[RECAP] FCW “New Year Evolution” on January 16th 2015

Finest City WrestlingFCW 1-16-15 flyer 3
New Year Evolution
Intensity MMA
January 16th 2015
San Diego, Ca

This is the one & only Mike Draven back with another Draven UnScripted as I bring you my Recap of Finest City Wrestling first event of 2015 at the Intensity MMA Gym in San Diego, Ca on Friday January 16th, 2015.

Little Cholo def Mariachi Loco when Loco Springboard off the top rope, Cholo caught him with a cutter. Afterwards, both wrestlers shook hands & Mariachi Loco danced for the crowd.

Fatal 4 Way Match:
Matt Twizted def Big Daddy Destro, “Lovin” Nick Lovin & “The Polish Tyrant” Andre Machievski (w/Everett Scott) as Destro hit a Death Valley Driver on Lovin, Machievski broke up the count & Twizted nailed a Flying Splash on Lovin for the victory.

After the match, Everett Scott & Andre Machievski offer Twizted to join his faction which he accepted & all 3 left together.

“Incredible” Anthony Idol (w/Everett Scott) def Maldecido as the ref was distracted, Idol hit Maldecido with a chained fist & bodyslammed him for the win.

Tag Team Match:
“Mr. Excitement” Ryan Kidd & Seville the Thrill def The Arrogant Bastards (Ric Ellis & Devon Sparks) with a double team move as Kidd hit a Huracarana from the top rope on Sparks & Seville double foot stomp him w/a double cover. After the match, both Ellis & Sparks beat down the ref due to their loss.

Big Duke def Yuma with a Running Knee Trembler while Yuma was in the Tree of Woe.

Falls Count Anywhere Match:
FCW Pacific Coast Champion “The Right Hand of God” Sam Knight vs Cooter (w/Duck) went to the 20 min time limit.

Raze def “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura after hitting a Spear & Saito Suplex for the victory.

Main Event Tag Team Match:
SoCal Punishment (SoCal Crazy & FCW Champion “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy) def The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) when B-Boy made Matt Jackson tap out to a Rear Naked Choke. After both men showed sportsmanship in the hard hitting match.

This was my 1st opportunity to check out FCW & the show didn’t disappoint. Despite a long drive, the place was packed with some standing room. Overall, everyone gave their best on the show & as to my Matches of the Night, I give the nod to:

B-Boy/SoCal Crazy vs The Young Bucks
Little Cholo vs Mariachi Loco
Raze vs Nakamura
Seville the Thrill/Ryan Kidd vs Arrogant Bastards

FCW will return back at the Intensity MMA Fitness Gym on Friday, March 13th. Keep an eye on our Socaluncensored.com’s Event Calendar for future details.

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