Chaos Column: Recap of SoCal Pro’s “Superclash” 09-17-11

Shot of the Night: SoCal Crazy leaps off the cage!

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of SoCal Pro’s  “SuperClash 2011” from the Boys and Girls Club of Oceanside.   Big crowd on hand for their annual big event

P – Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone) def. Pulpo Dorado & Jimmy Ray Walker when Ryan Stone p. Jimmy Ray Walker w/ their team finisher I call the “Anchor Drop”.

1 – Johnny Paradise & Ric Ellis def. The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) when Johnny Paradise hit the Tombstone Piledriver on Player Dos. While the duo from the Canadian East didn’t get quite the reception they’ve gotten further up the I-5, I think they have a new stop to show the wrestling world what they can do, and I think the So Cal wrestling scene will want them back for a future PWG show.

* – The Mirror Image Megastars (SCP Heavyweight Champion Tommy Wilson, SCP Tag Team Champions “2 Skinny White Guys” duo of Peter Avalon & Nick Lovin, & Ricky Mandel) cut an in-ring promo., claiming that they won the coin toss to send their 2nd member up for the Wargames Cage Match first.

2 – Jason Redondo p. Joey Barone w/ the “DVD” DDT, overcoming his left knee getting picked apart throughout the match.

3 – Damage Control (Destro & Duke) def. The Frosted Tip Warriors (Ryan Kidd & Eddie Randall) when Destro p. Eddie Randall, if not both men off of Duke’s F5. They gave another one to Ryan Kidd post-match, just for good measure. Give those 2 big men a title shot!

* – SoCal Crazy, Adam Pearce, & The RockNES Monsters duo of Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime cut their own in-ring promo. Adam finished it off w/ his vow to make Tommy Wilson bleed, and that Oceanside will have a party after they beat the Mirror Image Megastars.

SM – Kid Caramba p. B-Boy w/ what looked like an Inverted Cradle or Crucifix cover, countering the Shining Wizard attempt. Kid Caramba took at least 10 hard chops to the chest to outlast the veteran, and definitely got put over. Great match before intermission while the cage was set up for the Wargames match.

M – Wargames Cage Match between the Mirror Image Megastars & the team of SoCal Crazy, Adam Pearce, & The RockNES Monsters. 1 man from each team started the match, next man entered at the 5:00 mark, then the remaining men entered at 2:00 intervals. Match could be won by pinfall or submission in the cage once all 8 men entered.

SoCal Crazy & Tommy Wilson started the match. At the 5:00 mark, Ricky Mandel entered the cage, followed by Adam Pearce at the 7:00 mark, Peter Avalon at 9:00, Johnny Goodtime at 11:00, Nick Lovin at 13:00, and Johnny Yuma at 15:00. See-saw battle of high spots and dirty tactics ensued, then most of the wrestlers got thrown out of the ring & the cage through the door, culminating in another cluster crossbody splash by SoCal Crazy. SoCal Crazy then took the fight to Tommy Wilson while his teammates took out their opponents left outside the cage, w/ Adam Pearce knocking them out w/ hard plastic chair shots. That allowed SoCal Crazy to overcome the “Megakick” Superkick, and get in his LeBell Lock to force the tapout from Tommy Wilson.

Shot of the Night: SoCal Crazy leaps off the cage!

Well, it looks like SoCal Crazy is, once again, eyeing his 4th reign as the SCP Heavyweight Champion. Their next show is on 10/22, featuring their annual 20-man Oceanside Rumble. This is a safe alternative for the San Diego area fans who can’t make it up to the reasonably much bigger PWG show on the same night.


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