeting and say that the Reptile Tribe declared war on Worldwide Underground. He asked Jack Evans to challenge one of them, but Jack didn’t want to. He said he had a colonics appointment to get to and left. Mundo asks everyone left in the room if they’ve seen Angelico and then left. The scene ends with the doll saying Ricky’s secret is safe with her.

Inside the Ice Temple, Mariachi El Bronx was playing as Matt Striker and Vampiro preview the show. They said Jack Evans was in the ring and issued a “put up or shut up” challenge before they went on the air. An exótico ended up answering the challenge. Jack Evans interrupted Melissa Santos during her introduction to introduce himself.

Jack Evans vs. XO Lishus

The match opened with a Lucha sequence that saw XO Lishus get some early offense on Jack Evans, including a running plancha. After Evans got on offense, he slowed the pace of the match down with submission attempts. During the match, Vampiro said he wished Jack’s jaw would be wired shut again. XO Lishus would begin to mount a comeback on Evans, and the final stretch of the match evened out. The finish saw XO Lishus hit a Split Leg X-Factor off the middle rope onto Evans, giving XO Lishus the upset victory in his Lucha Underground debut.

After a commercial break, Pentagon Dark is in the ring and cuts a promo about how challengers for his titles will fail and end up broken. After the promo, Cage hit the ring and attacked Pentagon Dark, and laid him out with the Lucha Underground Championship. Cage would exit the ring and set up a table at ringside. He then dragged Pentagon Dark onto the ring apron and powerbombed him off the apron. Cage went back into the ring and said he’s the Luchadore that Pentagon Dark can’t break because he’s a machine.

Backstage at the Ice Temple, Melissa Santos tells Fenix she can’t lose him and worries for his life. He tells her not to worry about it. Back inside the Ice Temple, we get a look at the caskets at ringside. Melissa then entered the ring to introduce the match.

Three Way To The Grave: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Jeremiah Cran vs. Fenix

The match started off with Fenix being the focus of the action. After the opening moments of the match, Mil Muertes would start to control the match. At one point he would powerbomb Jeremiah Crane onto one of the caskets at ringside. Crane mounted a comeback but was cut off by Fenix. Fenix would eventually hit a flying hurricanrana off the bleachers onto Mil Muertes. Crane and Fenix would end up going after Muertes together briefly before Crane powerbombed Muertes through a table.

Crane would then drag Fenix up the bleachers near the entrance, where he piledrived him at the top of the bleachers. Muertes then appeared from behind the refrigerator door entrance and attacked Crane, allowing Fenix to climb above it. As Crane and Muertes brawled on the second level of the Ice Temple, Fenix flew from above the refrigerator onto the other two men before the match headed back to ringside.

Back at ringside, Mil Muertes would set up a table inside the ring. Fenix would stop Muertes as he attempted t put Crane through a table. Fenix would attempt to put Crane through a table inside the ring but was thrown to the outside of the ring onto Muertes, who was laying on a table. Shortly after that, Crane would put Fenix through a table with a piledriver. As Crane tried to put Fenix into a casket, Ivelisse appeared inside the ring and attacked Crane with a hammer. After hitting him several times with the hammer, Ivelisse put Crane inside a casket to eliminate him.

After a commercial break, Muertes and Fenix were going at it, with Muertes going after the mask of Fenix while Melissa Santos watched in worry at ringside. She would also cheer him on during this portion of the match. Mil Muertes brought a casket into the ring and tried to put Fenix in it. Fenix would fight back and almost had Muertes in the casket with the door shut, but Muertes was able to fight off. The final stretch of the match saw Fenix trying to fight back against Muertes, but Muertes would keep overpowering Fenix. After getting an advantage, Muertes would put Fenix away in a casket outside of the ring. Melissa would announce Mil Muertes as the winner in an upset manner. She would then watch on in disappointment as Fenix’s casket was being taken away.

After this, we see Matanza Cueto locked up somewhere as Antonio talked about how he holds the key that has Matanza’s soul. After a brief speech, he throws the key down to him and tells him to “destroy the soul of my son, and become a God.” As Matanza freed himself, Antonio said “goodbye, my boy” and walked off.

Final Thoughts

For people wondering, “Isla de las Munecas” is a real place in Mexico. I don’t know much about it, but it’s neat to see Lucha Underground utilizing parts of Mexican culture into their stories. The opening match was a decent segment, but it felt like XO Lishus didn’t get over as much as the writers probably hoped he would have gotten. I liked the way the show is building to an eventual Cage vs. Pentagon showdown. The story works really well with Pentagon being able to break his opponents, and Cage claiming he can’t break him. The main event was a fun segment with lots of exciting stunts and action. Fenix was the star of the match and really shined here.

Overall this was a decent episode of Lucha Underground. The action carried the show, which made it for a good hour of wrestling. There wasn’t heavy on storylines, so it was good not having too many plots to follow on the show. It made for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

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