Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 348 Review

Grant interviewed Reno Scum, introducing them as the new champions. Adam Thrornstowe said to bring everyone; students, faculty, cheerleaders, he doesn’t care.  “Line ’em all up” and they are going to “stomp all their heads in tonight”.  Luster also likes cheerleaders, he likes kicking people’s teeth in, too. Well, I’m sold.  Somebody is going to get beat up.

Richie Slade vs. Suede Thompson

Suede got a legit crowd pop and chant going when he entered. The announcers started talking about mixing up all the flavors of Suederade. They also extolled the many mogul-like things he does in and out of the ring. Richie didn’t care, though, and attacked. Slade really worked Suede’s arm over early in the match and Suede was flopping and howling all over the place. Slade nailed a really smooth dropkick and started slowly working him down until Suede got out of the corner and tried to nail Turn Down For What, but was blocked. Slade then countered Suede’s other finisher into a nice arm-bar variation to the weakened arm, followed by another nice looking Slingblade into bulldog by Slade. Suede hit a DVD to move forward in the tournament.

It was a short match, but it had good psychology with the arm injury. Slade looked good, and Suede really sold the injured arm. The finish felt a little rushed, but still a good opener for the show.

Gajo vs. Bateman

Gajo is big. His Buffet Club shirt was hilarious. Bateman was coming in from the roads end and also just won his four way last week. The announcer lamented that he is not in this years PP3 cup, even though his record says he should be. Gajo showed his power early with some powerful shoulder charges and some blocked charges of his own. Bateman decided to start striking instead until he flurries in the corner. Gajo answered back with more brute power and force with a corner clothesline and a heavy hip toss. A smooth forearm to knee combo by Bateman was followed by a two count. Gajo nailed a beauty of a vertical suplex after he kicked out. Gajo went for the spear, but ate a knee, followed by a discus forearm and Death from Above for the pin.

This was a nice clash of styles that showed Bateman’s striking vs. the power game of Gajo. It was a quick match, but it did show Gajo’s power and strength a bit. Bateman really showed a mean streak that enabled him to get the victory at the key moment in the match, which he already seemed to have the edge in. It was a quick, right-to-the-point match that made a statement outside of the PP3 theme.

Grant interviewed Bateman who mentioned the sneak thief Dicky Mayer punching above his weight and stealing a victory from him.  “He’s a boy in a man’s world.” Strong words from Bateman before they go to Commercial.

Pac 3 was interviewed by Denise and Coach doesn’t want to be known as a former anything. Coach blamed the loss on the Water Boy. Dylan disagreed and blamed coach directly. Coach waffled and then went inspirational and tried to get a 1,2,3, but neither member joined in and left Coach hanging. If you watched the last few weeks, you’ll know Coach was directly involved.  He might be the captain, but he hasn’t really shown any leadership qualities.

Tomaste vs. Andy Brown – PP3 Quarterfinal Match

This match showed a real contrast of styles with Brown and Tomaste.  They mentioned the explosiveness of Brown and Tomaste’s nearly astral physical powers. Tomaste showed off a surfboard transition into a clutch, then took Brown into a springboard corkscrewing arm drag, which was impressive right off the bat, and then a headstand in the corner. Tomaste was really on fire with chain wrestling and unique offense. Andy Brown then popped Tomaste up high into the air, into the mat, and then nailed him with a forearm right to the jaw. Andy Brown chanted, while he did a nice transition into a backbreaker. A wicked looking spinebuster got two for Andy. Tomaste did a roll up to a surfboard into a bow and arrow. Tomaste dumped Andy out to the floor with a springboard dropkick and then a springing moonsault to the outside. Andy countered a top rope attack by Tomaste to his roll up into a cutter to take the 3 count.

The announcers mentioned that Andy Brown will face Suede Thompson in the next round before they hit me with a commercial.

This was a good fast hitting match. Both bring something to the table every time they go out there in the squared circle.

