FIST Combat – 08 December 2017 – Quick Results

Vegan Superman Jacob Diez pinned B-Boy and Ruby Raze during a run-in in the main event of FIST Combat’s December 8th show to become the new FIST Combat Heavyweight champion. Click for full results.

FIST Combat
December 8, 2017
Kensington Club
San Diego, CA

Azrael over Guy Cool [8’39]

Sour Charm (Donnie Suarez & Biagio Crescenzo) over Karl Fredericks & Wolfgang Danger [12’53]

Jules Winfield (Michael Hopkins) and Vincent Vega (KC Douglas) over The Gimp [11’23]

Randy Order over Dirty Ron McDonald [11’22]

True Grit (Jesse James & Hoss Hogg) over Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) to retain the FIST Combat Gang Bang titles [9’42]

B-Boy vs. Ruby Raze goes to a no-contest [16’50]
-Vegan Superman Jacob Diez runs in and pins both wrestlers, FIST “owner” Randy Order orders the referee to make the count and Jacob Diez wins the FIST Combat Heavyweight Championship

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