Jay Cal’s View #106

Jay Cal’s View is back (just in the nick of time), six big shows this weekend from San Diego to Santa Maria.  The NWA crowns a new champion in Southern California.  Tommy Wilson’s year shot off like a rocket.  Ryan Kidd’s got a Newsletter.  Also, why haven’t you signed up for the United Wrestling Network yet?

New NWA Champion crownd at Vendetta’s Reflexion

The NWA has set forth to crown a new Western States Heavyweight Championship.  For wrestling fans from across the years this title’s inspiration dates back to the Western States Heritage Heavyweight Championship however its name only with no correlation to the title that was defended in WCW and held by Larry Zbyszko and Barry Windham.  Vendetta Pro Wrestling chose not to include the “Heritage” portion in the title name, probably an effort to not confuse its new title with the Hollywood Heritage Championship (formerly associated with the National Wrestling Alliance).

The Tournament is actually really deep.  It features a nice mix of “Free Agents” (Chris Masters, Brian Kendrick, and Ricardo Rodriguez), “NWA Wrestlers” (Matt Riviera with James J. Dillon and Americos, and names very familiar with Vendetta Pro like Jody Kristofferson, and Rik Luxury takes on  Billy Blade in the first round.  Plus some of the non tournament matches look to be a lot of fun.  The World Wrestling Association tag team champions La Familia de Tijuana take on the Ballard Brothers.  Also the Vendetta Tri-Force Championship will be on the line when Jeckles the Jester defends against Vintage Dragon and Sunami.  Reflexion looks like it will be a lot of fun.

The Year of Tommy Wilson cut short on Saturday Night. 

The year started off the right way.  The Mega King won the Empire Wrestling Federation 2014 Match of the Year Honors with “Ironman” Mike Maze in their Casket Match.  Wilson also had two huge victories this weekend.  Friday Night, The Connected (Wilson and Tyshaun Prince) won the tag titles against the Fallen Empire (Ryan Taylor and Mondo Vega) in a no DQ Tag Match.  However the following night wouldn’t go down as great for Wilson.  Saturday Night, “Mr. Mega Star” defeated Andre Machievski for the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship in a Lumberjack Match.  It was the post match shenanigans that are what anyone can focus on.  The Mega Star was victorious in a Lumber Jack Match, surrounded by members of Everett Scott International, being able to over come all odds to win for a 5th time the most covenant prize in all of SoCal Pro, the Heavyweight Championship.  More so, Wilson was going to get 5 minutes alone with Everett Scott.  Something he’s wanted for nearly 68 weeks.

Get Well TommyIt was just over 68 weeks ago the Mirror Image Mega Stars were in the battle of their lives with Anchors Away for the SoCal Pro Tag Team Titles, when in the midst of the battle, then referee Everett Scott smashed a chair into the face of Tommy Wilson.  Now if you know Tommy’s history in SoCal Pro, it isn’t surprising that someone just got fed up of his abuse, however it seems that ever since that moment, Everett Scott has been a thorn in the side of the Mega Star.  Along with his clients, Everett Scott International has waged a war against Tommy Wilson.  With the stipulations in place, Wilson and Machievski battled each other, spilled blood, attacked by the ring side wrestlers, but ultimately Tommy was victorious.  When Scott ran to the back, it appeared that the face of the franchise SoCal Crazy would make the save and bring Scott to the ring to face the music.  Unfortunately, Crazy’s motives would be revealed by smashing a chair over the face of the new champion.  The results of Everett Scott International have placed Tommy on the shelf for the rest of the month.  Tommy wrote on Facebook, “I won’t be medically cleared to wrestle until February 6 when EWF returns to Covina.”


Ryan Kidd aka “Mr. Excitement” is doing something kind of interesting, that I haven’t seen to many guys do before.  A weekly newsletter that features upcoming event info, matches, and other video/audio content, merchandise information, plus other upcoming projects he’s associated with.  One of the more interesting features is the inclusion of a weekly Q&A.  This is a pretty savvy idea to get your name out there positively (without incendiary comments.)  His web address goes live in 2 weeks time; in the meantime, you can follow this link http://ryankiddpro.blogspot.com/ to keep up with his adventures.

United Wrestling Network

If you haven’t subscribed yet to the United Wrestling Network Patreon account, you’re missing out.  Just uploaded today is AJ Styles vs. Trent Barreta from the CWFH’s Red Carpet Rumble, a match that has not, nor will be televised.  Plus six of the most recent episodes of CWFH with more shows and matches being added weekly.  The other thing I appreciate these shows is there aren’t additional commercials that you’d see during the television broadcast.  Just match after match.  You can sign up for as little as $2 a month… that comes out to $25 a year.  If you’d like to learn more or sign up, please follow this link.

Upcoming Events in SoCal:

FCW: “New Year’s Evolution” in San Diego, Tonight @ 8:00PM
UIPW: Free Luca Libre in Tustin, Saturday @ 11:30AM
EWF: Heroes & Villains in San Bernardino, Saturday @ 7:00PM
Vendetta Pro: “Reflexion” in Santa Maria, Saturday @ 7:00PM
Santino Bros “Bad Dude Beatdown” in Newhall, Saturday @ 8:00PM
LLME “La Gran Revancha” in Pico Rivera Sunday @ 3:00PM
Alpha Omega Wrestling “Resolution” in Indio, Sunday @ 5:00PM