Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 358 Review

The show open with Karl interviewing Watts and Ty Matthews. Karl asked Watts about wrestling Kingston tonight. Matthews said his hyper optimism is worldwide and it didn’t matter what city, state or country you are going to experience three words “victory through power!” It looks like Watts and Kingston are the main event for this one.

Royce Isaacs vs. Suede Thompson 

Suede came out with his bae the PP3 cup. I think they are still in the honeymoon phase. The announcers do a good job of reviewing the rivalry. Royce started by pounding on Suede.  Royce was really using his weight and strength advantage at first. Suede battled back for a bit, but Royce just started brawling again with heavy chops and strikes, followed by chokes and an eye poke. Royce didn’t need to cheat, but it sure makes him more dangerous. Suede tries a cross body to the outside that Royce caught, impressively showing off his strength. Suede snuck out and did a forward flip onto Royce off the apron to the floor. For some reason, at this moment, right when thing are picking up, I’m hit with a commercial.

When we come back from commercial, Suede is in control in the ring, nailing a heavy chop on Royce. This didn’t last long though as Royce hit a basement dropkick onto Suede’s previously injured knee. Royce then went to work on the leg, attacking it from several angles, including a tree of woe. Royce kept Suede in a walkaround vertical suplex for at least 15 seconds in the air. Suede is completely grounded and basically helpless. Suede can’t block the next suplex and elbow from Royce. After a headbutt gets him some breathing space, Suede then counters Hush Money with an enziguri, but then eats a fist when going for Turn Down for What. This then turns into a near fall fest, with both guys hitting each other with their heaviest shots, Suede hit a snap suplex, but he can’t get a three. Suede then went upstairs to the top rope, but is caught by Royce and gets nailed with a backbreaker and a sitout powerbomb for a near fall. Suede went for his small soldiers death valley driver, but it’s reversed by Royce into his Hush Money (X-Wing German Suplex) to take the victory.

This match told a good story and had some history behind it, a lot of it stemming from their last battle in the PP3 Cup. I enjoyed the finish, and the battle these two put out for an opening match. I’m also wondering where this puts Royce in the future after beating the PP3 Cup winner. We know Suede’s going to get his title shot, but is it going to be Royce that takes it away from him when he gets it?

Nikko is interviewed by Grant

Nikko gives an update on Dicky Mayer after he was attacked by Bateman.  He said Dicky’s got head trauma. He mentioned that the safety of the roster is important, so he suspended Bateman indefinitely. They wish Dicky a speedy recovery.

Karl Interviews Tito

Next week Tito wrestles against Kevin Condron. Karl asks Tito if Condron is a “worthy” opponent. Tito says other than “running his mouth, that’s a no.” He tells Condron, “you want this so bad, you are going to have to earn it.” He’ll find out why he’s the “baddest dude in professional wrestling.”

Steven Tresario vs. Adrian Quest

Quest and Tresario are matching each other move for move for nearly a minute. Quest nailed a corkscrew cross body, but can’t gain any more advantage before Tresario answers with some heavy shoot kicks, and strikes. This match pace was quick, it felt like the previous match on fast forward. Tresario’s been in control for most of the match, withstanding the counters and even hitting a big splash in the corner, followed by a nice jumping reverse neck breaker for a close near fall. Tresario end up missing a corner attack and Quest starts his assault, and give his big reverse can i kick it. Quest then gets to the top rope and hit Tresario with a Phoenix Splash to take the match.

This match was breakneck speed, too much to list without multiple views. These guys packed so much wrestling into a short time, it was highly entertaining. Tresario can really wrestle and is so versatile.

Allyson Cruz vs. Heather Monroe

Cruz is from Western Australia. Heather is one half of the Killer Bae’s tag team. Heather’s a great wrestler so this should be a great match. Cruz gets a headscissor, but misses a tackle in the corner. Heather immediately takes advantage and starts working over Cruz. A couple of forearms, and some chops, and an eye poke to keep control. Heather’s apparently going to China according to the commentary. Heather gets a nice cartwheel in the corner, and keeps the pressure on Cruz. Cruz finally gets some offense in nailing some strikes and a Northern Lights suplex. Heather gloats for a minute and gets caught in a sleeper that almost knocked her out, but Heather pokes an eye again. This allows her to nail Cruz with her Cat Lady Clutch (Chaucery). Cruz taps immediately.

Cruz looked good from what offense she had in this. Heather Monroe is wrestling at a different level right now, and her heel work is really starting to take shape. This was a good women’s match because of that. Cruz looked like a legit striker when given the chance, but with this near dominating type match from her, hopefully it means she’s going to be used on the show more often.

Grant interviews Alex Kingston

Alex is wrestling Watts in the main event. He’s excited to be here, he mentioned Watts is a big boy. Alex mentions he’s made a career off beating giants, so he’s used to it.  In this match it’s going to be “victory by radness!” He had several 90’s references on his jacket patches, so that’s pretty rad. Kingston is the innovator of radness after all.

Alex Kingston vs. Watts 

Watts picked up Kingston right away and drives him into both corners. Alex responded with some chops, but they were highly ineffective. Watts chops however were highly effective. Watts is basically ragdolling him in the corner. Watts hit a stalled backbreaker for two. Kingston gets some serious air with a dropkick to answer with a tope over the rope to the outside. Kingston gets a slingshot off the ropes, but gets caught and just flung by Watts. Watts stays in control and I’m hit with a commercial.

Watts is dominating with his large frame after the break, breaking up any attempts to come back until he misses a splash in the corner and gets hit with a tornado DDT from Kingston. It looked like Kingston was going to hit Watts with a lungblower, but it hit on his upper body instead of the lower lumbar. Watts takes control after a short flurry by Kingston and keeps going for his DNR finisher. This allows Kingston to hit a german suplex and then what looked like what was supposed to be a sunset flip powerbomb, but Watts lands directly on Kingston. Not sure how effective that was, to be honest. The move was probably more painful for Kingston, but apparently it didn’t matter because he went for it again and got choke bombed for his troubles. Watts attempts a superplex, but it’s countered into strikes and a devil stomp from the top rope onto a draping Watts, who is caught in the tree of woe. Kingston then went coast to coast showing pretty impressive athleticism there. An elbow drop from the top misses, Kingston then gets on another roll, with kicks from all angles followed up by an enziguri. Kingston was obviously too cocky after his success however, and walked right into the DNR to finish the match.

Watts went to show you, no matter what kind of momentum you have going, you can’t drop your guard, or you may eat a finisher when you least expect it. Watts stands tall in the corner and gets congratulated by the fans. I thought this match had some good moments, but in some spots it felt off, maybe it was the jet lag.

Final Thoughts

 I thought this show overall was good, especially the first match. Tresario looks really like he could wrestle any style and could be a nice addition to the roster. Quest also looked good, and is looking to gain some momentum of his own to match what Fidel did last week. The women’s match was a nice addition, and the Kingston debut was a nice capper to the show. Heather Monroe should wrestle on CWFH more often. I hope her schedule permits that. Overall a solid show, but the first few matches really overshadowed the last one.

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