Chaos Column: Recap of IWL’s “Sicko Sircus” 09-23-11

Shot of the Night - Culters Say Goodbye

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of IWL’s “Sicko Sircus” from the American Legion Post #299 in Chino.  With 3 wrestlers working their final matches, and a 20-man rumble as the main event, the card drew a relatively large crowd for the promotion.
1 – Triple Threat IWL Anarchy Championship match between Famous B, Candice LeRae, & Peter Avalon. Famous B retained the title when he pinned Candice LeRae w/ the “Flashing Lights” Superkick, after throwing Peter Avalon to the steel post, and out of the ring.

2 – Cothern wrestled his final match, pinning Tyler Bateman (w/ Raze) w/ a big backbreaker.

3 – Triple Threat IWL Heavyweight Championship match between Paul London, Chris Kadillak, & Ray (Rrrrrrrrr)Rosas. Paul London retained in a big see-saw battle, pinning Ray Rosas w/ the Shooting Star Press while Ray went for a “Three Amigos–Dragon Suplex”.

SM – After intermission, Dustin & Brandon Cutler wrestled their final match for the IWL Tag Team Championship against their nemesis, The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), w/ Malachi Jackson as the special guest referee. Major see-saw battle ended w/ The Culters going out on top as tag team champions, when Brandon Cutler rolled up Matt Jackson. Brandon Cutler was going to eat a series of superkicks late in this match, but Malachi Jackson intervened for some odd reason, and this was after Brandon had eaten a More Bang For Your Buck. On the flip side, both Jacksons kicked out of 2 Spike Tombstone Piledrivers. A fitting way for a great tag team to go.

Shot of the Night - Culters Say Goodbye
M – 20-man Sicko Sircus Rumble, w/ 1 min. intervals, and the winner earning a shot at the IWL Heavyweight Championship. This match featured a pair of bad bloods, as Justin Ryke & Joseph Knox brawled all over the venue, then came back into the ring; while Candice LeRae & Buggy had their own catfight, before Eric Watts threw both of them out. Eric Watts was one of the four remaining wrestlers, along w/ Johnny Saovi, and the Mixtape Kings duo of Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob Diez. Eric Watts eliminated both members of the Mixtape Kings, but couldn’t close the deal on Johnny Saovi, who won the rumble, and earned his shot at Paul London at the next show.

Speaking of the next show, there is no word of when the next show will be, as promoter Vic Luna will be working on getting a wrestling school started, but will work to let the fans know when the next show will be. As for the Buggy/Candice feud, I hope they have their First Blood match at the next NWA Hollywood taping.