FCW announces the first match for their October 8th event

Finest City Wrestling promoter Gus Parsons took to Facebook last night and made his first announcement for FCW’s upcoming Halloween show taking place on Saturday, October 8th at the Boys & Girls Club in Imperial Beach, CA. And its a match that’s been widely talked about since their last event in July.

If you haven’t been following the situation, Eli Everfly won a triple threat match to become the new #1 contender for Danny Limelight‘s XRT championship, and what followed after the match is what has been on the minds of everyone as both men would end up having a fight in the ring. After this altercation, Gus Parsons would take to social media to announce that this match will not take place.

Between the time of the last show to now, fans have been commenting on why this match should take place to the point that Gus himself questioned whether or not is should happen. Both Eli Everfly & Danny Limelight have commented that they would agree to the match, thus Parsons officially announced the match… From Gus Parsons’ Facebook page:

Saturday, October 8th.

We settle the score around here.

1 on 1 for the first time ever

I’ve reached out for comments from Gus Parsons, Eli Everfly, and Danny Limelight about the announcement of the match. FCW promoter Gus Parsons addressed me with this comment:

These two have said enough I think, and done enough. Its just time for them to fight now…and the XRT Championship will be on the line.

Danny Limelight would comment:

I look at it like this,

He disrespected me so I handled it the way I was raised to, at the end of the day where I’m from, people throw hands and move the fuck on. There is money to be made so I’m all for it. It doesn’t mean him and I are gonna be best friends after we wrestle…Just business.

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*If we receive comments from Eli Everfly this post will be updated*

(Update) FCW released the flyer just minutes ago on Facebook & its announced that we will we a rematch as the SCU Wrestler of the year 2015 B-Boy will face the SCU Rookie of the year 2015 Douglas James.

Photo Credit: Rudos Photography