Tales from the Vault – September 2016

This month we take a look back at what some thought was the end of AWS, the beginning of MEXPW, SoCal wrestlers in the PWI 500, and ARSION coming to SoCal. Click here to journey through SoCal history.

One Year Ago

AWS ran what was their last show in almost a year and what some feared would be their last show ever. Chad had the recap in Chaos Column.

[Recap] AWS “The End…???” 09/26

Five Years Ago

A new promotion, MEXPW, that advertised that they will hold shows in both the United States and Mexico announced their creation. Created Damian 666 and former XPW writer/producer Mike Hartsfield, the promotion only lasted a few years but was the closest thing SoCal has had to XPW, since XPW.

Introducing MEXPW

Ten Years Ago

Every year people get worked up over the PWI 500. Ten years ago the PWI 500 was released, and people got worked up over it. Here is a list of SoCal wrestlers who made 2006’s PWI 500.

Southern California Wrestling Listed In This Year’s PWI 500

Fifteen Years Ago

As part of Revolution Pro’s first Revolution J tournament, the Japanese joshi promotion ARSION was making it’s SoCal and United States debut. Here is Scrub’s introduction to ARSION.

Scrub’s View #2: ARSION INVASION!

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