OCCW – 21 April 2018 – Quick Results

Othello defeated Azrael to retain the OCCW Heavyweight title in the main event of OCCW’s April 21 show in Los Alamitos. Click for full results.

Orange County Championship Wrestling
Hard Times
April 21, 2018
American Legion #716
Los Alamitos, CA

Auntie Hydie over Dr. Phil Goode.

Tony Raze over Chris Camacho and Supergreen.

The Voodoo Master over Freddy Helmuth.

Max Ammo vs. B.A. Marcus Fray went to a double DQ.

La Raza over The Juggernauts to retain the OCCW Tag Team Championship.

Drew Masters vs. Malkor the Destroyer went to a double count Out.

Othello over Azrael to retain the OCCW Heavyweight championship.

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