Blood Bros. Pro “Goddess of Gore” – 03 March 2018 – Quick Results

Sage Sin defeated Ludark Shaitan in the finals of the first Goddess of Gore tournament in the main event of Blood Bros. Pro Wrestling’s March 3 show in Sun Valley. Click for full results.

Blood Bros. Pro Wrestling
Goddess of Gore Tournament
March 3, 2018
VFW Post 10040
Sun Valley, CA

Goddess of Gore – Round 1
Randi West over Brittany Wonder in Singapore Cane Match.

Goddess of Gore – Round 1
Sage Sin over Mariah Moreno in a Texas Bull Rope Match.

Goddess of Gore – Round 1
Kikyo and Ludark Shaitan over Amazing Maria in an Unlucky 13 Staple Gun Match.
-Buggy Nova was unable to attend and the match was made into a three-way with the two wrestlers who didn’t get pinned advancing.

Goddess of Gore – Round 2
Sage Sin over Randi West in a Thumbtack Massacre.

Goddess of Gore – Round 2
Ludark Shaitan over Kikyo in a 3 Out of 5 Doors Match.

Homeless Jimmy over Aidan Blackhart in a Shopping Carts and Trash Cans match.

Goddess of Gore – Finals
Sage Sin over Ludark Shaitan in a deathmatch

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