Wrestling Pro Wrestling – 22 March 2018 – Quick Results

Watts and Cereal Man teamed up to defeat some aliens in the main event of Wrestling Pro Wrestling’s March 22 show in Burbank. Click for full results.

Wrestling Pro Wrestling
March 22, 2018
The California Institute of Abnormalarts
North Hollywood, CA

Ricotta Flair over Kid Issac. [4’07]

Terex over Nessie. [0’50]

DoomFly (Delilah Doom & Eli Everfly) over Rubber Baby & Leather Daddy. [9’25]

Meow Night Express (Osiris Mittens & Senor Buttons) over 2 Man Gang. [2’45]

Kikutaro over King Dezi. [8’09]

Peter Avalon over Shitty Superman. [6’46]

Ziggy Dice, Darwin Finch, & Hobo over Fidel Bravo, Phil Cosby, & Hot Diggity Dog. [8’35]

Eric Watts & Cereal Man over Invader Balls & Invader Sucks

Credit: Atox

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