Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 346 Review

The show started off with David Marquez interviewing Watts and Ty Matthews. Marquez mentioned they got a butt whooping at the hands of Tito. Ty says that “Tito is human” but he “has a monster with him” and it’s Watts. Watts says that Tito may be a “Bad Dude” but he’s much worse. Batten down the hatches, its Watts vs. Tito for the main event and the Heritage Title.

CWFH has updated their intro, which shows some newer footage, it’s a nice touch.

Reno Scum vs. Pac 3

The music starts off with some familiar tunes and “Oi” chants. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend) come out. Both of these guys look to be in great shape. Pac 3 comes out next with Coach Flexo and Dan Joseph. The announcers mention that Coach has put Dylan Bostic on the bench and put himself in since they are apparently “Freebirding” it. I hope Coach put his money where his mouth is, the Scum will bring it regardless of who is in there. Pretty steady “Oi” chants off the bat. Coach starts a flex off, but tags out fast. Joseph and Thorstowe get in there and Joseph gets beat up pretty fast by both Legend and Thornstowe. Luster uses about four or five different ways to beat you up with his head. Luster’s leg is hurt though, so Thornstowe puts on a clinic. Coach hasn’t been in at all yet. Joseph gets a jawbreaker in and Coach Flexo is finally in. The announcers are loving this rare Coach wrestling appearance. It’s short but he does use his whistle during a choke on the ropes. Joseph really comes in aggressively and just wears Thornstowe out for a while. Thornstowe hits a nice blockbuster. Luster comes in hot and plants Joseph hard. He’s really got a leg issue but still nailed a stalled fisherman brainbuster. Joseph tries to tag in Flexo, but Flexo grabs the waterboy (Clarence) to wrestle for him instead. Clarence gets coach in the face with water. Coach is blinded and gets caught in Emerald Fusion by Thornstowe. New champions, Reno Scum! “Oi” chants as we go to commercial.

Side note: Sock Slider is one of the craziest inventions I’ve seen. Can’t reach your feet? Slide into these babies. I don’t see how the shoe goes on after though.

Matt Knicks vs. Bateman vs. Ryan Taylor vs. Dicky Mayer

The announce team mentions the new champions Reno Scum, which is a nice reference after the break in case anyone missed it. Knicks comes out first, then Taylor, then Bateman. Mayer is out last. They really play off Taylor being able to wrestle anyone, Bateman being nearly demonic, and Mayer as that go wrestle anywhere type of wrestler. The announcers go over the history of some of the rivalries. Taylor has a nice slingshot over the top to the floor early. Mayer nails Knicks trying to crash and burn. Mayer and Taylor team up for a while, but Bateman starts hammering both guys, and Mayer and Taylor end up double clotheslining each other.  Knicks comes back in and works over Bateman for a bit. Ryan Taylor had a wild submission chain, really working the shoulder and chaining an abdominal stretch into a crazy double bend on his arms into a kravat. Some serious chain submission wrestling. I was impressed. Bateman comes in and just starts beating on guys until Taylor locks in a submission. Bateman breaks the hold with a sudden knee to the head. There was a nice looking back elbow by Bateman. This match was solid, just a good pace to it.

One memorable spot is Knicks going to cross body Bateman, getting caught, and then Mayer catching them both with a German suplex, turning it into a fall away slam to German. Knicks had a good run in there too, finishing guys off with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Bateman then takes over, and nearly sets up for Death from Above, but gets rolled up by Mayer for the three count.

This was a good match, with lots of momentum shifts giving everyone a chance to shine. Both matches have been fun to watch so far.

Watts vs. Tito Escondido 

The announcers talk about how Tito’s run has been impressive, even though it’s just started a few months ago. They really try to put over how tough Tito is and this may be his toughest challenge yet. Tito hit the ground running and tears into Watts to start the match. There was a  nice looking exploder suplex by Tito. Watts finally gains his senses, going for his finisher nearly immediately and hitting it. This was a brawl to see who would go down first. There were at least three finishers by each wrestler, each desperately trying to get that three count.

Watts tries to use the stairs, but it backfires and he gets dropped right onto them by Tito. Matthews tries to distract, but Tito isn’t fooled. Watts then grabs Tito and hits him with his DNR finisher. Watts hits a top rope clothesline. This turns into a barn burner as both guys just keep striking each other. Watts hits a third DNR. Tito hits two fade to blacks on Watts to finally take this.

I liked this match and it felt like a fitting main event for the hour program. Overall this was a strong episode; with a you had a title change, an exciting four way and an entertaining main even with two heavyweights.

Overall Thoughts 

This was one of their better shows that I’ve seen in a while. The pacing was good, the matches were good, and there was continuation of stories. It seemed like everything is sort of falling into place with the presentation, recapping of current storylines, and explaining the history of the competitors in the matches, which I felt was missing earlier in the year. I didn’t hear any piped in crowd noise either, which was one of my major gripes with the show.  All the wrestlers on this show were able to actually show what they can (or can’t) do, which was nice. Coach wrestling (sort of) was also a nice touch.

Don’t take my word for it, watch this episode on the FITE TV app. They are easy to digest one hour shows, and are free to stream. New episodes air on FITE TV at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time on Sundays.

Editors note: Episodes 343 and 345 were end of the year recap episodes and were not reviewed.

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