[Recap] Chaos Column of PCW’s “Title Wave” on August 20, 2016

8/20/16 PCW “Title Wave” at the Oak Street Gym, Torrance

Big names on the card helped draw a near-capacity crowd of a few hundred people to the show.  Given that this was my first visit to a PCW show, I didn’t really anticipate how tight the aisles were, nor how hot and stuffy the air got throughout the show.  On the flip side, I do like how the PCW staff worked to present a good wrestling atmosphere–from the extensive use of banners, to putting decals on the ring mat.  They started a little earlier, so that most of the fans won’t risk any parking violations for parking their vehicles in the park area.

P – Douglas James v. Tyler Bateman
Short, but effective pre-show match.  D.J. reversed a Suplex attempt by Bateman, getting in an Inside Cradle rollup for pin.

1 – Jacob Fatu v. Jorel Nelson
Jorel didn’t get squashed here as much as the squash he went through as a local talent for WWE that faced off w/ Braun Stroman.  Fatu rolled a Superkick into a Corner Stinkface, then into a Top Rope Moonsault for the pin.

2 – Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinal:  Kevin Martenson v. Mr. 450
Very neat match, as I wasn’t sure what to fully expect out of Mr. 450.  He has a good set of moves IMO, with room for improvement.  Living up to his wrestling persona, Mr. 450 hit a 450 Splash for the pin.

3 – Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinal:  Brian Cage v. J.R. Kratos
Good back-and-forth match between these two Nor Cal talents.  Brian Cage hit a powerslam on Kratos, but it appeared as if Kratos had a hand on the apron, preventing Referee Micky Moreno from doing a 3-count.  “The Machine” had to do another one closer to the center of the ring, to score the pin.

4 – Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinal:  Willie Mack v. Pentagon Jr.
Parts of this LU-like match went out into the crowd, where “The Hot Tub Guy” got a close-up view of the brawl.  The in-ring action was pretty much a see-saw battle, before Pentagon Jr. hit a Package Piledriver for the pin.

5 – Alexander Hammerstone v. Yoshi Tatsu
Very decent mid-card match, although a late shoulder lift by Yoshi was initially ruled too late by Referee Micky Moreno, resulting in a 3-count.  Christian Cole looked at the video tape, and ruled that it was not a pinfall, and ordered a match restart, with Referee Rick Knox in the ring.  The remainder of the match was a see-saw battle, with Hammerstone hitting his signature Powerbomb/Elbow Drop combo for the clean pin.

6 – Tag Team Championship:  Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend) v. The Keepers of the Faith (Dom Vitali & Gabriel Gallo)
Reno Scum seemed in control most of the way, even busting open Dom.  Referee Rick Knox kinda lost some control of the match, when Gabriel got into the ring without a tag, and assaulted both members of Reno Scum.  Gabriel then hit a Spear on Luster, breaking up his hold on Adam, and allowed Dom to get the rollup pin for the titles.  Sum it all up, and most of the crowd were not happy with the outcome.

SM – Light Heavyweight Tournament Championship:  Mr. 450 v. Scorpio Sky
A very good semi-main, with Scorpio really working Mr. 450 over.  See-saw battle ended with Mr. 450 hitting 2 consecutive 450 Splashes for the title-clinching pin.

M – Heavyweight Tournament Championship:  Brian Cage v. Pentagon Jr.
Great main event, although Cage had a minor wardrobe malfunction about midway through the match.  In the end, it was the big LU/AAA Star that finished it off, hitting a 4-move combo–3 Superkicks, then the Package Piledriver, for the title-clinching pin.  It was definitely something that the crowd liked, as they chanted “!Cero Miedo!” w/ Pentagon Jr.

In the end, it was a very good card, and the big crowd got what they paid to see.  There were a few lulls in the card, but it was offset by the great wrestling action.  As mentioned at the end of the show, Pentagon Jr. will have his first title defense on the 11/12 show against Rob…Van…Dam.  Expect another big crowd for this show, so you may want to consider buying your tickets early, while they’re still available.


1 – The Mack / Pentagon Jr.
2 – The Machine / Pentagon Jr.
3 – Mr. 450 / Scorpio Sky

Photos:  https://www.facebook.com/SimplicioPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=537924189733074

Next show:  The return of the AWS This Friday.

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