The Empire Wrestling Federation announces deal with SIRKtv

The Empire Wrestling Federation released the following statement on their Facebook page announcing a deal with SIRKtv for an upcoming television show produced by Jesse Hernandez and the Empire Wrestling Federation.


Hollywood, California – September 6, 2016

Empire Wrestling Federation is proud to announce that their “old school” professional wrestling product is now being embraced by a new younger audience!

SIRKtv, a National Television Network, has become the “go-to” television provider for many millions of young college students. SIRKtv is delighted to offer their most recent acquisition “EWF: Wrestling of the Empire Wrestling Federation” to 57.2 million (and growing) TV homes.

“We’re bringing back old school!” Empire Wrestling Federation CEO Jesse Hernandez exclaimed. “Now people can experience what true professional wrestling used to be.” He paused, grinned, lowered his voice and added “only better!”

Hernandez enjoyed quite a successful run as an “old school” professional wrestler and referee and just celebrated his 20-year anniversary as an award-winning professional wrestling promoter.

Not only is the EWF brand “going wide” in the U.S., but it also appears that the promotion is now going international. A major Swiss production company is in post-production on an EWF TV one-hour special that will soon be seen throughout Europe. A US-based television company has offered to air an additional EWF-produced TV show, with negotiations to be finalized in November. Additionally, a large Chinese business group has approached Hernandez to produce his TV show and to promote live EWF wrestling matches to huge audiences in China!

“We’re moving very quickly now,” Hernandez explained. “Finally we have the perfect team – amazingly talented wrestlers, great people in front of the camera and a ‘dream team’ of experienced and really knowledgeable professionals behind the scenes. Now it’s time to expose the world to quality ‘old school’ wrestling as true family entertainment, presented respectfully, in a fun and tremendously exciting way.”

“To experience our new show on SIRTtv, you’ll have to “check your local listings,” Hernandez added. “The affiliate stations have different schedules.” Smiling widely, he added, “including the 9 stations in New York, 7 in Los Angeles, 5 in Chicago, 4 in Philadelphia, 2 in Boston, 2 in Washington D.C., 6 in Atlanta, 7 in Houston and 3 in Detroit.”

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