Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 323 Review: I’ve seen worse.

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I usually trash this show, and rightfully so. This week however, I take the heat off CWFH because I’ve seen worse.

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The show starts off with Suede Thompson being interviewed by Karl Mandik. He’s facing Tyler Bateman on this show I guess. Lots of cringe in this promo from Thompson. He’s just awful on the mic.

Alonzo Alvarez vs. Big Duke

So they announce Alvarez as being from Peru, but he’s got a USA Wrestling jacket on. The fuck? Duke didn’t bring Christian Cole with him. Todd Keneley made a bunch of stupid puns about Alvarez being 18. This was a flat-out squash. Duke won. You know, ever since I started watching CWFH again last year, I’ve seen Duke in nothing but boring squash matches with him going over. The same repetitive shit has really made his matches very unappealing. I’ve seen worse though.

Post match shenanigans: Sky tries to get in the ring to confront Duke, but he was stopped by referees. Duke stood in the ring and egged on Sky as the show went to a commercial break. This was a decent way to advance this storyline.

Astro Viajero (Adrian Quest) w/ Espiritu (Fidel Bravo) vs. Dylan Bostic (w/ Pac 3)

Joe Galli is usually tolerable on commentary, but fuck, he’s been really bad on this episode. Keneley is even worse. Every fucking line they had was a terrible pun and mostly shitty ones about Mexican things. Lots of stalling from Bostic to go along with antics from Pac 3. Espiritu also got involved before the show went to a commercial break. This match really dragged on and on while Bostic was on offense. Viajero had a nice display of offense, but it wasn’t enough to make things interesting. Bostic got the win after a bunch of shenanigans in a pretty boring match. Viajero looked good in the ring, but again, the match just wasn’t interesting. Still, I’ve seen worse.

Backstage, Joshua Shibata interviews Anthony Idol. He cut a really goofy and cheesy promo where he calls out Brody King and Eric Watts, but targeted Brody. Even though Anthony Idol is a corny character, he’s somewhat entertaining. He would’ve been great in the 80’s, but in today’s world he’s an okay novelty act who is better in the ring than some would thing.

Brody King vs. Anthony Idol

More shitty puns from the commentators. This time they use dinosaur puns to describe the size of these guys. The match started out well, with both guys trying to overpower each other. The Classic Connection came out to ringside in the middle of the match to tell Brody King that DJ Hyde was coming for him. This allowed Idol to beat Brody. The match itself was solid, and the story was decent. The whole DJ Hyde thing just doesn’t interest me. I know he’s Dave Marquez’ CZW co-owner, but fuck man I’m so sick of seeing that guy having shitty matches on this program. Then again, I’ve seen worse.

After a commercial, Joshua Shibata interviews the mysterious Keffiyeh-wearing “George” from last week. He says his name will be undisclosed and that he can be called Omar something. He said something in Arabic I think. He’s supposedly working with the fake Marquez son. Great. A shitty plot twist to a shitty story that nobody fucking cares about. Whoo hoo.

Dan Joseph (w/ Pac 3) vs. Ryan Taylor

Joe Galli apologized for the Pac 3 being on the show twice. He should apologize for them being fucking terrible commentators. The fake crowd noise continued to be annoying. Fuck I really hate that shit. The match itself was pretty solid for the in ring action, but the antics really overshadowed that. Dan Joseph got the win after a clusterfuck finish involving Ichi, Ni, and the Pac 3 that allowed Joseph to pin a distracted Ryan Taylor. Like I said, the match itself was solid, but the antics were annoying and terrible. Of course, I have seen lesser quality matches.

Backstage, Karl Mandik interviews the Classic Connection. They’re facing Scorpio Sky and Ryan Taylor sometime I guess. They cut a bad promo. Levi Shapiro said they were “going full force” as if he was cutting a promo on Motley Cruz. That Jeff Farmer promo had more entertainment value though, so it’s hard to say I’ve seen worse.

PPRay Reunion

So PPRay entreated to “Obsession” by Animotion. They danced around the ring for awhile, and then we got the SWERVE GIMMICK BRO when Peter attacked Ray. If you didn’t see this shit coming from a million miles away, shame on your dumbass. Joe Galli tried to fake outrage and sadness. Peter Avalon got on the mic and cut a promo where he cut a long and contrived explanation of his heel turn. He also called out Tito Escondido for a match next week Ray sold the attack as if he was beaten by a gang or something as he was nowhere to be seen for awhile. They basically buried the guy with this segment. The episode ends with Kenely and Galli closing the show with more lame puns. I’m sure that if there were a match, I still would’ve been able to say…

Final Thoughts

So this was a worse-than-usual showing from CWFH. Two of the matches that were promoted last week in Tristan Archer vs. D’Marco Wilson and Ray Lyn vs. Amale Wincheste weren’t aired. Why devote airtime to promoting matches if you’re not going to air them? How unorganized are things on this show? The matches this week were pretty boring overall. Astro Viajero (Adrian Quest) had a good showcase, plus King vs. Idol and Taylor vs. Joseph were good for what they were doing. Despite that, this was a boring show. The stories continue to be uninteresting, and the commentary is getting progressively worse. CWFH really needs to get its shit together.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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