FIST Combat – 13 April 2018 – Quick Results

“Uptown” Andy Brown defeated Eli Everfly and Douglas James to ein the FIST Combat Heavyweight title in the main event of FIST Combat’s April 13 show in San Diego. Click for full results. 

FIST Combat
April 12, 2018
Masonic Hall
San Diego, CA

Max McManus over Corey Jackson and Azrael. [6’29]

Ruby Raze over Human Tornado via Souleater. [12’09]

Sweet Daddy Benny Capricorn (B-Boy) over Matt Vandagriff via brainbuster. [14’17]

Biggie Biggz over Harambe in a Kaiju MMA match. [3’40]

Donnie Suarez & Biagio Crescenzo over True Grit (Jesse James & Hoss Hogg) and Pulp Fistin’ (Jules Winfield [Michael Hopkins] & Vincent Vega [KC Douglas]) in an elimination match to win the FIST Combat Tag Team Titles. [14’30]

Chip Law & Randy Order over Dirty Ron McDonald & Chuey Martinez in a barbwire death match. Chip Law wins the FIST Combat Hardcore title. [14’33]

Andy Brown over Eli Everfly and Douglas James via a package piledriver on James to win the FIST Combat Heavyweight Championship. [14’16]

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