Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 342 Review

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Dicky Mayer vs. Pac 3 and more. Click for review.

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I was watching UFC on Fox prelims during this show. I highly recommend people check them out.

We start with Girl who has a name I can’t remember interviewing Pac 3 about Dicky Mayer. Dicky is facing them in a gauntlet match. Not even a minute into the show and I’m already flipping to see if UFC is back from commercial.

Gauntlet Match: Dicky Mayer vs. Pac 3 (Dylan Bostic, Dan Joseph, and Coach Flexo)

The empty seats in the background were funny to look at. Mayer faced Dan Joseph first. He controlled things till Dylan Bostic distracted him. Eventually Dicky won with a German Suplex in less than three minutes. That’s one of the tag team champions he beat. Bostic started to control the match when got in the ring.

The fake carnival crowd noise seemed disinterested aside from the one screaming girl voice that repeats every five seconds. The match was sadly in commercial while Julian Marquez vs. Darren Stewart was in a commercial, so I missed the fight to see Dylan Bostic doing nothing entertaining. Damn you Fox Sports Go for not working.

There were a bunch of near falls during Mayer vs. Bostic, and they tried to get some crowd reaction with a striking exchange. Mayer eventually put Bostic away with a Michinoku Driver. After that, Coach Flexo had the other members of Pac 3 beat up Dicky cause storytelling bro.

Flexo tried to pin Dicky, but Dicky kept birding out. The other members of Pac 3 tried to cause distractions, and Flexo hit Dicky with a low blow. The fans chanted “You Can’t Wrestle” at Flexo. Hilarious. Flexo threw some terrible strikes before Dicky started elbowing him followed by a release German Suplex. Dicky would win by making Flexo tap out to a Toehold.

I missed Julian Marquez beating Darren Stewart for this bullshit? Good job CWFH, you bunch of asses. Instead of building up a feud and a blowoff match, you booked this match on a throwaway episode and now have killed all the heat in this program. You guys are wonderful (that’s sarcasm, by the way).

Backstage, Girl is with Ray Rosas. She said he’s been losing matches lately and Ray blames The Office. He’s supposed to be a babyface, but his promo had a heelish tone to it. Then he challenged him to a cage match. Girl is now reaching Grant-levels of annoying as she yells at the camera to end the segment.

PP3 Cup Qualifier – Tomaste vs. Ryan Taylor

These two have faced each other before, and have put on good stuff. This was a pretty fun match. There were a few moments that seemed to be mistimed, but this was still really fun overall. Tomaste appalled a Triangle Choke incorrectly, and Joe Galli said he “almost had it.” Fucking Christ.

Tomaste then went for the Triangle Choke again, only to apply it incorrectly. Don’t do jiu-jitsu shit if you don’t know how to do them. Ryan Taylor would mount a comeback, but had a Tiger Driver countered with a Triangle Choke that was in correct form but not applied fully. Tomaste then wrenched the arm and got the submission win. Aside from the shitty jiu-jitsu, this was a solid match.

Post match shenanigans: Grant interviewed Tomaste at ringside. Tomaste talked about stuff but said nothing really.

PP3 Cup Qualifier – Kevin Condron & Richie Slade vs. Astro Viajero (Adrian Quest) & Thomas

Story of the match is the “random computer generator” drew Thomas to team with Astro Viajero. Viajero worked most of the match before Thomas tagged in and hit Richie Slade with moves, including a Shining Wizard. Condron tagged in and then Thomas laid down to let him get the win. This was stupid.

Post match shenanigans: Grant interviewed Condron and Slade. Yelling ensued and Condron played on a drum to interrupt Slade. He also said he put a curse on the tournament. What a fucking atrocious segment.

After a commercial, Girl interviewed Peter Avalon backstage. He accepted Ray’s challenge and cut a good promo.

Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. Royce Isaacs

Tito Escondido was on commentary. People have been putting over Royce Isaacs to me, but so far I haven’t really been blown away by him. Aside from looking like he lifts some weights, the dude probably wouldn’t crack the SoCal 50 or the SoCal 51-75.

On commentary, Tito talked about how people who post about positively and promote “healthy lifestyles” don’t really live it. That is why Tito deserves to be champion. It was the best moment of the match.

The match itself was an old, America-style, slow paced heavyweight match. To his credit, Watts tried to be more dynamic. He eventually won with a DNR. Overall this match wasn’t very good, but it wasn’t terrible. I wish I could’ve been watching the UFC prelims though.

Post match shenanigans: Tito got in the ring and went face-to-face with Watts as referees tried to get between them to close the show.

Final Thoughts

This episode was better in terms of building towards things. The Peter vs. Ray cage match being made was decent build, and the closing angle with Tito vs. Watts was a good way to hype their match. The Dicky Mayer vs. Pac 3 should be over now. There’s no reason for it to go on. While this show wasn’t awful overall, it was pretty boring. That’s it for my thoughts on this week’s episode. Time for UFC on Fox.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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