Introducing MEXPW

September 27th. 2011 – Los Angeles, CA & Mexico City, MX

Former XPW Producer And Legendary Hardcore Luchador Form New Wrestling Promotion

MEXPW To Hold Events On Both Sides Of The Border Featuring Familiar Faces Mixed With New Blood

Bringing a style and attitude not found in today’s wrestling scene, MEXPW will debut in the U.S. this January with live events in Southern California followed by shows in Mexico.

The company is a joint venture between legendary hardcore luchador Damian 666 and former XPW writer/producer Mike Hartsfield. Damian, who has held dozens of championships in the U.S. and Mexico and is a member of both the current AAA Trios Champions and IWRG Trios Champions teams, is seen in U.S. homes weekly on the Galavision network. Hartsfield, who worked at XPW as a live event producer and writer during the company’s heyday, was responsible for organizing both the XPW “Cold Day In Hell” and XPW “X” reunion shows. Damian and Hartsfield met while Damian was part of XPW’s tag team “Mexico’s Most Wanted”.

The seeds for this multi-national promotion were laid earlier this Summer when Damian challenged four former XPW wrestlers to come to Mexico to face him and three other members of the Perros Del Mal promotion in a war in, where else? A junkyard in downtown Mexico City! Supreme, Kaos, “White Trash” Johnny Webb and Carnage answered the challenge and headed south of the border to battle three fellow former XPW-ers; Halloween, X Fly, and Damian himself along with Damian’s son Bestia 666.

Discontent to only beat and batter XPW “King of the Deathmach” Supreme, and wanting to hold the championship belt which has eluded him for years, in a post-match press conference Damian alluded to retiring once he accomplished that goal. There was much more to his words that were revealed a few days later at a press conference held at the Perros Del Mal corporate offices. Damian announced that he was launching MEXPW and his #1 mission is to defeat Supreme in an exploding cage match and take the “King of the Deathmatch” title from him and retire from hardcore matches.

But fully aware that old habits die hard, and not content to simply carry the feud on in Mexico, Damian wanted to be able to return to American soil where success in the past had included a run in WCW and holding the XPW Tag Team Titles with Halloween. That was when Hartsfield got the call.

“This idea to run a promotion between Los Angeles and in Mexico City has been somewhat of a dream for quite sometime” says Hartsfield. “I had some of the pieces to the puzzle, but it really came together when Damian called. I’m also looking forward to booking Luchadors from Mexico in Los Angeles, some for the first time and vice versa with our guys here heading to Mexico. We are taking that facet and mixing it with American, Japanese and hardcore wrestling to create something that is totally unique.” Hartsfield continues. “People are going to be blown away by what we have planned and will learn to expect the unexpected in MEXPW.”

“In all my time wrestling in the U.S., one of the best things was being XPW Tag Team Champion”, Damian says. “XPW had a style that no other company had and that was the style of me and my partner Halloween and X Fly and now of my son Bestia. We have taken our style all over Mexico. IWRG Trios Champions. AAA Trios Champions. And now, we want to take that style back to the U.S. and I know that Supreme and the others think they are more hardcore, more extreme and better. We are going to prove them wrong. But I am not a U.S. promoter and most U.S. promoters do not have the cajones to do the kinds of matches we want to do. That is why I called Mike Hartsfield. He knows what we want. I heard that he was thinking about doing something new with Mexico and the U.S. and I told him THIS is what you should do. Let’s combine Mexico and XPW. Let’s make MEXPW!”

MEXPW has launched a website and several social network sites to keep fans informed of upcoming events and happenings:
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