Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episodes 262 & 263 Reviews

BACK with two reviews of two episodes of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Plus other stuff. No dicking around with the introduction, let’s get to this shit show.

Episode 262

We start things off with Tyler Bateman and Jarek 1:20 backstage somewhere. It’s nice to see something different on this show now. Bateman cuts a promo on James Morgan. Even though it was nice to see something different, this was a little too long. Still, even if it was long, it was something fresh. After the intro, Rocky Romero is in the ring and talks about having an injury. Eric Watts and Ty Matthews interrupt him, and Ty talks. They talk about some contract that said Rocky Romero was supposed to defend the PP3 Cup, and Ty threatens Rocky to sue and beat him up. Rocky accepts, and we have a match.

PP3 Cup Match: Rocky Romero vs. Eric Watts

Rocky Romero beats up Watts for awhile until Watts made a comeback. Watts worked over the injured arm of Rocky Romero. Rocky sold his offense very well, but Watts didn’t look convincing at all. I remember people always gave him praise, but I never really found myself impressed by the guy. He comes off as lazy and lethargic in the ring. Watts won the match when hit hit an awful looking armbar on Rocky Romero, and the referee stopped the match to  give Watts the victory. This was pretty lame. Watts should be managed by Joey Karate, and instead of having boring matches like usual.

Post match shenanigans, Watts celebrates in the ring with Ty, and the referees try to keep Rocky back from attacking him. Backstage with Grant, who wasn’t bad here. He’s interviewing James Morgan, and he talks about his match with Tyler Bateman. He’s invoking his rematch clause. This was a pretty terrible promo. After commercial, Tolerable Grant is with Dave Marquez. Dave talks about some Lucha thing failing after a week. I don’t know what he’s talking about, but I find it HILARIOUS that he’s acknowledging his company fucked up. He says Espiritu will be debuting on the show. Grant talks about Tito Escondido, and Dave tells him to pay attention to Alexander Hammerstone. I guess this is supposed to build up a match between Tito and him.

Holidead vs. Ashley Grace

Creepy Old White Guy with the shitty notebook paper sign that says “Call Me Ashley.” He’s got a total “Uncle Paul” vibe to him.

This was a much better match than Ashley Grace vs. Kahmora. Holidead was solid at times, and was able to base well for some of Ashley’s offense, something Kahmora wasn’t able to do very well. Holidead used her size advantage to toss and slam Grace around. Eventually, Ashley Grace got the win with a backslide pin. Nothing bad here, but nothing great.

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Manny Castillo

After a commercial, we go right into this match. Castillo got the jobber treatment with the “already in the ring” introduction. Castillo got some BASIC SHIT offense in on Hammerstone before getting tossed by him with a Pumphandle Toss after he countered a kick by Castillo. Hammerstone throws Castillo around for awhile. Eventually, Castillo tries to mount a small comeback, but Hammerstone made the comeback and got the predictable victory.

Post match shenanigans: Tolerable Grant interviews Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone talks about Tito Escondido. Nothing special, nothing great. Just a bunch of eh. At least they’re building to a match though.

Guy Cool vs. Espiritu

This was pretty much a showcase for Espiritu. He started off doing a bunch of basic Lucha stuff to start the match. Guy Cool mounted a comeback for awhile and was in control briefly. There seemed to be some miscommunication after a botched tilt-a-whirl head scissors attempt, and the match sorta fell apart for a few moments. The commentators kept making stupid puns in the match. I mean, it’d be one thing if they were funny, but fuck, they just made me cringe. Espiritu made a comeback and hit a top rope Senton Bomb for the win. This match wasn’t very polished, but they went for something different which was alright.

Post match shenanigans, the commentators said Scorpio Sky vs. the fake-Russian douche was next…

Carl Cunningham vs. Jorel Nelson

Nope .We don’t get Sky vs. the fake-Russian douche, we  get this match. Great production work by Championship Wrestling From Ventura County. Their production values and writing will never be as good as The Tommy Toe Hold Show though.

Basic shit to start the match. Nelson did the Ali Shuffle as always. They don’t do anything exciting or captivating. Jorel Nelson’s punches looked terrible. Jorel Nelson got the win after hitting a nice elbow drop off the top rope. Nothing bad, but this was pretty boring. Par for the course when it comes to this show.

Scorpio Sky vs. fake-Russian douche Sasha Darveko (w/ fake-Russian Lou Diamond Philips)

The crowd gave Scorpio Sky a huge ovation and came off like a real star. I honestly believe Sky is one of the best wrestlers SoCal has ever produced in the modern era of wrestling. He busted out a triangle choke and transitioned into an Omoplata. The fake-Russian douche was boring as usual here. The fake-Russian Lou Diamond Philips guy got involved briefly, but he was useless as usual here. Sky had a good performance though and got the win thankfully. Not much else to say about this. I wish Sky was working with better wrestlers and bigger promotions. He should be a major star star in wrestling right now. Fuck that other guy though.

