Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 332: Steve confronts abusers!

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A new era begins in Championship Wrestling Hollywood as it debuted on the CW Plus, and it was ushered in with the same old stuff. Fans in towns nobody cares about had the chance to see Alberto El Patron vs. Ryan Taylor. Was this show good? Find out by clicking.

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Before we start….

I’d like to plug two videos really quickly. First, SCU Focus: Bumps & Brewses, featuring matches and highlights from the inaugural Bumps & Brewses event on September 23rd, 2017 in Los Angeles. Matches include Ray Rosas vs. Karl Fredericks, H.A.T.E (Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera) vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend), and a Triple Threat Match with three titles on the line as AWS Heavyweight and CWFH Heritage Champion Tito Escondido faced FCW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Bateman and Ryan Taylor. Plus watch Joshua Shibata and Damien Arsenick’s shenanigans. They’re funny sketches. Seriously.

The second is SCU Focus: FCW We Ain’t Done, featuring some really good matches (no hyperbole) like FCW Lightweight Champion Eli Everfly vs. Jake Atlas, Reno Scum’s Adam Thornstowe vs. D’Marco Wilson, H.A.T.E (Ray Rosas & Peter Avalon w/ Damien Arsenick) vs. True Grit (Hoss Hogg & Jesse James), and Tyler Bateman vs. B-Boy vs. FCW Champion Tito Escondido in a Triple Threat match for the title. Plus entertaining promos!

Now onto this show…

We start with another boring promo. This time some girl interviews Alberto El Patron. You could tell he didn’t want to be there. After that we got the video intro. What a bland way to start off the “big” CW Plus debut. This is the same network that airs Steve Wilkos exposing liars, abusers, child molesters, and sexual predators. You gotta come with more than that boring shit.

Joe Galli and Jonny Loquasto intro the show with the crowd behind them. It would’ve been a better way to start the show off, but CWFH is put together by people who have no clue on how to make exciting TV.

Ray Rosas vs. Peter Avalon (w/ the fake Marquez son)

You’d think that since CWFH is debuting in more homes than usual, they’d put some effort into storytelling here. In a time where they should’ve used video packages to get possible new fans at home up to speed with what’s going on. This is amateur shit that CWFH can’t do right. To make matters worse, the commentators kept trying to play it up like everyone watch is going to know exactly what’s going on. Way to alienate potential new viewers, CWFH.

Peter’s entrance video looked like it was made in Windows Movie Maker by a middle school student. As soon as the match started, the fake crowd noise was noticeable. It was dumb because the crowd itself was giving it good heat. It became worse as the match went on. There was even a noticeable audio glitch with the fake noise during the match! This show is such an atrocity. Peter worked over Ray’s knee for the majority of the match. There was a spot where Peter hit a Superplex on Ray, followed by Ray hitting a Fisherman Suplex as Peter tried to roll through for another suplex. Both guys worked really hard and put on a solid match.

Peter won the match after the fake Marquez son directed the referee, allowing DJ Hyde to sneak in and hit Ray with a lariat. After that, Peter hit Ray with Ray’s own finisher.This match was good, but the shitty fake crowd noise kinda ruined it.


Grant, who is as annoying as ever, interviews Jack Swagger. He’s facing Eric Watts next week. Swagger cut a basic promo and Grant sucks as usual. Well, at least they’re building up to shit next week.

Inside the ring…

David Marquez talks on the mic about the NWA title. He brings out Tim Storm, the current NWA champion. He’s 52 years old and looks like he would be the sorta guy at a wedding who talks endlessly about his high school football days with the younger groomsmen to try to fit in. Storm did the obligatory name drops of dudes who held the title. I mean, it does have a pretty prestigious list of credible, honorable, and prolific champions. Stars like Tommy Rich, Kahagas, Adam Pearce, the Almighty Sheik, Mike Rapada, and Gary Steele set the standard for this title. Tim Storm will look to live up to that standard and carry on that glory.

Oh, did you new viewers know that Tito Escondido is the top champion in CWFH? Or that Rocky Romero was the TV champion? Well if you said no, that’s not you fault as CWFH spent more time putting over the irrelevant NWA title instead of their champions.

United Wrestling Network Tag Team Championship Match: Pac 3 (Dylan Bostic & Dan Jospeh) (c) w/ Coach Flexo and Water Clearance vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend)

Can’t complain that Reno Scum are challenging for the titles. They’re the most credible team Pac 3 could face. Coach Flexo’s whistle is fucking annoying. It’s like dude, you’re not Bill Alfonso. The fake crowd noise was annoying too. Cut that shit out. The match itself was good for the most part. Thornstowe had a really good showcase and hit a nice standing moonsault. Once it got to the usually face-in-peril shit with Pac 3 in charge, it got boring.

There were a bunch of shenanigans in the finishing sequence, resulting in Pac 3 getting the win. This match was like watching a tire go flat. Reno Scum deserve better.


Grant interviews Ty Matthews and Eric Watts. Matthews talks about Watts vs. Swagger next week. Grant yelled and then tried to lower his voice to end this promo. Ugh. So up till now, Tito Escondido and Ryan Taylor have had little-to-no mention on this show.

Alberto El Patron vs. Ryan Taylor

For some reason, El Patron wore a shirt the entire match. Also, Joe Galli doesn’t know what Judo is. As mentioned before, the fake crowd noise was annoying as fuck. The fake crowd noise was also overwhelmingly bad.

The match was pretty slow and technical to start. Eventually they went to the outside, with Taylor hitting a dive. Ryan Taylor also probably broke a monitor when he slammed Patron’s head into the table. Ryan Taylor worked over the leg of El Patron, and then El Patron made a comeback that included Taylor hitting a Lungblower. El Patron would sell his leg sometimes, but would stop when he was doing a sequence.

There was a cool spot where Ryan Taylor countered a Tree Of Woe Double Stomp attempt from El Patron with a Belly-To-Bely superplex. El Patron would eventually hit the move on Ryan Taylor moments later. Eventually El Patron won with a flying Armbar on Ryan Taylor. This was an okay match. It didn’t really elevate Ryan Taylor, but it didn’t make him look bad.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty boring show overall, and it really failed to do so many things. A show debuting on a new, bigger platform should use their first show to introduce the product to new fans. Instead, CWFH just did the usual boring shit they do but with former WWE guys now. Wrestling wise the matches were solid, and as a simplistic wrestling show it wasn’t bad.

Still, the things CWFH fucked up on here are pretty to overlook. The lack of TV time for a guy like Tito Escondido, the show’s top champion, is the biggest. Rather than showcase him in someway, CWFH made him an afterthought. Tyler Bateman, the top contender, wasn’t mentioned at all. The two guys this show should’ve been building around weren’t mentioned. They’re set for a title match, so why not build it up?

Storylines? None were mentioned. This show has a terrible track record for continuity, but doing nothing to educate the audience on what is going on is very inexcusable. If CWFH keeps this up, the CW Plus will have to double up on Steve Wilkos Show reruns.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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