Scorpio Sky vs. Chris Bey

Scorpio Sky come out with a mic in his hand and a belt on his waist. Sky said it’s a new year and he’s a four time champion. Some fans interrupted his speech, which he shut down, sort of. Sky then transitioned to an interview with Chris Bey instead, saying it’ll give him a rub. Chris explained why he was a fan of Scorpio Sky and Scorpio asked him why. Chris said because he’s the best. Scorpio thanked him for it and then cheap shot him. Bey managed to fight back. The announcers mentioned that Scorpio basically stomped on their hearts just like Peter Avalon did. I felt a lot of jilted love coming from the press box. The announcers do have a new crush however, and it’s Chris Bey. I can’t blame them either, he’s a Young Lion, Young Gun, and also a second place finisher for SoCal Rookie of the Year.

The action in this match was fast and fierce. Scorpio got the advantage and started punishing Bey, hitting a leg drop on Bey on the apron, followed by a nice sky high backbreaker. Bey finally got some back for a minute, but Sky shut him down.  That is, until Bey hit a nice rolling step up inziguri, followed by a backflip and then a spinning neck breaker. Bey had a sky high cross body that was “absolutely incredible” according to the announce crew. Bey hit his Chris kick, and then swung Sky into an impressive flatliner/end of days, showing off his strength. Sky turned it around quickly with a nasty spin kick to the face for a quick 3 count.

Fans and announcer have completely turned on Scorpio. Sky said Bey did okay, but he wants Bey to say Scorpio Sky is the Best! It didn’t happen, but he did a victory dance, grabbed his belt and then took off.

Nick Marquez was talking to Grant about how the company is not regrouping, they are growing. Tito interrupted and Nick said they got a match for him that they’ll reveal later. Tito said it doesn’t matter because he’ll put them all on their back for 3. Nick and Tito argued about Tito’s contract for a bit, and then Nick bailed. We’ll see Tito on next week’s show.

Pac 3 vs. Reno Scum – Tag Team Championship match 

Angel announced the match, I swear his hair was taller this week. Mustache was looking on point. Pac 3 was introduced, with Coach blowing his own whistle as hard as he could. Pac 3 consists of Dylan Bostic and Coach Flexo tonight, with Dan Joseph getting benched for this fight. Scum attacked Pac 3 and dominated early, keeping Bostic in the corner. Bostic escaped, but Coach wasn’t ready to wrestle. Luster pulled him in anyways to help him out. Coach escaped Luster and got out of the ring as fast as possible. The announcers were questioning the coaching decision, their strategy, and also their intelligence. Bostic was just getting destroyed by the Scum in the meantime. Scum was big booting, smashing, moonsaulting, the montello spike, to the point where I wasn’t sure if there was anything left of Bostic. Joseph came out and Scum invited him to the ring too.  The announcer mentioned that Bostic was basically getting beat up the whole break. A nice senton by Thornstowe was followed by a series of double team moves.  They dominated until Dan Joseph got Thornstowe distracted enough to finally give Bostic a chance. Bostic finally got the upper hand and coach wanted to be tagged in when there was an advantage. Coach got a couple kicks in and then tagged Bostic back in. I think there was a bite somewhere in the middle of this too. Coach finally got back in there got an abdominal stretch in, but Thornstowe got free when Flex tried to get more leverage for it. Luster was tagged in and gave out heavy hands and a great looking fisherman’s brain buster. Luster then put Coach into the tree of woe and powerbombed Bostic directly into Coach. Luster nailed him with his finisher, the Legend Shifter, and Coach Flexo tapped after a few seconds of being in the hold.

The announcers didn’t know where this will go after two pretty decisive losses with Coach involved. Coach also lost a shoe somehow. Coach was mad at the team, so they shoved Coach into the Scum and they watch the Scum hit coach with a Scum Stomp that just looked brutal. The cameras then faded to Coach who was dazed, confused, alone, and also face down on the mat.

Final Thoughts:

It was a good show overall with four matches squeezed into an hour; PP3 cup action, a couple of spotlight matches and a tag team defense. The interviews were well placed, short, and added to the continuing story for a few of these feuds. Scorpio has really taken the heel role and ran with it in this match. Gajo had a nice, although short, debut. Pac 3 dissolving right before your eyes was also a nice story. Coach Flexo has some choices after this episode, but you know he’s going to still make even worse decisions soon, which is great TV. Not as star studded as the last few episodes, but still entertaining stuff.

Don’t take my word for it, watch this episode on the FITE TV app. They are easy to digest, one hour shows, and are free to stream. New episodes air on FITE TV at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time on Sundays. You can also catch CWFH on KDOC in the Los Angeles/Orange County Area on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.

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