Episode 263

CWFH reverts back to the usual boring backstage interview to start the show, this time Dan Masters is the interviewer. He’s better than the other guy. Masters interviews the Pac 3. This was terrible. Dave Marquez should’ve just reared this on TV in its place and it would’ve made for better TV. The Chippah>Pac 3. Chip would also probably be a better booker, because whoever booked this show booked another heel vs. heel match in the main event.

We go to ringside, and Todd Keneley is making his return to this shit show. I remember how awful he was, always trying to be funny and telling awful jokes.

JR Kratos vs. Pinky

This was Pinky’s return match to CWFH. There wasn’t much to this match. Pinky did basic shit, leg slap strikes, and not much else that I can remember. Kratos won with a kick to the face. This really didn’t do anything for Kratos, and Pinky didn’t do enough to leave any real impression. I will say that he once said on some podcast with Ray Rosas that he thought Diddy Kong Racing was better than Mario Kart 64. Fuck that shit. Mario Kart 64 was the greatest game to ever be released on the N54 next to Golden Eye. I wipe my ass with Diddy Kong Racing and Pinky’s opinion on video games. Diddy Kong was some whack ass shit.

Backstage somewhere with Dan Masters, who is in front of a door instead of the generic set with a TV showing the CWFH logo on it. Johnny Yuma and Ryan Taylor show up, Yuma says him and Kevin are going to win some title series or whatever. This was stupid. Airing this Joey Karate skit would’ve been 2543253453453 times better than watching Johnny Yuma trying to be funny.

Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. Damien Smith

Another boring match. Watts controlled, missed a leg drop, and Smith hit a running senton on Watts. That was his only offense during the match, which was boring. Zero fucks given.

Post matches shenanigans: Dan Masters interviews Ty Matthews and Eric Watts. This sucked. The fans chanted “no one cares.” Can’t blame them for being honest. Here’s another edition of CHIPPAH TV!

THE DEEJ DJ Hyde vs. Mike Camden

The holder of the prestigious SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship, Mike Camden, had the honor of losing to the man best known for his epic feud against Greg Excellent, Mr. “Sugess” himself, the DEEJ, DJ Hyde, who sorta botched entering the ring during his entrance. The DEEJ was in control until Camden hit some kick on DEEJ, did a crossbody off the top rope, then lost. lol seriously fuck this show.

Post match shenanigans: Joe Galli says the main event, Peter Avalon vs. Scorpio Sky is up next. I’m looking forward to this…

Ashley Grace vs. Beatrice Domino


I liked Beatrice Domino’s black power gimmick. I didn’t like this match though. Ashley Grace botched a dropkick off the 2nd rope attempt. The announcers, instead of trying to ignore it, kept going on about how Ashley “recovered” from it, making it more obvious that she botched the spot. Ashley Grace won with a variation of the Rings Of Saturn. Todd Keneley not only fucked up trying to tell a joke, but he did it in a voice that sounded just like the one Aries Spears makes in this video at 1:00. Good job, Todd!

Backstage, James Morgan cuts a promo. It wasn’t good.

Vermin (Ryan Taylor & Johnny Yuma) vs. Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dicky Mayer)

So what the fuck happened to Sky vs. Avalon? What kind of shit is that? Good one, CWFH! This was a Heel Team vs. Heel Team match. The match was ok when Ryan Taylor and Dicky Mayer were having some exchanges. Besides that, this match sucked. There was no heat, the Pac 3 are annoying as shit, there was some lame comedy involved, and the match was fucking BORING. Vermin won this boring, meaningless match.

Post match shenanigans: Ryan Taylor was mad at Yuma. What a shitty main event for a shitty episode of this shit show. What happened to Sky vs. Peter Avalon?

Final Thoughts

Of the two episodes, 262 was better, but that’s not saying much. There were little improvements on the shows, but overall they were hard to sit through and watch. 263 might’ve been the worst of the two, as it was full of boring matches, nonsensical bullshit, and a stupid main event that had no heat. Seeing Mike Camden get buried by DJ Hyde was sad and hilarious. You have a guy who can be a star, and possibly be someone the CZW crowd would enjoy, and instead of getting him over, you job him out to a guy most famous for leaving a comment on LuFisto’s Myspace page back in the day. “SUP GRRL?” will be the DEEJ’s legacy, and putting him over guys who could be made into stars is just another reason this promotion sucks ass. I don’t give a shit if DEEJ owns CZW and they’re in a relationship with the United Wrestling Network, CWFH gets nothing from him being put over guys like Camden. Fuck this company. Seriously, this promotion is so bad. They didn’t even edit out the announcers saying Scorpio Sky vs. Peter Avalon was up next. What kind of bush league amateur shit is that?

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