Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 360 Review

The show started with Grant interviewing Ray Rosas, mentioning he’s wrestling Oliver Grimsley in the main event.  Ray brought Grant through a counting exercise, coming to the conclusion that there can’t be two number one contenders. Heart and hard work is what got Ray here and he’s going to show Oliver what he can do in the ring, already started with daily routines and weight loss pills that actually work without loosing muscle but just the extra fat.

Agents of Chaos vs. Soul Burners

Evan Daniels and R3 are the agents of Chaos, who’ve spent their time at the Championship Wrestling from Arizona and they were up against Soul Burners, Ryan Taylor and Tomaste. A quick Tomaste chant started at the beginning of the match with Evan. Tomaste got in a near surfboard attempt into a dragon sleeper of sorts. Tomaste was in charge early, nailing a nice springboard arm drag which forced Daniels to tag out to R3. R3 overpowers Tomaste, forcing a tag. Taylor had a nice looking haircut, but it didn’t help as R3 overpowered him.  Taylor hit a wild submission hold that Tomaste added a Yoga pose pressure as he tagged in. Taylor and Tomaste then worked their double team attacks on R3 for a while, trying to wear the much larger guy down. R3 didn’t stay fazed for long, and just bodies Tomaste. Taylor ate some shots outside and Tomaste flied in to help, but was caught and dropped face first onto the apron. I’m hit by the commercial break.

Tomaste was in trouble for a good portion of the match and he was locked up when we get back from commercial. R3 and Daniels worked on some tandem offense and Tomaste ate a clothesline. Agents of Chaos controled this with some hard hitting offense, while keeping Tomaste away from Taylor. Tomaste got a breather with a foot strike in the corner, but then got carried over to an enziguri from Daniels. Tomaste got in a couple backhanded slaps and it allowed him to tag in Taylor, who cleaned house. This set Taylor up to nail Evans with a combo and a near fall for two. Daniels and R3 got a nice combo of a lungblower and a chokeslam. Things weren’t looking very good for Tomaste, but he managed to break up a double team move.  Taylor then set his guy up for his perfect circle finish after a submission attempt which got Tomaste  ready for his 450. Tomaste missed his footing though and it ended in an awkward senton which apparently was enough to take the victory.

This was a good match to start things off, with the two different styles going at it. The action was good until the ending which sort of soured the match a bit. It looked like CWFH is planning something for the Soul Burners, as they have now been on a winning streak. Daniels and R3 looked solid and hopefully they get a rematch at some point.

Kathy interviewed Oliver Grimsley

Kathy asked Grimsley of his gameplan for Ray in the main event. Grimsley laughed it off, saying his gameplan didn’t change. As far as Ray goes, he has far more than an ace up his sleeve.

Ty Ray and Tommy Defassio vs. Los Rancheros 

Howdy did his speech and mentioned he didn’t know they were wrestling some puppets with some hands up their butts. He suggested the Rancheros put their foot in there too. Tommy got hit so hard early his hair fell off. Raul just destroyed Tommy in the ring, hitting him with a backbreaker and taging in Rogelico for a double team flapjack faceplant. Ty saved his partner from a three count so he could get beat up more. The announcer noticed this is more of a meal for the Rancheros instead of a match, because they are feasting. Tommy got an elbow and a dropkick in so Ty can work in a little bit, even throwing in a nice lung blower. Tommy got knocked out of the ring, and the Rancheros got the price check and the match.

This match was fast and brutal, like most Rancheros matches. CWFH keeps throwing guys their way, but the result is the same. No team so far as gotten more than 5 minutes out of the Rancheros in a while. This makes it seem that Howdy’s boys are going to make a collision course with Reno Scum soon.

Kathy Interviewed Andy Brown

Andy’s been wrestling the brightest stars, and Andy said he was really close to beating Ray last week. He called out Tito and called it the Bad Dude verses Last of a Dying Breed. I call that a great match in the future.

Chris Bey vs. Adrian Quest

Ooh boy. This match was exciting. Two of the most talented young wrestlers were going at it. This one had a hurricanrana from Bey, the corkscrew plancha by Quest, it really went back and forth. Bey intercepted Quest trying to springboard and even aped Scorpio’s leg drop on the apron. A long vertical suplex by Bey kept the pressure on him. Quest fought back but ran into a high single leg dropkick from Bey. Quest answered an Enziguri with his own that sent Bey to the floor. Quest then hit Bey with a running shooting star press off the apron to the floor.  It was nuts. Bey answered Can I Kick It, but Quest hit his phoenix splash for the three count and the match.

The match wasn’t long, but it had a lot in it. This match was wild. Both guys looked great in this and really worked the crowd. I really hope they put these guys out on the show more.

Oliver Grimsley vs. Ray Rosas

Grimsley came out with a crowbar and left it at the announcers table. Ray Rosas came out and the crowd was really fired up. The announcers called it the king of beards verses the king of the midway. The match was pretty slow at first, but I’m blaming Grimsley. The action picked up with a hip toss and some chops by Rosas though. Rosas was in charge the whole match, beating up Grimsley from post to post. Rosas hit his double axe handle from the top rope and he was ready to go outside so he can get rammed into the stairs. Grimsley finally had an advantage before the commercial.

Grimsley was choking and beating on Rosas, a complete change of events since the steps before the commercial. Grimsley was focusing most of his offense on Rosas’s kidneys until he hit a double running knee combo twice. The constant beatings were wearing Rosas down, but he was too lazy to hook a leg, so it failed. Grimsley tried his Bed of Nails, but Rosas fought out. Ray countered with a flurry of 17 back elbows from both arms. Ray hit a nice near exploder powerslam, and also a backbreaker Russian sweep combo. Grimsley couhgt Rosas on the top rope, but Ray and him traded reversals until a Superkick by Grimsley got 2. Grimsley missed his knee, but got a sweeping neck breaker onto his knee that looked pretty brutal. Both guys traded some reversals, and then double clothesline each other. Chris Bey came in, brought the crowbar over to Grimsley, and distracted the referee. Grimsley used it to take out Ray and get the 3 count.

Final Thoughts

This was overall a solid show, overall. This probably would have been one of their more solid ones in the last month, except for the ending of the first match. It’s nice to see CWFH pulling from their Arizona roster to freshen things up. The Bey/Quest match has to be seen, it almost feels like a requirement. The tag team division is really heating up, and is hinting at some good matchups in the future.

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