Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 333 Review

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Jack Swagger vs. Eric Watts, Astros vs. Yankees, a Young Bucks reference, and Tito Escondido vs. Tyler Bateman. Best review ever. Five stars.

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Before we start….

I’d like to plug two videos really shamelessly. First, SCU Focus: Bumps & Brewses, featuring matches and highlights from the inaugural Bumps & Brewses event on September 23rd, 2017 in Los Angeles. Matches include Ray Rosas vs. Karl Fredericks, H.A.T.E (Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera) vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend), and a Triple Threat Match with three titles on the line as AWS Heavyweight and CWFH Heritage Champion Tito Escondido faced FCW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Bateman and Ryan Taylor. Plus watch Joshua Shibata and Damien Arsenick’s shenanigans. They’re funny sketches. Seriously.

The second is SCU Focus: FCW We Ain’t Done, featuring some really good matches (no hyperbole) like FCW Lightweight Champion Eli Everfly vs. Jake Atlas, Reno Scum’s Adam Thornstowe vs. D’Marco Wilson, H.A.T.E (Ray Rosas & Peter Avalon w/ Damien Arsenick) vs. True Grit (Hoss Hogg & Jesse James), and Tyler Bateman vs. B-Boy vs. FCW Champion Tito Escondido in a Triple Threat match for the title. Plus entertaining promos!

Now onto this show…

We start off with Grant yelling annoyingly in front of the audience. He’s interviewing Tito Escondido. He’s facing Tyler Bateman tonight. Grant yelled to end the promo and I wanted to punch my TV screen. Well, at least CWFH did something different. If they had someone other than Grant, this would’ve been a good opening to the show. You know what would’ve also helped things? If this match had some build up last week.

Eric Watts w/ Ty Matthews vs. Jack Swagger w/ Catalina Swagger

The entrance video for Jack Swagger was hilariously cheap looking. Ty Matthews was on commentary. Swagger is doing the “We The People” schtick. I wonder if CWFH will get a cease and desist like the Young Bucks.

The fake crowd noise could be heard during the match. That shit really makes CWFH look unprofessional and bush league. The volume on the commentary was also mixed terribly. I can’t complain, cause it just meant you heard the commentators less. It was like listening to people talking next to a camera, which made things more tolerable.

The match started out slowly, and during the commercial I switched over to the Astros/Yankees game on Fox 11. I kept switching between the commercials and Carlos Correa’s at bat. He ended up hitting a game winning double in the bottom of the 9th. Dodgers vs. Astros World Series. I’m calling it.

On KDOC, Watts had Swagger in a chin lock and the fake crowd noise battled with the live audience. The fake crowd noise was winning. I went back to Fox 11 to watch the replay of Jose Altuve scoring the winning run. When I tuned back to KDOC, Watts still had a rest hold on Swagger. Eventually the match evened out, and Watts did a Tope Con Giro, which was actually cool. Despite that and hitting his finisher, Watts couldn’t put away Swagger. Swagger eventually made Watts tap to an Ankle Lock.

Yup. Eric Watts lost cleanly. His stock didn’t rise with this match. CWFH’s booking team is terrible.

Karl Fredericks vs. Big Duke

I couldn’t stand the fake crowd noise, and I hate the commentary so I put this on mute. Fredericks looked solid in this match. He hit a pretty cool moonsault after jumping to the top rope. Duke was, well, Duke. He was slow, did restholds, made “grrrr” faces, and hit his three spots while Fredericks looked to have carried things. Duke won with a running knee after countering a Swanton Bomb from Fredericks with his knees. Like I said, Fredericks was good here. Duke, eh.

Post match shenanigans: Grant interviews Duke at ringside. He said he wants Sky to win the TV title back so he could win it from him. Well, at least the TV title was mentioned and the feud had build up. Grant still sucks though.

After a commercial

Tyler Bateman is in some random place, possibly under the bleachers, and cuts a promo on Tito Escondido. This was pretty good. Bateman was good on the mic, and the setting was different, which was refreshing.

Back at the Oceanview Pavilion, Cool Boraders (Guy Cool & D’Marco Wilson) came out for a match. They were in the ring when Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) interrupted on the mic. He talked about looking for teams and being unimpressed, until now. He offers them “the opportunity of a lifetime” which leads to Los Rancheros coming out to ringside. They didn’t know they were there, nor that they agreed to be beaten up by this new masked team.

Cool Boarders (Guy Cool & D’Marco Wilson) vs. Los Rancheros (Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera in masks)

The masked H.A.T.E guys attacked Cool Boarders before the match and beat up Guy Cool for awhile. Guy Cool got a hot tag, and D’Marco Wilson got some offense in for awhile. The masked H.A.T.E members got the win after hitting a Spike Piledriver on D’Marco Wilson. This was a good match. I wish Rico Dynamite and Che Cabrera had a different manager though. Maybe even no manager. Let them be silent killers. Fuck it. Anything would be better than Dino Winwood pretending to be a Southerner with a fake accent.

United Wrestling Network Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Tito Escondido (c) vs. Tyler Bateman

This match should’ve gotten better build up. CWFH should’ve treated it like a huge deal. Instead it was just a match on some random episode. Things were pretty even in the early part of the match. Eventually Bateman took control, and someone on my block was blasting music. It gave the match a more festive atmosphere. Tito made a quick comeback and hit a tope on Bateman before a commercial break.

After the break, Bateman was in control. Things eventually evened out as the match went on. Tito hit a Powerbomb into the corner, followed by an Exploder Suplex into the corner on Bateman. The fake crowd noise continued to be a distraction that took away from the match. You know, I’m not the only person who hates that. It really needs to go. The finishing sequence was ruined by that shit. Tito won after countering a Tombstone Attempt with a F5 on Bateman. This was a solid match, but the environment just ruined things. The episode ends with Tito celebrating.

Final Thoughts

There were some small improvements made to this show, but overall CWFH continues to be so bland. Tito/Bateman was a waste, as the two should’ve had a match that had lots of build up behind it. Overall this was a below-average episode of CWFH with decent wrestling. Time to watch some baseball.

Go Dodgers.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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