Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Ep. 334 Review: Enter Dice

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We start off backstage with Grant interviewing the Office. D.J. Hyde is unhappy with the fake Marquez son and Peter Avalon. The fake Marquez son says he’s got a guy for DEEJ to face, and Grant yells to end the promo What a garbage way to start the show. I wish CWFH would get Andrew Dice Clay to do backstage promo,s but I doubt he’ll accept a $20 payday.

Suede Thompson vs. D.J. Hyde w/ The Office (Peter Avalon and the fake Marquez son)

Ring announcer Angel Castillo botched the introduction for the Office. He’s really not good at ring announcing.

As soon as Suede came on my TV, I had a huge urge to turn on UFC Fight Pass to catch some prelims. He’s a 31 year old man who acts like a dork in his 20’s. I really can’t tolerate him anymore. Even the fake crowd noise doesn’t care about Suede. Him facing DEEJ doesn’t make things better. DEEJ worked over Suede for awhile. Peter interfered as well. Suede made a comeback, and the fake crowd noise was turned up really loud. This was very distracting and annoying. It’s not like it was done during a good match, but it really didn’t help things. The pace was pretty slow, and it resulted in a dull match. The finish saw Peter hit a superkick on DEEJ by accident, allowing Suede to win the match.

Post match shenanigans; Peter made faces cause he knew he fucked up, and it was the best part of the show. Grant came out, making things more annoying. He interviews DEEJ, who is mad. DEEJ got on the mic and emasculated Peter and the fake Marquez son. He also said he doesn’t want to see them or the fans again. I hope this means he’s leaving the show. If he does, he should take Suede with him.

Dan Joseph w/ Coach Flexo & Water Clearance vs. Scorpio Sky

Sky was in control of the match early on, but Dan Joseph made a comeback after a distraction from Coach Flexo. The story of the match became about Sky’s shoulder being worked over, and Sky would sell it as the match progressed. Clearance got on the apron to give Sky water, and Sky spit it in his face. Sky then hit some moves on Dan Joseph and got the win with the Ace of Spades.

After a commercial, Grant says there’s going to be a Four Corners match with Eric Watts vs. Tyler Bateman vs. Suede Thompson vs. Ray Rosas. Ray then cuts a promo saying the Office is trying to screw him again. He cut a heated promo about a poorly booked match.

Will Hobbs vs. Nick Aldis

The current storyline now is Aldis wants to face Tim Storm for the NWA belt. Guess this means he’ll win this match. Fake crowd noise dominated things early on. Oh, there was a match too. Hobbs hit a spinebuster. He also hit some clotheslines and a Powerslam later in the match. Hobbs then went for a Frog Splash, but Aldis got his knees up. He then finished off Hobbs with a Powerbomb followed by a Cloverlear submission to make Hobss tap. This was a decent match, but the fake crowd noise annoyed the shit out of me.

Post match shenanigans; Grant interviews Aldis at ringside. He cut a promo about Tim Storm. It wasn’t really interesting.

After a commercial, some girl interviews Julius Coleman. He cut a promo about his match with Peter Avalon.

Peter Avalon w/ the fake Marquez son vs. Julius Coleman

Coleman came out with a fake ghetto blaster for some reason. Knowing CWFH, they probably wanted him to play up an outdated racial stereotype. This started out slow and boring, just the way Dave Marquez likes it. Peter hit a tope suicida before a commercial break. After the break, Peter was in control. Peter went for a top rope moonsault but missed. This allowed Coleman to mount a comeback. Things evened out in the finishing stretch of the match. Coleman almost got the win, but the fake Marquez son pulled the referee away from the count. Peter then hit a low blow and hit the Marti-knees for the win.

The show ends with Peter being victorious (again) and the announcers saying there’s a match next week to crown a new contender for Tito’s title. Ray Rosas, who is feuding with Peter, was nowhere to be found.

Final Thoughts

This was another meaningless episode of CWFH. There wasn’t anything newsworthy on the show aside from DEEJ leaving the Office.The matches were pretty average, with DEEJ/Suede being the most boring. If you’re having problems sleeping, I recommend checking this episode out. It might help you with your troubles.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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