Jay Cal’s View #42

SoCal Pro’s SuperClash: WarGames has been one of my favorite matches all year, a lot of new home grown talents to debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, IWL says Goodbye to the Cuttlers and I’ll tell you how to watch it on-line and has anyone else noticed that Battle Ground Pro has ran 3 times in 30 days?  Nice job.  Plus this week’s up-coming schedule, all in Jay Cal’s View

SoCal Pro’s SuperClash 2011
Oceanside California is nearly a two hour drive for me, but a drive I gladly make every time I make my way to the Boys and Girls Club to check out SoCal Pro.  Saturday Night, SuperClash 2011 yet again delivered a great show that I was happy to witness in person.  Obviously the Wargames match was the Main Event of the evening and by all means, it should be.  First, I’d like to address the cage.  Never in the world of Indy wrestling have I seen such a sturdy and safe cage.  And the thing went up in like 10 minutes, which was quick if you ask me.  Nice work SoCal Pro.  The Wargames match made famous by the Crockets back in the early 80s, the match beyond features four men total.  The match starts with 2 men in the ring and at five minute intervals, alternating partners join the cage match.  The Mirror Image Mega Stars won the coin toss before the show and had an advantage all night.  Alth0ugh the match couldn’t even contain the action, the winner can only be determined by pin or submission.  I think each member of the match really pulled out all the stops.  Goodtime continues to have some of the most innovated offense I’ve ever seen.  Yuma’s dive was only rivaled by Sky’s dive later in the match.  This match was certainly intense and was the highlight of the night.

I also enjoyed the match up between B-Boy and Kid Caramba.  B-Boy has started getting booked more frequently, but not quite as much as I’d imagine when he first returned to the area.  B-Boy to his credit has made it publicly known that he’s interested in working with the up incomers.  And B-Boy held nothing back against Caramba .  The fans even turned on B-Boy during the course of this match.  Kid Caramba was really taken to task during the course of this match.  I’m glad Caramba  got a match like this and I’d have to think more matches like this for Caramba, will help him grow even better in the ring.  This will be a show that I’ll be looking forward to when it gets released on DVD.  You can see more of my photos by clicking here

Homegrown talent to debut for PWG…
A few months back the question was posed by IndyFedFollower on the Message Board, who The “Who do you want to see get a shot at PWG?” Thread.  Either someone from PWG reads our message board, or the posters of the message board have their fingers on the pulse of SoCal, because next month’s PWG’s “Steen Wolf” will feature the debuts of four Southern California based talents.  Ray Rosas, Famous B, Chris Kadillak, and Freddy Bravo. I have said for months that Rosas vs. Famous B. have been one of my favorite matches in SoCal.  I think its great that all four of these guys are getting a chance to step their game up for a broader audience.

Catch the Insane Wrestling League’s Sico Sircus on-line
If you can’t get out to this IWL’s next show to say good-bye to the Cutler Bros.,  IWL has a way for you to see it live.  Special thanks to  Steel Cage Radio, Sico Sircus will be available via a live stream on-line.  Just visit http://www.justin.tv/iwltv

Battle Ground Pro 3 shows in 1 month.
This Saturday Night in Los Alamitios will be the third show in 30 days for Battle Ground Pro started the trifecta with the Battle Rages on on August 27th, next with South Gate Under Siege on September 10th and now with the … From the Ashes. BPW has also introduced or re-introduced new faces to the growing roster, re-debuting for them last month was Joey Ryan and B-Boy made his debut for the group as well.  This month, Scorpio Sky joins the show to challenge Ray Rosas and B-Boy for the Ring Warrior Championship.  And the man who brought Sleazy back to wrestling, Joey Ryan will take on “Raunchy” Rico Dynamite.  And also debuting this weekend will be Ric Luxury who is a mainstay from Nor-Cal, working with Vendetta Pro too, to challenge Mikey Callahan and his BPW World Title.  Say what you will about BPW, but from  the way I see it, it looks like they are trying to strengthen their roster and make their shows better.

Upcoming Events:

Empire Pro Wrestling
Friday, September 23rd 2011 • 8:00pm
Knights of Columbus Hall
4315 N. Vincent Ave., Covina
Tickets $11, Kids $6 (12 & Under)
Last Man Standing: Tommy Wilson vs. Brandon Gatson

Insane Wrestling League: Sicko Sircus
Friday, September 23rd 2011 • 8:00pm
American Legion Hall of Chino
13759 Central Ave. Chino, CA 91710
Tickets $10w/ Flyer: $8 (One flyer, per person. Flyer to be released soon) American Legion Members: $5
One Last Time: Cutler Bros. vs Young Bucks for the IWL Tag Team Titles

Battle Ground Pro: …From The Ashes
Saturday, September 24th 2011 • 8:00pm
American Legion Post #716
3252 Florista St., Los Alamitos
Tickets $10
Rico Dynamite vs. Joey Ryan

MWF: Lucha Mex
Saturday, September 24th 2011 • 7:00pm
East Los Angeles Community Youth Center
4401 Cesar Chavez Ave
Tickets $10, Kids $3
Los Indomables vs. Los Aereos del Ring

American Wrestling Alliance:  Curtain Call 
Saturday, September 24th 2011 • 8:00pm
SkyBox Sports Grill
4809 Clairemont Dr., San Diego CA
Tickets $10
AWA Heavyweight Championship Match: SoCal Crazy vs. Matt Twizted

Lucha Pro Wrestling
Sunday, September 25th 2011 • 6:30pm
132 E. Florence Ave., Los Angeles
Tickets are $10, $3 for Kids
Fearing: Lucha Pro Champion Kayman and Lucha Pro Tag Champions American Straight Edge


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